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Love will be enough.

I'd been wanting to get a new tattoo for months, but when I did a consult in my hometown, the guy never called me back, so I ended up giving up on it. I went back to Indianapolis for the summer, and my best friend was going to be coming to visit me. Since she hadn't been able to come with me for my last tattoo, although she'd really wanted to, I decided I'd get my next one while she was in town.ᅠ After looking online at various shops, I finally decided on Metamorphosis for a couple of reasons -- ... read more

Growing Into My Skin

Two and a half years after I got my second tattoo – a small, almost-paisley design under my left breast – I was not afraid to say that my ideals had changed somewhat. Yes, I still loved my tattoo, but every time I looked at it I felt that it was somehow incomplete, and admittedly less than perfect. While a little part of me had always planned on extending it down to my thigh, I didn't feel as comfortable as I had all those years ago about letting the original artist tattoo me again. Yes, I had learned a lot ... read more

At least my ribs can't kill my cats Part 3

[Part 1 | Part 2] It was time. I had been thinking about this day for the past week, debating whether or not to cancel the appointment, as the pain was still fresh in my mind, and my last tattoo session had been a month ago! It being my third session, I had not put down a deposit, so I wouldn't be out anything. Still, it's not a nice thing to do to your artist. I sighed, and started walking the mile to Adorn Body Art. I greeted Austin, who instantly demanded that I show him how far along the ... read more

A Fruity Tattoo

This experience is about my fourth tattoo. Which also happens to be my first visible tattoo. It had been about a year since I got my last tattoo and I was well into my addiction at this point! Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money so there's large gaps in between. I wanted a sleeve, or at last to start the process of getting a sleeve, so I went about trying to design one. The thing to remember here is that I am awful at all forms of artwork! I have a creative mind but it does not come ... read more

Taking Things Into My Own Hands

Being underage can suck sometimes, especially If you're like me and into body modifications of any sort. I'm only 16, and my parents won't let me take part in any type of body modification, they won't even let me get my ears pierced. I pretty much settled with the fact that I'm not going to be able to really get a piercing done until I turn 18, because, well if I want my ears or lip or something, it's pretty hard to hide from them. Another thing I want super bad though, is a tattoo. And that I can get ... read more

Oh Christ! More?!?

"Oh Christ! More!?!" cried my best friend, horror on her face, upon seeing the newest piece of body art to grace my skin. It was the latest addition, my 5th tattoo, and I'd neglected to tell her I was getting anything new. I've been fascinated with body art (but especially tattoos) from an early age. What others saw as "ugly" or "horrible" I thought were gorgeous forms of self-expression. This early fascination seems a common trait that separates those who crave tattoos and those who don't. My best friend (in one of her many attempts to dissuade me from getting ... read more

At least my ribs can't kill my cats. Part 1

I love Stargazer lilies; they're my favorite flower. So, from boyfriends and my father I would these beautiful flowers on Valentine's day and other celebratory days (like landing a job, etc). However, early this year I noticed pollen on my kitten and freaked - I had known in the back of my mind that lilies were poisonous to cats, but had never really thought of it. After scrubbing down the kitten (and recieving upwards of 20 scratches and bites for my hard work) I decided to finally get my tattoo that I had wanted for years: stargazers on my ribs. ... read more

Tinkerbell plus grande que nature

Il faut commencer par dire que je suis une fan inconditionnelle de Tinkerbell (alias la fée clochette dans Peter Pan). J'ai tout a propos de cette petite fée et je me suis dit qu'un tatouage ne ferait que confirmer ma passion pour ce personnage. De plus, elle représente pour moi le fait de rester jeune, de ne jamais perdre mon cœur d'enfant. Elle me ressemble un peu aussi, elle ne peut vivre qu'une émotion à la fois à cause de sa petite taille et parfois je me sens comme si je ne pouvais ressentir qu'une chose à la fois. Cette ... read more

Start of an Addiction

After wobbling back and forth for a decade, my husband sealed the decision. Four weeks and I was to see Julie at New Moon for my first tattoo. The art was custom done (I'm a graphics designer) - a dragon (one of my totems) curled around my bass, which was rendered beautifully by Julie. When I showed up at New Moon, the staff was very professional, and one of them noted the band t-shirt I was wearing that day - it turned out that Julie was two degrees of separation between their guitarist - knowing a vocalist he had worked ... read more

Save the Ta-Ta's...with a tattoo

So I have always been into piercings so stepping up and deciding to get a tattoo should not have been hard right? So wrong... For my 1st I decided to get a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon along with two purple stars. After my Godfather Ronnie died when I was in the tenth grade I knew that I wanted to honor him in someway. Ronnie had a Blue rose tattoo on his arm that always captivated me. My first design was a purple ribbon (Purple being for all cancer) with his name and dates inside. Little after his death however my ... read more

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