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My first branding @ LPC

rst branding @ LPC My first branding Jonathan Tullett A few years ago I decided to get into the body art scene, much to the horror of my friends and family, and got my nipple pierced. I did this without having done much research into the subject and I since discovered that it was not a competent piercing and so removed it and allowed it to heal up completely. A few more piercings came and went (nose, ears, tongue navel, nipple, and my favourite of all the 4mm Prince Albert,) and I did some research in to other forms of ... read more

ritual scarification of my astral self

I needed it. I needed it more than I could ever explain to anyone. There was so much I needed to release, to get out of my body. There was even more that I needed to remember. That I needed to embrace again. The night went slowly, as we prepared. I had the design. I have had the design long before I realized what it meant. A friend took my thoughts and put them onto my flesh. It was beautiful. I had never seen it on my flesh before, but I knew that it had to be there from that ... read more

Self-Cutting Experience

As an artist, I have always been interested in anything concerning art. I enjoy not only drawing what I see, but, more importantly, creating things....looking to my imagination to guide me in what I do, in all aspects of my life. But, for many years, I have been searching for new ways to express myself through my art in new, different, and unusual ways....and that's when I discovered the wonderful world of Body Modification. Last year, a friend of mine introduced me to a new world through body modification....she was 18, and had already had her ears pierced in several ... read more

A Cutting

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/971116/sss.html"> I have been interested in different aspects of body modifications for quite sometime now. Up until this point I have only been fortunate enough to have had body piercings. I have had a 4ga. Prince Albert, 12ga. Tongue post (done twice), both nipples are pierced with 12 ga. rings, I have an apadravya 12 ga. and countless of play piercings just about everywhere you can think of. I wanted to try something new. I first thought of branding and still want to but for what I wanted it wouldn't have been detailed enough. So I decided to ... read more

Self Branding Experience

First off, I'd like to declare that I don't endorse, nor do I encourage self-branding. It's probably much safer and much more sanitary to have a brand done professionally. The reason I chose to do my brand myself is just because of my nature. I have this thing where I feel uncomfortable having it done by someone else. (All 4 of my piercings were done by myself using a sewing needle and the mirror.) I have been interested in body modification since I was about 10 or 12 years old. I always wanted to get my ears pierced like the ... read more

My First (as of yet) personal branding experience

For a couple of months or so I had been planning to create a zigzag pattern around my left bicep (I am right handed and since I was planning on doing the brand myself it was logical to choose the left arm) and I had pre-made the brand out of some unknown metal that I worked into a double V shape (VV) . I knew of a few people who had branded themselves with a coat hanger, but these brands appeared very spread out and they had not retained the desired form, so I assumed all that was necessary was ... read more

My self-branding

When I was just a child, I was diagnosed with cancer. Well, surgery left me with an extremely interesting scar. The cancer is gone (remission for 20 years! :o) ) but the scar still remains. The scar itself starts between my shoulder blades and winds around my side ending right over my heart. I spent years trying to hide this scar.. in locker rooms, at slumber parties, swimming. If seen, the scar attracted curious stares and often looks of pity... and I still can't decide which was worse. As I grew the scar grew also.. and, so did my self-confidence ... read more

a homemade branding

When I saw someone with a branding of a Celtic cross on his back last summer (1996), I fell in love with it. The whole idea of having three dimensional body art turned me on. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be burned into me for the longest time, I wanted it to be meaningful, so I chose the rune, perth or peorth. But the problem was, I didn't know how to go about doing this. I called most of the tattoo shops around, and none of them has done a branding before or would attempt ... read more

My scarification experience....

Let me start out by saying that I am very young, as far as most of the extreme body art community is concerned. I'm 19, and I've been into body art for about 4 years now. I did my first navel piercing when I was 15, did my septum at 16, and went from there. I discovered early on that I enjoyed the action of being pierced, and having a trophy of that experience. I then began to look for different sensations. I got my first tattoo at 18. In September of 96, I met Mikel when I started working ... read more

Playing with Fire

By Michelle Delio One second of exposure to searing hot metal, perhaps a sizzling sound and the thinnest wisp of smoke, and the first strike is done. It's the beginning of a piece of art that will be formed from flames and scars. Branding isn't new. In western cultures it was normally used as a means of marking criminals and slaves. The French branded a "Fleur de Lis" into the shoulder of a criminal, a mark meant to turn the bearer into an outcast from civilized culture forever. But then they got a little carried away and started branding Protestants ... read more

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