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Scars from Africa

y name is Marc. I´m Portuguese, live in Sintra, Lisbon, and I would like to share what I went through when I visited Malawi 3 months ago. I decided to visit Malawi after a friend of mine had gone there on an "Overlander" trip in June ´99. He told me about the beautiful beaches, and easy lifestyle he had experienced there. After arriving, I teamed up with two other backpackers (Steffen Craske and Chris Marks, from N.Z.) , and we went to Salima beach. When we got there, we stayed at the "Baobab" lodge. On the third night, we were ... read more

Chest Branding by Blair

started one night when I picked up a piece of metal and heated it up and stuck it down to my flesh..... Not really. One night, while thinking about future plans for modifying my body (though I'm not sure if that's the word I want to use), I came up with the brilliant idea of having a cutting done right under each collarbone - straight across. Seemed like a fairly decent idea, since I wanted to accentuate those natural collar-bone curves, and I liked the idea of a cutting better than the heat of a branding (I've learned to deal ... read more

My scars

art, I suppose I'll introduce myself. I'm a 16 year old redheaded Pagan Goth body modification enthusiast. I sport 2 14G lobe piercings, 1 6G lobe piercing, a 14G cartilage piercing, and 2 1/2" stretched lobes, along with a scar on my thigh and a small brand on my forearm. I suppose I'm quite unique. For a few years, I've been wanting a tattoo. Among others, I liked the idea of a pentacle above my loins, and I didn't feel like waiting until I turned 18. I still don't, but I'm resigned to it now. I'd much rather have a ... read more

Slave branding

st I have to say that I am a young slave and as long as I can think I was fascinated (and aroused) by PERMANENT body modifications. Piercings, tattoos to show submissiveness.... the more permanent and un-undoable the better. So when I became property of my master I really begged for getting a tattoo. Finally he agreed and I was so happy. Yes, it was great, but no, it was not THAT ultimate sign of me being his slave. Tattoos can be removed by laser, covered, etc. I wanted more! A comic-style book of the famous „the story of o." ... read more

You did WHAT to yourself?

fore you read this, there is one thing you must understand about me. About once every two or so months, I get an urge to do something really stupid - whether jumping off the roof of our two story house, or attempting to give myself yet another body modification. Well, about three weeks ago, I was getting that itch again. But this time I wanted to do something unique, that nobody else I know has. I was thinking about doing some sort of scarification, or a brand, or something, but I quickly pushed the thought to the back of my ... read more

Mark Of Eternity

ign of our commitment and love my fiance and I decided to get a scarification done. It was done in my home by a friend of ours who works privately. We were cut with a heated scalpel and as much as it hurt the pain was transandental. Our bond with eachother will forever be part of our beings. We decided on a cutting as opposed to tattoing because it was more spiritual and natural. The design we decided on was one of the oriental symbols of everlasting love and eternity inside a circle which symbolizes our love as ongoing nad ... read more

Cutting myself to calm myself

myself often--the physical pain is a means of releasing emotional pain. One particular day I cut myself on the arm 26 times with a razor blade..cutting myself is just so calming to me...when I see my own blood it distracts from my emotional pain and sometimes I carve words on my body to remind myself of how i feel about myself--"slut," "bitch" etc. I also carve acronyms such as FTW..symbols such as the anarchy symbol..and i often redo the "RIP KDC 6794" on my left shoulder in memory of Kurt Cobain. Doing this serves the dual purpose of giving me ... read more

Never was an artist

many people want to know what kind of person would deliberately cut themself, I guess I will give you some background information about me. I can't remember when I first became interested in body mods. It just started so gradually, but I would have to say that my pain fasinations began when I was about 5. In kindergarten, I was always getting in trouble for pouring glue on my arms so I could peel it off. I did this because I loved the slight pain I got when the little hairs were pulled out. When I was 14, I went ... read more

Home Branding Experience

Home Branding Experience At A Glance Author anonymous Artist ME Studio At home Having been interested in body modification for a while, I was interested in trying something myself, I just couldn't figure out what. I started shaving my pubic hair about a year ago and that had only whetted my appetite for something more. For some reason I have an aversion to jewelery of any kind (I just can't stand it), so I ruled out piercings. Then I came accross an article about branding in a newsgroup, and I figured I'd give it a try. I wasn't too worried ... read more

Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Wearing my heart on my sleeve At A Glance Author Marchiafava Contact [email protected] Artist Me Studio Home I stumbled onto this site accidentally, when looking for information on tattooing. I thought it was interesting (having had some experience in scarification), and I enjoyed some of the first-hand accounts. Then I realized that I should write in as well, giving yet another opinion on why we do what we do. First, a little background information is probably in order. I am eighteen, and have been experimenting with scarification for a couple of months. It started innocently enough, with me drawing designs ... read more

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