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Self-done Heart Tattoo

My small, self-done tattoo was done in 2006 in my bathroom with a distinct lack of materials or cleanliness. Let me say to begin with that although doing your own tattoo can be a gratifying experience, make sure to investigate into the methods before attempting the process. My tattoo ended up being a very small heart. It was obviously done with a needle as the lines are made up of a series of dots spaced closely to appear as a line when viewed from a distance. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted a tattoo but was ... read more

Don't Let Anything Bring You Down

Like everyone else on this site, I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. I never really knew what to get, I just liked the idea of having something amazing on me forever. One day my mom was watching one of those tattoo shows on TV and I saw this chick getting a koi fish on her stomach. I really liked the fish; it just looked so cool for some reason. This was a while before my 18th birthday so I just kept looking on the internet for ideas of a tattoo. I drew up some roses and crosses and ... read more

On the right path.

Before I begin to tell you about my sixth tattoo, I think it would be important that I tell you a bit about myself and that might help you understand the meaning behind this tattoo. I've always been a worrier, but it was about three or four years ago I noticed that my constant worrying was getting worse. I know a lot of people are like this, so I don't proclaim to be any different or special but everyone around me had started noticing my obsessive worrying. I would frequently suffer panic attacks for no particular reason and if I ... read more

Custom Frog Tattoo

I wanted to get a tattoo honoring my two best friends. My two best friends have been my guardian angels since I turned 18. I dont have family where I live in Texas, and they always are sure that I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and ride anywhere I need. I wanted a combination of Superman (for one friend) and a frog (for another friend). I searched online and found exactly what I was looking for. I chose a frog, with a little cape, and the tattoo artist drew in a halo. I went to ... read more

My Mi Ruina Sacred Heart

I have thought about getting another tattoo since my first one back in May 2007 which was an ok experience but hurt as it was on the top of my spine and I was nervous if the pain would be the same. I couldn't think of what one to get. I wanted something that meant something to me but also shown people what I was about. I tried to design my own but nothing really worked even though I prefer my own designs. I found a Sacred Heart image from the My Ruin live album "To Britain With Love...and Bruises" ... read more

Jack and Sally on my side

No matter how terrible my past relationships have been, I would not give any up for the world because each one has permanently contributed something to my future that I rather like. With most, I've gown in ways I would never want to change. My second long-term boyfriend, we'll call him Edgar, didn't just forever change me on the inside. He introduced me to Ritch, a tattoo artist. Edgar wasn't the first guy I dated with tattoos and his collection was far smaller than my previous boyfriend's, but he was the first guy who had the gall to go against ... read more

Forearm tattoo at "Into You", London

I had my first tattoo at the age of 23; it was a barcode tattoo inked in by a well meaning scratcher who told me that it would be temporary because the ink wasn't going in as far. What can I say, I was foolish and naive, but I never regretted that tattoo until recently, as ugly and uneven as it was, until I finally decided to cover it up with a beautiful piece that I adore. This isn't the tale of my barcode tattoo, or my cover-up, though. This is about my second tattoo, a text based piece on ... read more

Dia de Los Muertos Skull

For months leading up to my 18th birthday, I couldn't for the life of me think of what I wanted. I searched and searched, and then got inspiration from the death of my great grandfather, who was of Hispanic decent. I found the dia de los muertos skull (sugar skull) was perfect for me, and that I knew exactly who I wanted to do it. I chose Hula Moon Tattoo, not only because I know that they have wonderful artists there, but also because they are VERY sanitary. I've done my fair share of research, and I suggest that if ... read more

Three Moons Rising

Somewhere along the line, in high school I think, I fell in love with the triple goddess moon symbol. I had started finding different aspects of Wicca and neo-Paganism quite interesting. And I have always loved the moon; it's obviously a beautiful and mystical thing. The triple goddess moon depicts three phases of the moon: waxing crescent, full and waning crescent. And to the Pagans the triple goddess moon is representative of the phases of a woman's life; which would be the maiden, the mother and the crone. The maiden represents enchantment, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, youth ... read more

Cold Front Tattoo...on my Ribs!

It had been close to five months since getting the F-Bomb tattoo in the center area of my chest. It was a pretty brutal experience, but it was time to get another tattoo. Thing is, I didn't know what to get tattooed. I thought about the upper back piece I had designed. Something about it just wasn't right though, so I killed that idea. I had to think of another design idea. One night, I had just climbed into bed when the thought hit me. A cold front! To say I'm a weather freak is a serious understatement. A cold ... read more

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