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Feist, Death Cab, and Mr. Meloy

When I was ten years old, I was uprooted from my family's comfortable Floridian home with a screened in pool and plunked down straight into the middle of Budapest Hungary. It's safe to say that at the beginning I wasn't very happy with my parents' choice to move, but over time I began to love the Hungarian land, culture, and people. It is now nine years later, and the things that I learned while growing up in Hungary are very much a part of me. It seemed fitting that my first tattoo would be a nod to my heritage and ... read more

My First Tattoo

I always knew what I wanted for a tattoo. It was between a rosary thats, like, all tangled up (inspired by Alyssa Milano, she has the sweetest tattoos) or a Ouroboros (a snake eating its own tail. which means a continuous cycle of life.) I ended up getting the rosary on the right side of my shoulder blade. I set up my appointment at Starlight Tattoo in Belleville, NJ with a girl name Missy. I scheduled it right on my birthday, when I turned 18. When my 18th birthday came it turned out that the bitch got sick and had ... read more

Cupcakes and Conventions, a match made in heaven?

I started getting inked at 18, im now 20. I guess I caught the "bug", like a can of Pringles, "once you pop, you cant stop" and I've been getting ink whenever possible ever since. I didn't really have any ink that had a good, personal meaning, mainly because I wasn't sure what to get. But during the past year I became friends with an artist called Katriona Godward, she specialises in tattoo inspired artwork, using a number of mediums and photography, and therefore is quite popular with tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. When Katriona was asked to show her ... read more

MY first tattoo at fourteen

I've been wanting a tattoo for maybe a year, although I could have gotten it immediately, I wanted to choose the design carefully and to discuss with the artist. When i have chosen it, i put it up on a visible place in my room so that I could see it everyday and make sure that i won't get bored of it. It was there for maybe 11 months. I had to make sure that is something i want to keep on my skin until the end of my life and longer. After some time when i have decided that ... read more

Chest Script-1st tattoo

All my life I have been fasinated with tattoos, always telling my mum that I would one day get one, she would always tell me that I shouldnt because I will regret it and it will look gross when Im an old man. Which could be true, I could look back at a tattoo later in life and say "I wish i never got this", or I could say "I wish i got that when I was younger". So when I turned 18 and was legally aloud to get a tattoo, I promised myself I would only get tattoos that ... read more

My First Tattoo Experience

Well hello everyone at BME, how is everyone doing? Me? I'm doing so great because I just got my first tattoo on Thursday. (It's Monday today) I shouldn't get ahead of myself, I'll start at the beginning. So I've wanted a tattoo since forever, almost literally. As long as I can remember I've wanted body mods of any type. Tattoo, piercing, just absolutely anything. So a few months back in the span of two weeks I got my tongue, snakebites and my eyebrow done. That satisfied my desire to get a tattoo for a while, but not long enough. So ... read more

A pawprint for all the kitties in my life

I will tell you now, I am indeed a crazy cat lady. Or at least well on my way to getting there. I currently have three lovely kitties. I am actually allergic to them, but take prescription medicine to control the symptoms. A few years ago I decided I wanted to get a tattoo in memory of a specific pet cat of mine, who had passed away. I considered perhaps getting a portrait styled tattoo of him, and researched local realistic and portrait style tattoo artists. As usual, I sat with my idea for some time before taking action on ... read more

Me tatue con una aguja de coser y tinta china

Hola, ¿que tal? Os voy a contar mi experiencia tatuándome yo mismo y luego siendo tatuado por un tatuador profesional. Me imagino que todos ustedes habreis tenido muchas experiencias con tatuajes, piercing, suspensiones, modificaciones corporales y de toda clase de prácticas relacionada con este mundo... Bueno, mi experiencia ocurrió en Noviembre del año 2007, hacía tiempo que estaba detrás de hacerme un tatuaje, pero con tiempo, no a lo loco, según mi forma de ser y mis gustos tengo que saber que tatuaje hacerme para que valla acorde con mi identidad. Con el tiempo ya decidi que querer hacerme: Una ... read more

A bird on my...thigh?

I actually tried to get this tattoo twice. I saw a girl with a tattoo of a cardinal sitting on a dogwood branch. I thought it was really beautiful and decided I wanted one like it. The first time I had scheduled to get it done, I broke my ankle and the money that was going to pay for the tattoo had to go toward the expenses for my injury. That was back in late April. Last week, the itch for a new tattoo finally got to me. I called up my old studio only to to discover that both ... read more

This, Too, Shall Pass

I thought I'd get my half sleeves finished before I got any new tattoos done. Once I've started something I like to have it finished before moving onto the next project. Maybe because I don't want to be thinking about two things at once, or maybe because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But mostly, I think, because I don't want to walk round with half finished ink for any longer than I really have to. But when I decided to get my half sleeves started last year I was pretty sure I'd have no more tattoos until they were ... read more

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