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"We can't cover that."

Sometime around three years ago I met an artist new in town named Snoopy. I was itching for another tattoo and my friend Anastasia had several that Snoopy had done when they had both lived elsewhere. I liked his work so I went to the studio to watch him and look at his portfolio. Everything seemed copacetic so I set up an appointment to have my left inner wrist tattooed with a tribal heart design. Snoopy customized the colors for me, which I really liked. My ex and I went on the same day and he got his tattoo right ... read more

Setting Myself Free

I believe in the power of imagery. A picture is always worth 1,000 [or more, depending on who you speak to] words. The tattoo which is now happily located on my right shoulder speaks volumes. Taking the time to listen is what's important. At the age of about 14, I knew I was going to get tattooed. I had seen my mother get hers and from that moment on, I sort of knew it was my destiny. I spent the next three years debating on my design, and around April 2007 [a few months after my 17th birthday] I knew. ... read more

Remembering those lost, fighting, and surviving - Ribbon.

THE DECISION: In December, my uncle was diagnosed with Cancer... they didn't think they'd be able to save him. A lot of people in my family have had cancer, so the thought came to me like thunder after lightning; I'll get a cancer awareness tattoo! (My uncle is actually in remission now, by the way) I went through a lot of different ideas for this tattoo, but eventually decided on getting a Cancer Awareness Ribbon that is light purple, for general cancer awareness, and looking a bit torn to symbolize that it's been through a rough battle. I also went ... read more

Full Circle

My 43rd birthday was approaching and friends and family were asking I what I wanted. "Anything Hello Kitty" I responded to feed my Hello Kitty addiction. Or Kasey Chambers new CD, or just something strange and unusual, kinda like me. I never really know what to tell people. I did let them all know that I have wish lists in several places and they could look there as well. One morning in the car on the way to work, I mentioned to my husband, Glenn, that I wanted to spend my own money that I've been saving up to finally ... read more

At least my ribs can't kill my cats, Part 4

[ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ] It was my final session. I made a little bit of small talk with Austin as I sat on the animal-print couch, but I couldn't concentrate too well. I did talk to him about possibly doing my cat sleeve later this year; hopefully he has received his license by then. Adorn was busy, and soon Austin got pulled away by a girl needing help figuring out lettering for her tattoo. I waited, occasionally fiddling with my phone. I mentally kicked myself for being early, as I know it does me ... read more

Beauty By Blindfold

As we get older, wiser (or in some cases, less so), we find that many of our tattoos tell stories or express what we, the 'canvas' have gone through. We've come a long way from our first words and steps. My most recent experience (06.07.08, no less), is probably going to be the most amazing thing I've done in my entire life-- it least to this point, of course. Granted I've lived through two car accidents, a benign staph infection, and more splintering heart stories than I care to talk about, but this was a completely different bottle of ink. ... read more

back tattoo

I have always loved tattoos. I have always thought that they had an enhancing and decorative purpose. To date I have had my left breast tattooed and my back. I have also had some piercings though they are of the garden variety kind, i.e., nothing shocking or strange.. My bellybutton and my ears. Bmezine has opened up my eyes to whole other possibilities which I might never have thought of. But also more importantly has alerted me to the dangers of tattoos and piercings/ scarification etc... I know that finding a good tattoo artist is very important as I have ... read more

As You Stood There Counting Crows

Well, it seems I've got the first of the many tattoos that I've been planning for years. And it all came about as part of an elaborate mother's day gift... For awhile now, my girlfriend and I have been considering taking our mothers on a Mexico cruise. We finally scraped together the money to do so for mother's day (though my mom backed out at the last minute, but that's a different story entirely). So, this past week, I found myself on a four-day cruise with stops in Catalina and Ensenada. Every time I travel, I entertain the notion of ... read more

A modbloggable tattoo

http://modblog.bmezine.com/2008/06/05/is-that-a-moth-on-your-neck/ I recently decided to move away from trying to hide my tattoos and to start the summer I made a decision to get a tattoo that I had planned on getting when I was older. The piece was to be a Death's Head Hawkmoth, on my throat/neck. I talked to my artist that did my chest piece and when I told her the idea, she suggested that I ask this other artist that worked at the same shop that she was working at. I added him on myspace and sent him a message about the tattoo. In my down ... read more

My itchy flower

I'll be honest; when I first decided to get a tattoo on my foot I was afraid. I had two tattoos already, a small one on my lower back and medium/largish wings on my shoulders. I knew that tattoos over bony, thin skinned areas, like the feet, hurt worse than other areas. When I first decided to get this tattoo I started reading experiences to get a better idea of how it would be and how it would heal. The experiences ranged from worst pain in your life to eh no big deal. I decided to take the stance that ... read more

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