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Forget your restraints

I always had myself pinned as a piercing sort of person, honestly. The thought of being able to change my appearance, but not be locked into it forever always appealed. Honestly? I'm an EXTREMELY fickle person. I'm always scared I'll get sick of things, and at least with piercings, you can take them out with only a scar or maybe a small hole remaining. Not so with tattoos. I knew I wanted something, but... What? It's funny that I can type this out in under three seconds, when it took me literally MONTHS to decide on something so simple: 'forget ... read more

First tattoo - worth the long wait

I've been thinking about tattoos since I was in middle school - I was always a bit of a rebel, reading Fight Club when the other girls were flipping through Sarah Dessen romances. You know the type. Tattoos seemed like the epitome of "different", and as such, I liked them (what can I say? I was in middle school.) One of the pieces I kept thinking about was a mermaid; I couldn't say why, except that mermaids were "pretty". But it was an idea that stuck with me. Then, my freshman year of high school, I memorized T.S. Eliot's "Love ... read more

"Wait, you're getting another one? - The story of my third tattoo.

I told myself after getting my first tattoo in July of 2007, a red rose with a blue rose stemming from it on my left ankle, that I was going to wait another year before getting any more ink. Five months later I was back in the chair, getting a black cat with a reddish-pink rose permanently embedded into my right shoulder. After I was finished with this tattoo, I told myself that this time I really was going to wait another year. Three months later, my friend Christine wrote to me and told me that she was finally going ... read more

first tattoo

My mother always told me that I had to wait until I was eight teen to get my first tattoo and I didn't really see a problem with that because that was the legal age and stuff. When I was fifteen my brother was shipped off to Iraq and I was very upset so my mom told me that when he gets back I could get a tattoo with him. We didn't expect him back for almost eight teen months and I would be eight teen by then so it didn't make a difference. It was about fourteen months into ... read more

third of what will be many

So today I went in for my third tattoo! My first was a religious choice, but my second was more of an aesthetic choice, so I felt it was time for another religious one. I'm not one to push my religion down others throats, but I like having these 'reminders' on my skin. The image I chose came from many sources. It came from a George Harrison DVD, it came from online, it came from my own head and I've had it kicking around for a year and felt it was finally time. I have always been interested in Eastern ... read more

First Tattoo, OMG

So lets just start off by saying that I've wanted a tattoo for about five years now. When I turned 18 I always said that was going to be the first thing that I was going to do, the problem is I couldn't ever figure out what I wanted and where. I have always been interested in old school hot rods and tattoos. I was just doodling at work one day when I came up with a kind of cartoon looking skull and crossbones with a spider web behind it. The more I looked at it the better I liked ... read more

My first tattoo

I have always loved tattoos and it was never a big deal with my family. Even though my parents did not have any tattoos, they were very open minded and taught me to be creative and unique and to express myself however I wanted with in reason (of course, no facial tattoos or anything extreme) I had been planning on getting a tattoo ever since I was 18. Every time I actually got close to getting one, I would chicken out! Everyone kept telling me how much it would hurt so I kept getting scared. Four years later, I felt ... read more

my first tattoo...and most embarrassing moment

This all started with a ring that I always wear. Not only is it a treble clef (being a musician who reads music, it has become one of my favorite symbols), but I bought it in Boston, the best city I have ever been too. I could write a book on how amazing that city is, but back to the ring... So, of course, me being the most forgetful person ever, it was bound to happen that one day after getting out of the shower, I couldn't find it. I didn't freak out, but I felt depressed. That's when I ... read more

Monarch- My first tattoo

About a week ago, I got my first tattoo. I have wanted a tattoo for as long as i knew about them. A good biker friend of my dads had a bunch of old school style tattoos, snakes and naked ladies and what not. They were old, and faded, but I always thought they were interesting. I thought his tattoos though, me being young, were scary and ugly. I didnt want something like that on myself. I have, at the moment, 14 piercings. My mother does not really approve of these, and I always told her that when I turn ... read more

Jack and Sally on my side

No matter how terrible my past relationships have been, I would not give any up for the world because each one has permanently contributed something to my future that I rather like. With most, I've gown in ways I would never want to change. My second long-term boyfriend, we'll call him Edgar, didn't just forever change me on the inside. He introduced me to Ritch, a tattoo artist. Edgar wasn't the first guy I dated with tattoos and his collection was far smaller than my previous boyfriend's, but he was the first guy who had the gall to go against ... read more

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