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Finally getting the tattoo I'm proud of

This is just my story about a tattoo I've always wanted to get (well, let's not say always, but for the past five years), and perhaps a warning about getting a tattoo as well. I was raised on a 30 foot sail boat when I was a kid, and for twelve years we lived strictly off the sea and what the sea could provide for us. We travelled through South America typically, though to get there from Canada was a long journey through the US and then the Bahamas. That part of my life is something I hold very close ... read more

My little birdie feet!

I have several tattoos, and almost everyone i know pretty much excepts my art as just who I am. When I talk about my plans they are supportive, sometimes helping me work out a design, or offering me constructive criticism if they think it would look better with more blue, etc. All and all my tattoos are loved because they are part of me, and day to day not much is said about them. But when I told my friends I wanted to get the tops of my feet tattooed with old school swallows and the text "true" on the ... read more

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