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Wicked Jester- Session 1-Back of Head Tattoo

Wicked Jester- Session 1-Back of Head Tattoo : 3-29-2008 On Saturday, March 29th myself, my wife and two of our friends, drove from my apartment, in Neillsville WI, to Tomah Tattoo studio, which is located about 63.44 miles, or 1 hr, 15 minutes away. The reason for this trip, was, because a few of us had appointments to get tattooed, by the very talented tattoo artists; Steve May, one of the owners of Tomah tattoo Studio; Dave Fox, The other person who owns Tomah tattoo studio, And Clay Fox, a new tattoo artist that started there. Clay is also Dave's ... read more

Regretting A Tattoo.

Alright, allow me to preface this experience with I would never-ever suggest a discount tattoo to anybody unless they had seen the artists portfolio and were sufficently satisfied with there work. I had waitied until I turned eighteen and had always wanted a tattoo, and up until this point had about ten piercings, nine of which I still wear and would often ask tattooed people how the 'pain' compared to say, a nipple piercing, well allow me to voice that a tattoo isn't necessarily pleasant, but I'm sure it's worth it if what your being inked with is beautiful and ... read more

Non-Traditional Memorial

After my father passed away, I decided a tattoo in his memory would help me heal and give me an excuse to talk about him whenever anyone asked what the tattoo meant. Because of the latter point, I decided against a traditional memorial tattoo with dates or some kind of portraiture. Instead I chose the end of a Shakespearean sonnet that had a particular meaning to us. I decided on just the last two words of the sonnet, in a very large and bold type face; one word on the outside of each hip. I asked around the area for ... read more

My very first Tattoo

I'm a really big fan of body modification, usually if I'm not here on BME reading stories and experiences, I'm daydreaming of my mods to come (usually piercings) I'm not a stranger to modification, I have 11 piercings, including two cartilage, six lobe, industrial and snakebites.I really like tattoos as well, yet strangely up until two weeks ago, I'd never gotten one, or even REALLY considered getting one, even though I've had a fair few chances. I had thought about getting a tattoo, I knew I wanted one, and to an extent I knew what I wanted. But I say ... read more

My first tattoo, going big!

Having being born with Cystic Fibrosis and having to take countless pills each day to keep my body ticking, it came as quite a shock when I was 14 and my doctor advised me against a tablet I'd been taking fo as long as I can remember. At this time, I had some small whitehead spots on my shoulders and chest- which I guessed were normal for any teen. But once I stopped these tablets the spots turned to cysts and big scabs and in the end up I had to take a 6 month course of Roaccutain (sp?) not ... read more

My first tattoo - a profound and painful experience

I always felt like I was a nerd. Okay, a weird way to start an experience, but it's where the whole story starts. I use the word nerd, but by saying that, I just mean to say I always felt different, like I could never fit into a norm of society. I tried for years and years to be who people wanted me to be; I liked what they liked and I hated what they hated, but it was all in vain, I still wasn't enough like them. So as I grew up, I changed and I changed and eventually, ... read more

My First Tattoos

I got my first tattoos done just over 7 months ago. I had been throwing around the idea of getting one done on each wrist, but hadn't finished playing with my designs. So I opted to get an arrow on the back of my legs; One on each Achilles Tendon. They're about a centimeter wide and 2 inches long, in solid black. I'm 19 years old, and for these to be my first, a lot of people were trying to talk me into getting something done on a less painful place. But I was pretty intent on getting my achilles ... read more

My experience with tattoo removal

My name is Andre Pawlowski, and I am writing this article so that the readers can learn about some of the ways that removing a tattoo can be approached, as well as hopefully showing that one should put much thought into what they get tattooed and where. I'll start with a little bit of background as to getting my tattoo so that you can understand the situation as well as my insisting on the importance of tattoo placement. As of 2010, I am 24 and got my tattoo when I was 19. It was my first tattoo, and I chose ... read more

Gamer Love Story

I have wanted a tattoo since I was 14. I just love the way they look, the only problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to get. My mind changed constantly, I wanted everything from a full back Cross, to an Xbox logo. I searched long and hard, (mostly on the BME site) to figure out what I really wanted, and what would represent who I am. Well after 5 years I finally figured out that with my addiction to gaming I of course wanted a gamer tattoo. I asked around at different shops to see what they ... read more

Forget your restraints

I always had myself pinned as a piercing sort of person, honestly. The thought of being able to change my appearance, but not be locked into it forever always appealed. Honestly? I'm an EXTREMELY fickle person. I'm always scared I'll get sick of things, and at least with piercings, you can take them out with only a scar or maybe a small hole remaining. Not so with tattoos. I knew I wanted something, but... What? It's funny that I can type this out in under three seconds, when it took me literally MONTHS to decide on something so simple: 'forget ... read more

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