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My 16th birthday tattoo

For a while now my mom has been asking me about a tattoo. She got one a few years ago and I thought it was really cool. So I had always gave it a little thought. But I had never been brave enough to go get one. But a few days before my birthday she kept asking me what I wanted. I really wanted a tattoo, but really didn't want to tell her. I really didn't know what she would say about it. My sixteenth birthday was an amazing experience that I will never forget. My mom asked me what ... read more

In The End (The Effects of Causality and Ink)

My tattoo experience doesn't start the day I got the tattoo, or as something I have wanted since I was a little girl, it actually starts when I moved to Medicine Hat. Before I moved here I had done all my homework, picked out the perfect artist around where I used to live and was stoked for the day I turned 18 so that he could put this beautiful and extremely large piece of art across both sides of my ribs. That all changed less than a month before my birthday, we moved to Medicine Hat and from there I ... read more

Indecision and a first tattoo

"I've always wanted a tattoo". Everyone says that. For ages I fancied a tiny bird silhouette on my foot, but as I came nearer to getting one I changed my mind. Now I'm glad I did because I think that such a small and simple shape would've seemed really insubstantial on its own. I eventually decided I wanted a tattoo of a deer, a red deer stag to be precise, because they're native to Britain and I really like them. I could say it was to represent power, beauty and freedom, but i think I'll leave people to infer whatever ... read more

Third Time's the Charm...

April, 2008: it had been about eight months since my last tattoo, and after much debating and thought, I decided that it was time to add a third one to the collection. Choosing what to get was a fairly simple process; I have a red-and-black nautical star on my left leg, and since I have a bit of a thing for symmetry, it had been bothering me for awhile that the other side was empty. Thus, I ultimately decided on a matching star for my right leg, with one difference: it would be blue instead of red. With the design ... read more

Tattoo wasn't a mistake - the artist was! (But Patty at Think in Ink saved the day!)

I've wanted the same tattoo since I was fourteen...a single black band around my bicep, about an inch thick. I don't know why...before I took the plunge and got it done I tried to think of maybe a smaller design somewhere inconspicuous to test out the experience first, but couldn't think of anything else I wanted. Then people thought just a black band was boring when I told them about my plan to get tattooed, so I tried and tried to think of something more creative to get but this is what I wanted to have done and I couldn't ... read more

Tattoo for Elliott

My dear readers, today I lost my tattoo virginity. I've had the design in mind for some months now; a heart-shaped section of the stripes from the front of Elliott Smith's album, Figure 8. I had always known I wanted to have tattoos, but being only wee and fickle of mind, it's only recently I came to settle on something meant something to me, and that I felt happy about having on my body for the rest of my life. For the past few years, one of the most influencial things in my life has been Elliott Smith. Although I ... read more

Loosing my "tattoo-inity"

Well I lost my tattoo-inity, two days after my 18th birthday. I got the french word for love, amour, on my left wrist. I was sooo nervous. When I had first decided that I was going to go for the plunge, two weeks ago, I decided I should call and make an appointment. Brian Beckwith is an amazing tattoo artist, if it isn't obvious by the fact that I drove an hour to get tattooed by him. I figured he would be pretty booked up. I was able to get an appointment for Tuesday at 12:30, 2 days after my ... read more

Non-Traditional Memorial

After my father passed away, I decided a tattoo in his memory would help me heal and give me an excuse to talk about him whenever anyone asked what the tattoo meant. Because of the latter point, I decided against a traditional memorial tattoo with dates or some kind of portraiture. Instead I chose the end of a Shakespearean sonnet that had a particular meaning to us. I decided on just the last two words of the sonnet, in a very large and bold type face; one word on the outside of each hip. I asked around the area for ... read more

My very first Tattoo

I'm a really big fan of body modification, usually if I'm not here on BME reading stories and experiences, I'm daydreaming of my mods to come (usually piercings) I'm not a stranger to modification, I have 11 piercings, including two cartilage, six lobe, industrial and snakebites.I really like tattoos as well, yet strangely up until two weeks ago, I'd never gotten one, or even REALLY considered getting one, even though I've had a fair few chances. I had thought about getting a tattoo, I knew I wanted one, and to an extent I knew what I wanted. But I say ... read more

My first tattoo, going big!

Having being born with Cystic Fibrosis and having to take countless pills each day to keep my body ticking, it came as quite a shock when I was 14 and my doctor advised me against a tablet I'd been taking fo as long as I can remember. At this time, I had some small whitehead spots on my shoulders and chest- which I guessed were normal for any teen. But once I stopped these tablets the spots turned to cysts and big scabs and in the end up I had to take a 6 month course of Roaccutain (sp?) not ... read more

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