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My first tattoo - a profound and painful experience

I always felt like I was a nerd. Okay, a weird way to start an experience, but it's where the whole story starts. I use the word nerd, but by saying that, I just mean to say I always felt different, like I could never fit into a norm of society. I tried for years and years to be who people wanted me to be; I liked what they liked and I hated what they hated, but it was all in vain, I still wasn't enough like them. So as I grew up, I changed and I changed and eventually, ... read more

My First Tattoos

I got my first tattoos done just over 7 months ago. I had been throwing around the idea of getting one done on each wrist, but hadn't finished playing with my designs. So I opted to get an arrow on the back of my legs; One on each Achilles Tendon. They're about a centimeter wide and 2 inches long, in solid black. I'm 19 years old, and for these to be my first, a lot of people were trying to talk me into getting something done on a less painful place. But I was pretty intent on getting my achilles ... read more

My experience with tattoo removal

My name is Andre Pawlowski, and I am writing this article so that the readers can learn about some of the ways that removing a tattoo can be approached, as well as hopefully showing that one should put much thought into what they get tattooed and where. I'll start with a little bit of background as to getting my tattoo so that you can understand the situation as well as my insisting on the importance of tattoo placement. As of 2010, I am 24 and got my tattoo when I was 19. It was my first tattoo, and I chose ... read more

I knew I couldn't wash it off, but I didn't know I'd want to.

I turned 18 in July last year and waited a while before I got my first tattoo, to give me a chance to find a decent artist, to choose the best place for my first tattoo, to be 100% about my decision. A lot of people I know turned 18 and dashed into getting a lot of tattoos, something I thought was a little stupid. Fair enough you have the money; but how could you be 100% about everything you have when you haven't put in the time to be sure, but they seem happy. I heard a good review ... read more

If you have a gut feeling something's wrong..listen to it.

Hi I am a young student, and I mean young freshman. I just had my fist 4 tattoos in the last several weeks. That's right, I am legally underage I think? I have no idea but all I needed one day was some guy to fake my dad's signature. It all happened around the beginning of 2008. I always wanted a tattoo. As a kid, I love those fake tattoos. Where you put water on it, and it stuck on for a week. Throughout my life, I thought of getting a tattoo one day, never worrying what would happen. Thanks ... read more

Crawling Up

The sky is about constant change, morphing from one form into another only to change again. It is fascinating to watch but even more fascinating it is to observe the changes occurring in us over time. I begin to notice more and more how I change myself and how much broader my own perspective becomes. And even though there is some validity to words Jean Kilbourne wrote in her book (we learn to dread the natural process of growing older and we feel terribly devalued as we age in her book "Can't buy my love"), I do both enjoy and ... read more

Wicked Jester- Session 1-Back of Head Tattoo

Wicked Jester- Session 1-Back of Head Tattoo : 3-29-2008 On Saturday, March 29th myself, my wife and two of our friends, drove from my apartment, in Neillsville WI, to Tomah Tattoo studio, which is located about 63.44 miles, or 1 hr, 15 minutes away. The reason for this trip, was, because a few of us had appointments to get tattooed, by the very talented tattoo artists; Steve May, one of the owners of Tomah tattoo Studio; Dave Fox, The other person who owns Tomah tattoo studio, And Clay Fox, a new tattoo artist that started there. Clay is also Dave's ... read more

Regretting A Tattoo.

Alright, allow me to preface this experience with I would never-ever suggest a discount tattoo to anybody unless they had seen the artists portfolio and were sufficently satisfied with there work. I had waitied until I turned eighteen and had always wanted a tattoo, and up until this point had about ten piercings, nine of which I still wear and would often ask tattooed people how the 'pain' compared to say, a nipple piercing, well allow me to voice that a tattoo isn't necessarily pleasant, but I'm sure it's worth it if what your being inked with is beautiful and ... read more

Self-done Heart Tattoo

My small, self-done tattoo was done in 2006 in my bathroom with a distinct lack of materials or cleanliness. Let me say to begin with that although doing your own tattoo can be a gratifying experience, make sure to investigate into the methods before attempting the process. My tattoo ended up being a very small heart. It was obviously done with a needle as the lines are made up of a series of dots spaced closely to appear as a line when viewed from a distance. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted a tattoo but was ... read more

Don't Let Anything Bring You Down

Like everyone else on this site, I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. I never really knew what to get, I just liked the idea of having something amazing on me forever. One day my mom was watching one of those tattoo shows on TV and I saw this chick getting a koi fish on her stomach. I really liked the fish; it just looked so cool for some reason. This was a while before my 18th birthday so I just kept looking on the internet for ideas of a tattoo. I drew up some roses and crosses and ... read more

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