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Aubrey Beardsley tattoo

Amazingly enough I got my first tattoo about a month ago. I have always loved the history and meaning behind tattoos, and have appreciated them, but never actually thought I would make up my mind and get one done. I am not very good at keeping my mind made up, which is all right when it comes to a lot of different piercings, hairstyles, and bad purchases. This was probably one of the coolest things I have done in my life to date, and it's a great expression of my self-love, and self-expression. I live in YEG, and got my ... read more

Tattoos in the workplace

This is my first story, and the truth is im not sure how to write... I havent been on this site in years because of multiple problems, but thats another story... but it is good to be back... So... after years of piercing and bouncing for a living, i finally got a job that was secure in this area, only problem was my tattoos and piercings. See, for the last 10 yeaqrs I have been heavily tattooed, not as much so as some on this site, but heavily for this area, I have 2 full sleeves, neck, back, chest and ... read more

My Ink Rejection Story or How I Learned Green Ink Doesn't Like Me

I guess I'll put this in tattoo removal...since it removed itself. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to ink in your tattoo? I have… and let me tell you it ain’t pretty. I’ve only had one bad experience, but it didn’t shy me away from getting more (wink wink). I’m not writing this as a warning per se; more as just an experience. I mean hey, there was no way to tell the ink would reject, even though it is known that some pigments have a tendency to do so more than others – like red and yellow tones. ... read more

My First Tattoo

It was my junior year of college. I was living in Bronxville, NY, blissful at Concordia College, surrounded by friends who I loved. There was a girl named..well...we'll just call her "M". M had been my roommate for a half semester when I first arrived. M was very unstable. She had a severe drinking problem, a temper problem, a hitting problem and one time got so wasted that she peed on the floor of our door room because she THOUGHT she was in the bathroom. As you can imagine, it was NOT awesome. M thought we were best friends, only ... read more

Tattooing my Elbow, Working on my horror sleeve

Slowly but surely I am putting together my horror themed sleeve. I started with my Vampira portrait on my upper arm and next came my Edgar Allan Poe portrait. Poe went on the top of my forearm. Though I love my portraits I felt like my arm looked silly and extremely disconnected so I would always cover one of them up(usually Vampira because a longer short sleeve shirt covers her up.) I had an appointment made for this past Friday and I was going to work on my wrist. The more I thought about it the less convinced I was ... read more

O, I've had such a dream...

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small but the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all, go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall..." I can't really tell you exactly where it started. I've always loved the Alice in Wonderland story. It became more poignant later in life as I began to experiment with substances that gave me altered versions of reality. The first tattoo I saw based on Alice in Wonderland was in a tattoo magazine, it was of the Caterpillar and it was based on the classic Alice drawings. I thought ... read more

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