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Finding the Right Artist

At the age of sixteen all I could think about was tattoos. I've always loved them and always wanted them. Being a minor I could not legally get a tattoo from a shop, but a friend of my mothers agreed to do the tattoo in his house. Keep in mind this is around the time when tribal and tramp stamps were popular. I was so excited that my mother agreed to let me get a tattoo and that someone agreed to do the tattoo that I didn't put much thought into the long term; or the tattoo itself for that ... read more

Bakery half sleeve

Wow, where to start? I've been intrigued by and interested in tattoos for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, I was drawn to images I saw on television of tattooed men and women. When I was in middle school, I'd doodle little tattoo ideas in the margins of my notebooks. I remember drawing a self portrait of what I thought I'd look like in 10 years, and I had tattoos, piercings, and crazy spiky hair. While I don't look exactly like my drawing predicted, I definitely have not lost my passion for tattoos. When I ... read more

You can not always forget mistakes

As they say in the movie "Corps Bride": this is a story about a murder most foul. In my case, a slight murder on my tattoo dream and my back. Even though I wish the murdered was my tattoo"artist", but we`re coming to that. Let me take you back to a beautiful summer day by the beach. The place was swarming with people from a nearby festival, all wanting to cool off, and I sat glaring at their body art. I was no virgin to the concept of tattoos, having two of my own and reading everything I could find ... read more

Bad Tattoo

Currently I have got 11 tattoos, however, when I was starting out at 18 years of age I really messed up. I seen a cross which I thought was really nice for years which I decided to get tattooed on my upper arm. Traditionally this should have started high up my upper arm, almost at the shoulder. I and one of my mates decided to go to Dublin, to some tattoo studio in Temple Bar, a popular area in Dublin. The studio was located at the back of a sex shop. I and my mate went into this Kip, and ... read more

The best of you

Warning: This experience deals with some rather touchy subjects such as drug use, and potential suicide. Read with caution and please do not do some of the things I did. I'm getting tired of starting again somewhere new were you born to resist or be abused? I swear I'll never give in I refuse Lyrics- best of you by Foo Fighters I knew it was happening, I think I seen it coming long before it actually happened. Funny how sometimes you can just tap into yourself and you know that something is going to happen and it's like a freight ... read more

A Sensual DIY Tattoo Experience

Hi! My name is Keith. All of my life I have had a strange perception of tattoos. When I was very young, maybe 3 or 4 I had my first memory of the concept of tattoos. Our family was having some kind of get together and i remember my aunts floral wrist tattoo. I remember later asking my mother and father what it was. I asked something like "what was that on Jody's wrist?" and they replied something to the effect of "you don't need to know what that is. Thats not for you. Thats a bad thing." Throughout growing ... read more

The beginning of a full sleeve PART 1

My story starts off as any typical 23 year old would. I got involved in some bad stuff, went through quite a rough patch and recently turned my life around. I decided that I would begin living for myself and not for anyone else, or the way that people said I should live. I guess I should give you some background. I am one of those people, you know the kind, likes to party, but doesn't know when to stop. I became involved in quite heavy drug use, it started with coke, and progressed to heroin. I wont bore you ... read more

A sailor without a tattoo is like a dog without a tail...

I'd been thinking about getting a tattoo for quite a while. Almost 6 years or so now. Hadn't gotten around to it though for any number of reasons. Mostly just not going ahead and doing it. I have had a bunch of ideas that I'd still love to have, so it's not for lack of creativity, just lack of commitment. I decided to change that. So having seen my friend Jackie's work that she got done a week or two ago I decided I'd finally get off my ass and get the tattoo that I'd been wanting to get for ... read more

Symbolism; engraved relics.

Deeply spiritual undertones are still rippling through me, an ocean of a girl who now feels one iota closer to her true form, even three years after this process. The past forty-eight hours after I received my tattoo were witnesses to an engagement of emotions that I chose to display in a rather toss and tumble, flux and flow sort of way. Describing them (and their origins) is just as easily predictable as it is complicated: nervousness, tension, excitement, pleasure, gratefulness, sincerity, relief. These words fall short of their true nature, diluting the heat and humble fierceness of their presence. ... read more

So I finally got the long, long awaited tattoo!

I guess you could say that I waited until I was very sure of what I wanted as far a tattoo goes. Actually I wanted a tattoo from the time I was 14 years old. If I had gotten one at 14, it would have been blueberries by my ankle. Yeah, I don't know why exactly I wanted blueberries, but I am sure that would have been it. I had told people as the time and they have asked every since if I finally had the blueberries. Well, no. So 40 years later I was finally ready to seal the ... read more

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