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Faded Black Freckles

This is the story of my attempt to tattoo myself, which has resulted in a small constellation of black freckles on my left forearm that I am really quite attached to now, despite the circumstances in which they were acquired. State of Mind When I was 16 I was not very happy. The perspective of age tells me that this is a fairly common occurrence for 16 year olds! Still, at the time perspective seemed impossible to find and I seemed to be sinking without trace in negative emotions. I quit college after two weeks of trying to study my ... read more

The story of my foot tattoo...

I have been planning a tattoo in honour of my Grandma for 4 years now, and I am pleased to say I finally got it! I decided on a foot tattoo, as I'm keen on having the ability to conceal my tattoo when necessary... also, I find foot tattoos to be adorable and feminine. Anyways, this tattoo is my third, and having experience in being tattooed I figured I had a fairly good understanding of what to expect. I'll be the first to admit it, I was wrong! A good friend of mine who has tattoos in similar places to ... read more

A Peacock In Time

My 22nd birthday was fast approaching, and I knew what I wanted, a peacock on my foot. I had already been thinking and planning it out for a few months. For about a year or so I've been just dying to get my feet tattooed. I just thought having one's feet tattooed can be so flattering if it is done just right, same with most tattoos I suppose. Peacocks symbolize beauty and grace. They also symbolize eternal life, prosperity, royalty, compassion, soul and peace. Peacocks are loyal and faithful partners and therefore they also are a symbol for eternal love. ... read more

The knuckle tattoo

It took me a week to decide what I was having tattooed on my fingers, hopeless was my final decision. I looked through galleries online to get ideas, found a list of every single eight letter word, but nothing felt right. I discussed it with friends and on line in chat rooms, but I still couldn't find anything I felt suited me. One night, after catching a movie with a friend, we were discussing possibilities, and went at it for a good twenty minutes, but still nothing felt right(although I was contemplating hefalump, because it was a word we used ... read more

An orangutan on my lap

This is the story of how I came to get an orangutan tattooed onto my thigh. First, a little background about me. I am a zoology student in college. When I graduate, I want to work with orangutans. I have loved these goofy looking creatures for a long long time. For my Leaving Cert art exam, my project was on orangutans. One particular piece turned out very well – a baby orangutan's head, in psychedelic colours. It earned me a grade A in my final exam, and it has decorated my bedroom wall ever since. Almost a year ago, I ... read more

Sweet Treats

Never one to shy away from new levels of geekdom, in October 2006 I was introduced to the world of ARGs (Alternative Reality Games). An alternate reality game is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions. A Rabbithole (also known as a trailhead) marks the first website, contact, or puzzle that starts off the ARG. I was sucked down the "RabbitHole" of a game called Sammeeeees, where I banded together with other players around the country, ... read more

she did it...once again

I had been thinking about getting another tattoo on my upper middle back for a long time and figured since I had the money and more importantly, the time, that this was my next venture. It had been a few years since my last inking and stood in the mirror admiring my back and recalling the burning, scratching feel of the last tattoo I had done...a beautiful rose entwined on a branch with a tribal feel. Very nice. I had already thought about what I had wanted. Just a little tribal thing all in black (would I want a little ... read more

Second Tattoo. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

I have wanted a second tattoo for a while, I just could not figure out what i wanted. I knew that I wanted something that meant something to me, because my first did not. I had gotten a tribal tattoo with a flower in the middle on my lower back, everyone had one, i wanted it too. For valentines Day of this year[2008] my girlfriend got me all the regular stuff, candy, a card stuff like that, but inside the card there was a piece of paper stating that i got to go to a really good local tattoo shop ... read more

One bright morning & an eventful evening

I've been doing professional body piercing and scarification for the last nine years in Canada and Australia. I've always had an inclination to non-permanent aspects of body piercing over tattooing, yet while working as a piercer the opportunity and envelopment into the tattooing world is overwhelming. A Navy sailor myself, I have a fair share of tattoos all over my body; primarily good luck charms or memorials to lost friends and family, but never had I ever thought to attempt to give myself a tattoo; especially since I know of the risks involved as far as blood poisoning, infectious diseases ... read more

My First Tattoo Experience - Sugar Skull.

I've been wanting to sit in "the chair" and get a tattoo for a while, and through the last few years I've been changing my mind about what I wanted. It took a while, but a few weeks ago I finally found a design I really loved and wanted as my first ink. I didn't wanna go to a studio and pick something from the wall, and I didn't really wanna have a freehand tattoo done that was solely the idea of the artist, so I spent a long time figuring out what I wanted. I settled on a Dia ... read more

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