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Mit einem alten Account habe ich hier vor Jahren mal ein Bild meines zweiten Tattoos (Adler auf der Schulter) hochgeladen, leider finde ich die zugehörigen Daten nicht mehr. Auch wenn es hier still geworden ist, möchte ich berichten, wie mein Körperschmuck sich weiterentwickelt hat.Zum Hintergrund: Mein erstes Tattoo habe ich mir vor 12 Jahren (2002) im Sommerurlaub in Sachsen stechen lassen. Das Tribal auf dem Oberarm würde ich heute wohl nicht wieder wählen, aber ich finde: es hätte mich schlimmer treffen können. Die Gestaltung gefällt mir noch immer, das mit der Zeit immer weiter aufgehellte schwarz werde ich aber wahrscheinlich ... read more

Sacred Heart

I can't remember when I first became a tattoo fan, I know I wanted piercings as a teenager but I never got my first until I was over eighteen. Even at that age my Mum tried to slap me. When I first moved into a flat with my husband I realised I could get whatever I wanted pierced. It was exciting. I started visiting Sarge, first to get my septum pierced, then a double labret, then a medusa closely followed by double nostrils, then I lost track. Each time I visited my Mum she'd be furious. Luckily, my younger sister ... read more

Owl chestpiece

I visited Gilded Cage the week it opened. I asked the gentleman behind the counter in the shop who I needed to speak to about getting a tattoo. He replied, Me. James. We arranged an initial consultation two weeks later. I returned two weeks later with reference material. I was told that my first appointment would be in March the next year, so could I bring my reference material back in January? I was nervous about getting tattooed again so I had half a year to be sure of my design. The year flew by so in January I posted ... read more

My girlie tattoo

Since my student times I was fascinated by pin-up tattoos, but when I started looking for a design I just couldn't find what I was looking for. 12 years ago I stumbled across a picture of Mata Hari, the WWI spy and exotic dancer. I knew the picture of this sexy, nearly naked woman would be perfect to put on my body. With a roomy I went to a tattoo parlor to have a little design done on my forearm, so I could see her all the time. The tattooist looked at my drawings, he said the work would be ... read more

Shoulder Memorial Tattoo

So I'm going to start this off by saying if you want a tattoo, really want one, just get it done. Does it hurt? Yes. Does it hurt enough to keep you from doing it? No.  My Grandma died the morning of my brothers 18th birthday, 10-1-10, from creutzfeldt-jakob disease. She died not knowing who we were, and angry at the world in general. Before she died, I never would have gotten a tattoo. She was one of those old southern ladies, mean as a snake, who when they said 'get a tattoo and i'll take it right back offa ya ... read more

tattoos for cancer research

At the end part of last year (2011) we found out that my aunt had breast cancer, as you can probably imagine it was a massive shock and no one really knew what to do. I was talking to my mum about it and she said it would be nice to maybe to the race for life to show her our support and raise some money for cancer research at the same time, and that we could get the rest of our family to get involved too. At first I thought this was a brilliant idea and I started thinking ... read more

Tattooing Cthulhu

 I am tattooed. Not the ″oh, I have a butterfly on my butt cheek″ tattooed, but full blown ain’t getting a corporate job, funny looks from old ladies tattooed. Guess what? I fucking love it. My neck tattoo was the turning point. Once I got a large piece done on my neck, the stares went from curious to intimidated. I've always been into odd hobbies and I've always been considered the ″weird one″ of my friends and family members. My choice in body modifications feels like a way of expressing who I am to anyone who looks at me. Once ... read more

Beautiful things come from disreputable places.

As currently stands, I'm 18 and have 15 piercings and two tattoos. I've had all 15 piercings done in a Mall Piercing manner, and the worst was my nose and first cartilage piercing. The cartilage, they used too small a stud and I ended up ripping it out the back with a fork. The nose was... well, imagine a whole piercing gun up your nose. Yeah. Like that. I wish I'd gotten mine done with needles - all o' them. In essence, I was stupid, young, and had too much pocket money. Like most people on here, I've always loved ... read more

My First Tattoo

Let me preface this with a statement of inarguable fact: I am pale. Being pale enough to see my veins through my skin and seeming to glowing the dark, to me, has always been terrific. I decided at the ripe old age of eleven that being this heinously pale was a sign. I was literally the color of paper; I was destined to be drawn upon. Unfortunately, I was impatient. When I was 16, I started running with a crowd of fast and loose hooligans. Our lives were about drinking and hookah and Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back. Times. Were. ... read more

Following My Bliss

This is the story of my second tattoo, my beautiful ribs. I found Senses Fail early in high school. The vocalist, Buddy Nielson, has a tattoo on his chest that reads “Follow Your Bliss.” Normally I’d think nothing of this since most of the musicians I like are relatively covered in tattoos, but he references the quote in two different songs on separate albums. Most notably (for me anyway) is “Follow Your Bliss, it reads on my chest, I knew I got it tattooed for a reason, why can’t I just hold it true?” After hearing both songs, I looked ... read more

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