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I heart my butterfly

Today i finally got the tattoo that my best friend & I have been planning to get together for months. I designed the tattoo about 6 months ago before taking it to Fallen Angel tattoo studio in Liverpool. I explain to the girl at reception (Julie) that it was meant to be a butterfly whose wing is half of a heart. I would get one side tattoo'ed & my friend would get the other, therefore when they are put together they make a full heart made from two butterfly's wings. Sam (the tattoo artist) drew up the final design within ... read more

Hand Poked Tattoo

Basically, the limited background information is as follows: I have a friend, Spades have a significance to her, And she wanted one tattooed. She wanted to switch it up and get something done a little more primitively because she is a spiritual person and it concurs with her beliefs. Her alternative was for a hand poked tattoo done in the friendly confines of her own "zen" home. I had a theory as to how to reduce the fading/bluing/blurring of hand-poked tattoos, and my experience tattooing her kind of became more of a how-to, because I was discovering. I understand it's ... read more


I have many tattoos all over my body, I became a collector at age 21 and have added art work by many talented artists over the years. I am in the military and have lived in many places and have collected body art from most of them. I recently moved to Athens GA and heard about a studio that is apparently the best known shop around here since practically every person who saw my body art asked me if I had it done at Midnight Iguana Tattoo inc. So I decided it was time to collect some "ATHENS INK". I ... read more

A new experience- Tree of Life

I had always had reservations about getting a tattoo. My main concerns were whether I would get tired of the design, and whether it would be an impediment to quickly getting a job. Things like pain and my family's opinions came second. This summer I had an amazing trip to New Zealand. Me and my boyfriend spent days on end out in the countryside climbing through forests and up hills (to someone who was raised in Texas they were mountains). The air was unbelievably pure, the trees were so green, and the people amazingly friendly. Having so much fun with ... read more

The start of a good addiction

So it's time to write up my second tattoo story.... My first one I had wasn't to long ago, but I was already having a hungering for another one. I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. Just to win my mother around. I still lived with her, and she hated tattoos, because they're permanent she thinks people who have them are going to change they're minds once they've got them... As I explained in my last experience, I have been amazed by tattoos since I can remember. And the rose meant something to me, so I decided ... read more

My first tattoo; that I won't like when I'm 80.

I promised myself I wouldn't start mine like everyone elses; but I sat here for a good 15 minutes and I came up with the usual. I have been into tattoos and piercings for about 7 years now. My mother would never even let me think about getting a tattoo when I was that young, It was hard enough talking her in to letting me get my monroe when I was 17. When I turned 18, I was so ready to get my first tattoo, It was hard going that long going without one, when your boyfriend is covered and ... read more

My first tattoo (Irish and Music)

I wanted a tattoo since I was 16, but did not know what I wanted. Then when I turned 19 I knew I wanted to combine an Irish symbol with a treble clef. I went to shop after shop and no one could seem to come up with a design that screamed "that's it". I went back and forth as to if I was even going to do it or not...until yesterday! I strolled into a small shop in my hometown, one of the first nice looking ones around here. I walked in with my boyfriend, who was looking to ... read more

Terrible pain, but beautiful in the end.

I've always thought that tattoos had to mean something, or represent something significant. I never really looked at them as art, for art's sake. Until now... Anyway. I was never really into edgy/fringe things like body mods. I was always kind of quiet and innocent. But as they say.... it's always the quiet ones...But in high school, I began experimenting with purple hair. I'm now 22 and have several ear piercings (all 14 gauges, plus 00 lobes), a triple tongue web, and I did at one time have a 7 pointed navel project. I'm now down to three points (Two ... read more

My Beautiful Hummingbird

My Super/Fantastic Tattoo Experience Hi, I'm Amy, and it has been 2 ½ days since I got my tattoo, and it still seems all so surreal. I had been planning on getting a hummingbird tattoo for a long time, but I was also looking for the perfect artist to do it. Being that I had never been tattooed before, I wanted to look around and find someone that not only shared my vision in what I wanted my tattoo to be, but used their own creativity to make it even greater. In my search I had found many great artists ... read more

Some new art.

I made the decision to get a foot tattoo about a month ago when I saw this beautiful picture of a flower. I was not really planning on getting another tattoo considering my first tattoo was a horrible experience, but there was something about this flower that meant a lot to me. It was of two tulips side by side and connected together with a curvy vine. It made me think of my daughter and how we will always be together, plus tulips are already my favorite kind of flower. Anyway, I loved this flower so much that I wanted ... read more

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