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she did it...once again

I had been thinking about getting another tattoo on my upper middle back for a long time and figured since I had the money and more importantly, the time, that this was my next venture. It had been a few years since my last inking and stood in the mirror admiring my back and recalling the burning, scratching feel of the last tattoo I had done...a beautiful rose entwined on a branch with a tribal feel. Very nice. I had already thought about what I had wanted. Just a little tribal thing all in black (would I want a little ... read more

Second Tattoo. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

I have wanted a second tattoo for a while, I just could not figure out what i wanted. I knew that I wanted something that meant something to me, because my first did not. I had gotten a tribal tattoo with a flower in the middle on my lower back, everyone had one, i wanted it too. For valentines Day of this year[2008] my girlfriend got me all the regular stuff, candy, a card stuff like that, but inside the card there was a piece of paper stating that i got to go to a really good local tattoo shop ... read more

One bright morning & an eventful evening

I've been doing professional body piercing and scarification for the last nine years in Canada and Australia. I've always had an inclination to non-permanent aspects of body piercing over tattooing, yet while working as a piercer the opportunity and envelopment into the tattooing world is overwhelming. A Navy sailor myself, I have a fair share of tattoos all over my body; primarily good luck charms or memorials to lost friends and family, but never had I ever thought to attempt to give myself a tattoo; especially since I know of the risks involved as far as blood poisoning, infectious diseases ... read more

My First Tattoo Experience - Sugar Skull.

I've been wanting to sit in "the chair" and get a tattoo for a while, and through the last few years I've been changing my mind about what I wanted. It took a while, but a few weeks ago I finally found a design I really loved and wanted as my first ink. I didn't wanna go to a studio and pick something from the wall, and I didn't really wanna have a freehand tattoo done that was solely the idea of the artist, so I spent a long time figuring out what I wanted. I settled on a Dia ... read more

My experience with DIY tattooing

DISCLAIMER: I don't recommend that anyone goes lightly into DIY tattooing. It is very difficult and at the very least you need a strong understanding of art making and how to prevent cross contamination before you even consider it. It's NOT easy at all and it's certainly not right for everyone. I've been interested in tattoos for a very, very long time. When I was a little kid I can remember drawing all over myself with markers and avoiding washing it off for as long as possible, usually until my mom stepped in and made me scrub down. I never ... read more

Ignorance Isn't Bliss

In my opinion, the concept of God, or any kind of higher power, is the most powerful concept in the world. It gives hope, it starts wars, saves lives, brings peace, punishes, rewards, misleads and guides. It's bothered me for sometime the extent of the influence of God on modern western society. To me, it seems out of place, like people are clinging to that last hope that they have something to live for. I can sympathise. When I was younger, it dawned on me that life might not last forever. This fact scared me more than anything else before. ... read more

foot tattoo

So, me and one of my best friends wanted to get matching tattoos. Well, it just so happened that her boyfriend was a tattoo apprentice, and his work was pretty good. So me and Amber (my friend) decide to get Mome Raths (from Alice in Wonderland) on our right feet. Alice in wonderland is like our favorite movie, and she already had a sleeve started, so we thought they would be cute on our feet. We had the stencil put on so you could still see it when you wore flip flops, and we switched around the colors so they ... read more

This is not a memorial tattoo.

Let's start with a little background, shall we? When I was younger, I was lucky enough to live in a house with not only my parents and my brother, but my mother's sister, and her mother. As a result of my mother and father (and auntie) working full-time, I would always go home after school to my mother's mother. In Gujarati, the language I speak at home, "Nanima" means "mother's mother," and so that is what I call her. I was lucky enough to be brought up by Nanima, who actually immigrated to Canada from Tanzania to help in my ... read more

Faded Black Freckles

This is the story of my attempt to tattoo myself, which has resulted in a small constellation of black freckles on my left forearm that I am really quite attached to now, despite the circumstances in which they were acquired. State of Mind When I was 16 I was not very happy. The perspective of age tells me that this is a fairly common occurrence for 16 year olds! Still, at the time perspective seemed impossible to find and I seemed to be sinking without trace in negative emotions. I quit college after two weeks of trying to study my ... read more

The story of my foot tattoo...

I have been planning a tattoo in honour of my Grandma for 4 years now, and I am pleased to say I finally got it! I decided on a foot tattoo, as I'm keen on having the ability to conceal my tattoo when necessary... also, I find foot tattoos to be adorable and feminine. Anyways, this tattoo is my third, and having experience in being tattooed I figured I had a fairly good understanding of what to expect. I'll be the first to admit it, I was wrong! A good friend of mine who has tattoos in similar places to ... read more

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