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Most Recent Tat :)

s I'll just do a broad generalization about my tattoo's before I get into my most recent one. I didn't think long and hard about my first one. My cousin came back from his honeymoon with a new tat and I decided to see if I could freak my parents out. So, over dinner I blurted out that I wanted one. My mom didn't say much....and my dad....being his normal self, said if I wanted one, he'd take me and pay for it. So the dare was set. Well, mom went out of town for a week so I started ... read more

fly away, butterfly

its me again. The one and only, pierced Vixen. =^..^= You may have read my stories "My little secret no longer a secret" under the clit hood piercing stories, or "My Beautiful Nipple" under the nipple piercing expierences. Now, from the makers of "God damn that stings" and "Ouch" I bring you, "Fly away, butterfly." *cheesy infomercial music* Okay, enough of that.This is not another cheesy, look at my tattoo story... this is a story about love, about pain, about passion. This is a story about life and how to live. This is the story of my first tattoo. Okay, ... read more

Tattoo's hurt a little!

everyone. I won't lie to you a tattoo hurts. It isn't so bad that you get sick or faint but it is painful. It feels like being scratched by someone with long fingernails. It is a sort of sharp pain that is easly ignored. Noe I'll tell the story of my tattoo experience. It was about 2 weeks after school started that I finally got into the 'parlor' for my appointment. I wanted one because I always have wanted a tatto since I was in 6th grade. I talked my mom into taking me because me and my sister got ... read more

Don't worry, it doesn't hurt

, 1999. My 21st birthday. Of course you get drunk and act stupid. (who's acting though?) Anyways, I had always desired a tattoo. They amazed me to no end. Also probably because I grew up with parents and friends who them. So I went to Mandy's studio in Chicago, hoping I would be in and out or it would be closed or something, I realized my barks worse then my bite when it comes to tattoing and least for my first one. Unfortuneately, there was a waiting period of 2 1/2 hours. I reluctantly put my name on the waiting ... read more

My First Tattoo

been wanting a tattoo for many years now. If you are like me, society told me not to. I will be thirty in a few months, have a professional career(Shirt and Tie every day) and make multi million dollar decisions. "They" say tattoos are for bikers or criminals...You know the stereo type. Well I finally decided the hell with them, life is way to short for me to worry what other people think. I want a tattoo and I am going to get one. With that decision made we move onto the next step. I will admit I was very ... read more

Tattoos in Hong Kong

live in Hong Kong, so there's not really as much of a choice of tattoo and piercing parlours here, but despite what you may expect, they're not that bad. There are a few main ones that people tend to go to, and those are the most trustworthy in the way of hygeine. A little dodgy and suspiciously located, but what're you gonna do. I have two tattoos, one I got done about a year and a half ago, and one I got done about 4 months ago. I was really worried about the pain since I don't have much tolerance ... read more

my dragon's head

name is Anke. I am a 21 years old student. I have 6 piercings (tongue, lips, ear, navel, septum ) and 2 tattoos up to now. The fiirst tattoo is on my left knuckle an is a kind of leaf. I want to have a bigger one in some time, including and covering it. My second one is really private. There is a little story about it I want to tell... I love to contact people who are interested in tats and piercings. So I once met a girl from Bremen in ICQ. She was working in a piercing studio. ... read more

This Girl's First Tattoo.. & Its A Big One.

like many tattooed people, it all started when I was really young... Admiring tattoos, trying to get as many looks at them as possible, then starting to want them for myself. I can remember as far back as 6th grade, when I started wanting one. By the age of 13, I wore lots of temporary tattoos. At the age of 14, I first started to really decide... my tattoo was going to be on my lower back, and I wanted a tribal design. The lower back position never changed, but my designs did, an anime character, celtic work, a fairy, ... read more

The 45 Adaptor

of my courses in my last year of high school (Grade 13 up here) I do a co-op at a tattoo shop here in Toronto, Way Cool Tattoos. Yep, that's right, through HIGH SCHOOL. I guess that's one of the benefits of going to a liberal arts school, though it took a bit of convincing. Some of the excuses were that I would be working with needles, which is pretty lame since many students have done placements at hospitals which in my experience have very little idea how to avoid cross-contamination. So I assume I'm no stranger to the whole ... read more

My 12 Year Tattoo Journey

e gotten four tattoos over a period of 12 years. In these 12 years I have learned a lot about the process and about myself. Perhaps my experiences will help someone contemplating a first tattoo. My first tattoo I received when I was 19. This was a fairly typical experience. I was a dumb, college kid who thought I knew everything. I felt I needed a tattoo immediately to prove I was a rebel, cool, etc. I went to someone's house, got a small tattoo on my ankle in this woman's living room. All things considered, it turned out O.K., ... read more

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