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Tinkerbell plus grande que nature

Il faut commencer par dire que je suis une fan inconditionnelle de Tinkerbell (alias la fée clochette dans Peter Pan). J'ai tout a propos de cette petite fée et je me suis dit qu'un tatouage ne ferait que confirmer ma passion pour ce personnage. De plus, elle représente pour moi le fait de rester jeune, de ne jamais perdre mon cœur d'enfant. Elle me ressemble un peu aussi, elle ne peut vivre qu'une émotion à la fois à cause de sa petite taille et parfois je me sens comme si je ne pouvais ressentir qu'une chose à la fois. Cette ... read more

Start of an Addiction

After wobbling back and forth for a decade, my husband sealed the decision. Four weeks and I was to see Julie at New Moon for my first tattoo. The art was custom done (I'm a graphics designer) - a dragon (one of my totems) curled around my bass, which was rendered beautifully by Julie. When I showed up at New Moon, the staff was very professional, and one of them noted the band t-shirt I was wearing that day - it turned out that Julie was two degrees of separation between their guitarist - knowing a vocalist he had worked ... read more

If you can read this, thank my tattoo...

..And I don't just mean that in a cutesy "because if I didn't get this tattoo, there's be nothing for you to read, hardee-har-har." If you can read this, you're obviously familiar with the letters that comprise the written English alphabet. And that's what my tattoo is of. Backstory time! A couple of years ago, I was browsing though the Lettering Tattoos section on BME (as I am wont to do, being a big fan of text tattoos) when I came across an alphabet tattoo. Had I been a Tex Avery cartoon wolf, my heart would have jumped from my ... read more

Friends forever

I was 21, and my best friend, Val, was only a year older. At this point, we both had two tattoos, and longed for more - preferably getting them together at Wingnut, which we considered 'our' studio. However - Val was moving across the country soon and then shortly after that, I would moving across the country, too - and nowhere near the same part of the country as her. We needed to do something to keep us 'connected': like a tattoo. But what? We actually only ended up discussing it over the course of a few days - it ... read more

A Second Demonic Experience

For years I have been getting tattoos and piercings and for more years than that I have loved tattoos and piercings. The first time that I went to see Mike was about a year ago. Then, as now, I live in Victoria, British Columbia. My primary reason for traveling to Edmonton was to visit my mother for a while. However, a few months before my trip out there it occurred to me that traveling to Edmonton would give me the perfect opportunity to save up some money and get a tattoo from an artist that I would not normally have ... read more

armpit tattoos - two of my favourite things

This is the story of how I came to have a pork pie and a bottle of cider tattooed in my armpits. I have a lot of tattoos already, and decided a few years ago that I was aiming at a complete bodysuit, leaving no skin untattooed. This would mean tattooing a lot of awkward places such as armpits, backs of knees, genitals and the rest. When I started getting tattooed I had no real plan, but since getting a few very large pieces I have been thinking more and more about the overall look I want to create. One ... read more

The Legacy of My Name.

Thank you for reading. Of all the experiences listed, mine will be a bit different than most as I have found it more interesting to write about the thought process from tattoo consideration to completion. Working in the Computer Industry, and seeing a lot of my co-workers with tattoos, and seeing how a tattoo has entered the mainstream. I found this unique from a sociology standpoint. Shows like Miami Ink seemed to usher in greater awareness and acceptance of a tattoo in society today. Like the artwork, the story about why people get a tattoo is interesting. The permanence of ... read more

Ten Toe Tattooing

I got it stuck in my horrifically geeky mind that I would be a whole lot cooler of a person if I got "Don't Panic" tattooed on my body in large friendly letters (if you are counting on your fingers, yes the apostrophe gets its own toe). Knuckles seemed the ideal place but it wouldn't mesh with my chosen lifestyle. However, I decided toes were an even better place since it would be soothing constant reminder of a sound life strategy. I'll confess I rushed in a bit impulsively. None of my friends had toe tattoos and so I really ... read more

My First Tattoo

I was sixteen when I got my first tattoo, and I was scared shitless. I'd been brought up in a strict (in a dysfunctional and crazy way) Catholic family, and my mother was great, but I'd always felt a bit of an outcast (there's not much love in the Catholic church for "bastards"). All the information about tattoos that I had received up to this point was force fed to me in Sunday school, stories about how it was a sin to put ink into your skin; or horror stories I'd been told by older friends. Stories about the needles ... read more

My first of many

Before I get started I must say I loved the idea of getting a tattoo but I was never sure if I'd have the guts to go through with it so this was a big thing for me. Oh yeah and I am an Aussie so if anything sounds strange that's probably it. :) Alright. I recently turned 18 and for a long time now I've been interested in getting a tattoo. I'd been inspired by my father who has two (one on each shoulder blade) and I'd also had a very encouraging and interesting boss who had provided me ... read more

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