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My first (and definitaly not last) tattoo

When I was in high school, I always was interesting in tattoos and what not. I loved the different designs, the colors, and the ability to put them wherever I wanted to. I'd get the cheap temporary tattoos and place them all over myself and gloat to my friends about how I was going to get one as soon as possible. I tried to find people at my school with tattoos, but no one had them. Thus I had to resort to surfing BME to see all the different styles and types of body modification. I think that it is ... read more

Inner Lip Tattoo

After high school, I decided that I wanted to learn Hebrew. No reason in particular, I just wanted to learn Hebrew. So for a year I was in California learning Hebrew (how to read it, listen to it, and speak it.) I was submerged into the language for 8 months and now I am fluent in the Language. I decided, though, that at the end of my 8 months there, I didn't want to do that any more, even though the experience there had changed my whole perspective on life and how I needed to live. So, now I'm going ... read more

my very first tattoo!

I had always wanted a tattoo since I was about 14, but of course the parents were not too keen on me getting one. I had asked them a couple years earlier, and they told me that it wasn't fitting for "a mature girl to get such horrible things put on their body." Whatever. I still wanted one, and after heading off to my college I met a bunch of new people that had tattoos, and it only pushed me further to go get one done. I loved how the tattoos looked on the skin, glistening about so bright and ... read more

Baruch Ata Adonai...

This is my very first tattoo, and it's a chai, the Jewish symbol for life and health, on my inner left arm in solid black ink. The Chai indicates the number 18 in Jewish Numerology, which is one of the holiest, if not THE holiest number in Judaism, because it indicates the most precious gift G-d has given you: your existence. I am actually not Jewish (although I may have some Sephardic blood in me somewhere), but I'd always been into studying all kinds of religions and had decided that the only marks that would go on my body would ... read more

The Story of my First Tattoo

My experience goes all the way back to when I was a little kid, growing up in Papua New Guinea (PNG), an island above Australia. My dad was a missionary pilot there for 15 years. I was born there in 1986, and lived there until 1997. It had a very positive impact on me as a child; as I grew up in a situation in which other people can't even comprehend. We didn't have any television channels, we only watched movies or television shows which my grandparents had taped and sent over, which takes months to arrive. Looking back, my ... read more

My First Time and a very good first time at that

I am only 19, soon to finish up my freshman year of college, and I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. I've had piercings before (tongue, eyebrow, lip) but I get bored and end up taking them out after a few months or so. A tattoo I know would be a huge step for me, especially as I am so fickle, but I decided that I wanted it, and once I make up my mind, it's going to get done. I've been interested in tattoo design for a long time, and I know that I love new school and ... read more

If I am not myself...the account of a Jew's first tattoo

I grew up in a Jewish household. Though technically speaking body modifications are not against the religion, in most families they are highly frowned upon. Yet, ever since I first saw someone walking along the street wearing an interesting design I have been fascinated by tattoos and piercing. Only once did I ask my parents how they felt about tattoos. It did not go over well. They brought up the same arguments repeatedly. What if you decide you don't like it when you're older? What will you think when you're old and it looks bad on your sagging skin? And ... read more

Yad Vashem

Just to get this out of the way, the second question people often ask me is if I'm Jewish. I am not. The first question they ask is what the tattoo on the underside of my right forearm says. If I'm in a smartass mood, I tell them exactly what it says: "V'natati lahem yad vashem." They usually roll their eyes and say, "Right, what does it mean?" I will give them a hand and a name. It's a phrase from Isaiah 56:5. To explain why I had it inked on me, I'd better show it in context. For this ... read more


I'm a Messianic Jew, meaning I'm a Jew that is Christian. My tattoos are for me symbols of my spiritual beliefs. The theme that links them together is fire and smoke. I have had about five different tattooers, because I made the mistake of offending them. One got busted, one left the state, one went mad, one threatened to kill me and ended up crying like a 300-pound baby. I started my backpiece about 3 years ago, and I hadn't had the money to work on it since. I had come into a large inheritence from my Father's passing. I ... read more

Chai Tattoo

Other than getting my ears pierced with a piercing gun at Merle Norman when I was in the fourth grade, I've never had any kind of body modification. But this winter, I started thinking really seriously about getting a tattoo. When I was home from school for Christmas, I asked my parents what they thought, and they kind of rolled their eyes at me, since I'm always threatening to do things like dye my hair blue and then never go through with them. My mom did tell me, though, that she didn't think it would be a very good idea. ... read more

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