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Drunk Scarification - a bad idea, a good lesson learned

Scarification and alcohol – there really shouldn't even be a reason for me writing this stupid thing. But I guess someone had to be fucking idiot who did this, so I'll step up to the plate. Body Modification is clearly an area that should done when completely composed, sober, and of sound mind and body. I would first like to say that I LOVE modification – the only thing that makes me happier then modifying my body, and that's music. I love just about every single thing people do to their bodies, even if it's not something I personally would ... read more

No regrets - first self branding

I became interested in trying self-branding the moment I first heard about it. It seemed like such a simple thing to do and yet the message given by the branded designs I saw was unbelievably profound. How did I first hear about it? Through an article in my high school newspaper. An article was published on self-branding, as a result of some students being careless with their scars and being caught, prompting the need for "awareness". I'm sure the school meant it as a deterrent, yet all it did for me (and several other students I'm sure) was give me ... read more

My Fist Self-Branding

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by body modifications. I started piercing my own ears when I was around 14, and by the time I was 17 I ended up with an industrial, 3 cartilage, 2 gauged lobes, eyebrow, nostril, tongue, and navel. Any who, with my mother not consenting to anymore piercings and me being too young to legally be tattooed I began looking into scarification. I don't really know what caught my eye about burning, save for the fact that it was something I was completely terrified about doing and I always have been one ... read more

An Anchor for Strength

What started out as being just an idea for something I thought would look cool, ended up being an endurance test far beyond what I'd foreseen. Having recently taken an interest in skin removal scarifications, I had tried a small project on myself with good results. Shortly after, the wheels in my head started turning until I decided firmly on cutting the shape of an anchor into my leg, above my knee and a bit to the outside. I thought about it all day at work, planning it out, strategizing the process. I found a graphic of an anchor that ... read more

A memorable experience

I had been daydreaming about large scarification pieces for quite a while. I find heavily scarred bodies to be very beautiful. I also find complete ownership over one's body to be a beautiful thing. I was bored with the bareness of my skin. I am a tactile person, so the idea of adding new texture to my skin is appealing. I knew that my first scarification would be somehow animal related, considering my affection for the animal kingdom. I wanted to devote a portion of my skin to the creatures that bring happiness to me. I drew up a picture ... read more

My Star Scar

I never used to think I'd ever get a scarification... I liked the look of them on other people, but never thought that that were for me. Part of the reason for this was that I'd had a problem with self harm. To me, my scars were not pretty things, they were things to be ashamed of that I had to work on hiding away. A show of emotional weakness. Something to be embarrassed about. Also, I like bright colours. If I'm having things on my body I don't like them to be plain and simple. Another reason was I ... read more

My M Cutting Experience

I know, I know. All of you are probably thinking "what the hell is he doing, carving a letter into his flesh? It's probably the name of some girl he likes or something. God I hope she dumps him so he can realize the stupidity of what he has just done to himself. See, I knew it right? Well, you guys were right about one thing. It is a letter that belongs to someone of the opposite sex that I am very attracted to. Not only am I attracted to her physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. I don't ... read more

my first self-done piece

I decided about a month ago that I wanted to do a scarification piece to resemble a time in my life. The last few years have been rough for me, I've had to deal with some things I wont go into, but I've had to deal with them on my own, which eventually led to self-harm, and I wanted something that related to my self-harming days, but was not actually directly self-harming. First I had to decide what it was that I wanted to put on my body, it was a tough decision as due to it being a scarification ... read more

My designs

All my life, I have been depressed. About 11 years ago, I started cutting myself. It was a way for me to gain control when I had no control over anything else in my life. I dont condone cutting at all, and I wish that I had never started doing it, but you can't change the past. I had always looked at websites about other cutters, and read their stories and experiences. One day I stumbled upon someone who wrote about carving a design into their skin instead of just simply cutting themselves. The idea was planted in my mind, ... read more

Hearts on my Sleeve - Two Years On

Two years ago I wrote an story about my first (and to date, only) scarification experience called Hearts on my Sleeve. This is the follow on to that story and details the healing process and the experience of living with a arm full of scarification in the two years since it was done. A detailed account of the scarification itself can be read in my original experience, which was written two months after it was done, but I'll recap quickly here. At BMEfest 2004 Vampy performed a standard scalpel scarification on my right arm, cutting the outline of five curly ... read more

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