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Custom Frog Tattoo

I wanted to get a tattoo honoring my two best friends. My two best friends have been my guardian angels since I turned 18. I dont have family where I live in Texas, and they always are sure that I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and ride anywhere I need. I wanted a combination of Superman (for one friend) and a frog (for another friend). I searched online and found exactly what I was looking for. I chose a frog, with a little cape, and the tattoo artist drew in a halo. I went to ... read more

My Mi Ruina Sacred Heart

I have thought about getting another tattoo since my first one back in May 2007 which was an ok experience but hurt as it was on the top of my spine and I was nervous if the pain would be the same. I couldn't think of what one to get. I wanted something that meant something to me but also shown people what I was about. I tried to design my own but nothing really worked even though I prefer my own designs. I found a Sacred Heart image from the My Ruin live album "To Britain With Love...and Bruises" ... read more

Blackthorn Sidepiece First Session

The big day was Sunday at 2pm. I had worked all day Saturday and when I got home all I could think about was getting that tattoo. How was it going to feel? Was it going to hurt as bad as my ankles? What was it going to look like? I did get to see an outline of it a month ago, but how was I to know what it was going to look like with all the shading? Will I cry? Or will I be okay? I was so excited to get it, I had a hard time sleeping ... read more

My beautiful memorial tattoo

I had to get my first cat I ever had put to sleep on November 18th 2005. Her name was Tigger and I loved her. Ever since then, I knew I wanted a tattoo to remember her. To show that she would always be with me, wherever I am. I never had the money to do it, and I hadn't had a tattoo in almost a year and a half, so I was really itching for some ink. This morning when I woke up, I was already having a shitty day because I was sick. I had caught a cold ... read more

Bad tattooist/good tattooist

Everyone gets tattoos for difference reasons. I guess the reason that I started getting them was because it felt like my body was incomplete somehow and that by getting it decorated, it was making it prettier to my own eye. Piercings never really took to me, having had rejected navels and nipple, I wasn't used that heartbreak when you have to retire a piercing. Tattoos were always more beautiful albeit permanent adornments. Unfortunately for some reason my tattoo choices have been quite impulsive, going with designs that I chose on the spur of the moment instead of choosing the ones ... read more

It's like Cheer's the bar only you get tattoo's

The old posting was so outdated. They deserve to be represented accurately. Enjoy. My friends whom I happen to work with all decided that they wanted to get tattoos and since we all had them before everyone had their own place in mind. But I convinced them to go to the guy that I always gone to, Eric who worked at Concrete Jungle. So two weeks ago we went to Harlem (a jungle in its own right) after work. The atmosphere hadn't changed as far as the amount of customers they had .Even though my previous visits I managed to ... read more

An Investment

Since I became enthralled in the body modification community, I've never really been interested in tattoos. I've seen so many that I felt they were almost outdated, a pussy's way of feigning individuality and strength. I focused my interest to scarification, the real man's method of expression. Oh you had a needle going into your skin? Damn... I had my skin peeled off without the use of any anesthetic. With time came some maturity. This isn't about who can stand more pain, this isn't a game of thresholds, this is you. This is me. Body modifications are used for good, ... read more

Hasty Decision

I got my first tattoo about a year ago, after a few years of figuring out if tattooing was right for me and what I would actually want permanently etched into my skin. After throwing out a bunch of sketches, I began working on my own design for two years, a simple tribal wolf. I couldn't ever seem to get it exactly how I wanted it. Finally, last year I was working on it one day and all the pieces fell into place; it was complete. I went to Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, MA and had and available artist tattoo ... read more

Gamer Love Story

I have wanted a tattoo since I was 14. I just love the way they look, the only problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to get. My mind changed constantly, I wanted everything from a full back Cross, to an Xbox logo. I searched long and hard, (mostly on the BME site) to figure out what I really wanted, and what would represent who I am. Well after 5 years I finally figured out that with my addiction to gaming I of course wanted a gamer tattoo. I asked around at different shops to see what they ... read more

Forget your restraints

I always had myself pinned as a piercing sort of person, honestly. The thought of being able to change my appearance, but not be locked into it forever always appealed. Honestly? I'm an EXTREMELY fickle person. I'm always scared I'll get sick of things, and at least with piercings, you can take them out with only a scar or maybe a small hole remaining. Not so with tattoos. I knew I wanted something, but... What? It's funny that I can type this out in under three seconds, when it took me literally MONTHS to decide on something so simple: 'forget ... read more

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