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Thank goodness for cancellations!

I've lost a lot over weight over the past few months, but have a stone or so left to go before I want to get a rather large back piece - and have been getting more and more impatient over the last few weeks - seeing my new figure, but not having any pretty new pictures on it! So yesterday I was sorting out some old paper work when I came across a tattoo idea I'd been toying with long before my dieting days. I realised that my hips have pretty much got down to as small as they can ... read more

My first of many

I first became interested in body modification when I was 16. That's the year I really started to really become me. Until then, I was pretty much a clone. I never wanted to cut or color my hair, get piercings or tattoos. I'm not exactly sure what happened that year, but it all started with an impulse that ended up with my cutting my hair (that was down to the middle of my back) to just a few inches long. I started coloring it, and then, I wanted to get my lip pierced. Of course, I was a minor, so ... read more

It gives you w-i-i-ings?

Awhile back on a whim (as most good ink stories go) I decided to pop into my local shop (River City Tattoo in Old Sac) and see about getting some new work done. At this point I've seen the business end of needle a few times and I'm itching to be up on that table! Plus I can get a touch up on my kanji (relax I'm part Japanese) so I have the stone and now I'm looking for my birds. I wanted some wings. Not on my back but on or around my ankles. I explained to the guy ... read more

First Tattoo

I am 19 now, and have been wanting a tattoo since before I can remember, but have been really thinking about what to get done for the last 4 years now. I have always wanted to get one on my middle back, somewhere that is easy to hide and that I didn't think I would ever regret because I wouldn't be able to see. Once I had a spot picked out I needed to figure out what to get! I have always loved stars and to me they represent my family as we used to always sit outside together and ... read more

My Own Sky

Darkness closes around me, wrapping me up almost completely. I can hardly see at times, so I am not my eyes anymore. I am not my ears, either because I move to the rhythm of my favorite "artificial" tunes. I am smell, I am touch, I am breathing. With random or pretty consistent thoughts going through my head I am both my own mind and my own body. I do enjoy this combination. I do enjoy being out and challenging myself over and over again! The sky is dark. Sometimes it's covered with low clouds and fog raising higher and ... read more

Il mio primo tatuaggio, la rosa col gatto

Da tempo desideravo un tatuaggio, mi piaceva proprio l'idea, l'avere qualcosa di originale sul mio corpo ancora intatto. Fin da quando ascoltavo Ramazzotti e vedevo i suoi tattoos fino ad adesso che ascolto metal/rock e la passione per le modifiche al corpo si è accesa ancora di più. Allo stesso tempo l'idea mi spaventava, come lo dico ai miei? Ma farà male? Quali rischi ci sono? Sta di fatto che un giorno, dopo una scenata con mia mamma (avevo appena compiuto 18 anni) appena lei a malincuore aveva pronunciato una parola di approvazione, sono corsa in centro a prenotarlo. Tempo ... read more

First tattoo

After many years of searching I finally decided on a new tattoo. After the thousands of pictures and websites and magazines and pretty much anything that had tattoo inspired art I narrowed it down. I wanted the traditional design because of the personal meaning it had behind it for me. I know that it has been done about a million time before but oh well, this tattoo is for me and I really don't care what other people think. That leads me to another complaint. I know that art is great and wonderful. But how do you get some art ... read more

No Regrets

"I want a facial tattoo." That phrase can cause some people to cringe, pass judgment, or even sever your friendship. It can cause doctors to recommend a psychiatric evaluation, make parents cry, and create social tensions. But none of that scared me. I made my decision to have my face tattooed a long time ago, I was just waiting for the right time to do it, waiting for an event to happen that would be worth marking with something so publicly personal. And that event came a few months ago, when I simultaneously made the decision both to leave my ... read more

my first tattoo

Unlike a lot of people on bme, I haven't had a life long fascination with tattoos and other body modifications. I guess I started getting curious in my rebelling teenage years, not through knowing anyone with tats and piercings, but via music and my favourite bands. When I was about 16 or 17 I started thinking of different designs I might want to get and came up with getting a "Korn" logo. I also came very close to getting a small Donald Duck on my ankle that I chose off the infamous wall of designs. Thank God I didn't get ... read more

My first tattoo, a prayer

I've always wanted tattoos, ever since I was a little girl. They are beautiful. When I turned 16, my mother took me to get a navel piercing as a present and she got a tattoo. She let me watch, and it was so pretty. But I used to cut myself. A lot. For a long time, an ex of mine said getting a tattoo, or even any other piercings, could trigger a desire to cut myself, and I stupidly listened to him. Then one night right after this past Thanksgiving my cell phone rings. My little brother is calling me, ... read more

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