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Ritual Branding

ore you read this please let me note, that I am not a proffesional, and that my methods are my personal beliefs, and do not represent a "right" way of doing things*** This "experience" is slightly different than most. In this experience I did not recieve a cutting, or branding, but I preformed a ritualistic branding on someone who was refered to me by a friend. I met this person, who I'll call Crystal, at my friends work. She explained exactley what she wanted to me, which was a fairly large sun-type design on her lower back. Apparently this symbol ... read more

Burns 4-ever

st experience with "so-called" self-mutilation began when I was the age of 13.I had been going through way too much with family among other things and decided to take away the pain with a trusted friend; cigarettes and a knife. I induced enormous,soothing pain that day which left me with 13 burns(or 4 single and 3 clusters). It gave me great emotional release for the time being and reminded me how cruel that pain can be without a method of release. I accomplished this release again when I was 15 after being abused again and this time left 9 more ... read more

Suck my scars

to begin.... I suppose that my journey of scarification began when I was 12. I am 15 now. At first I just gouged at my skin with a pin, never really leaving a real scar or anything. However, later on I would begin to use things such as broken pieces of glass, scissors, and razors. The bulk of this experience is of the scarifications I did with a razor. Why did I cut myself? Most of the time it was because I felt lonely, bored, or depressed. I had, and still do, low self esteem and me seemingly endless self ... read more


s my ongoing experience of self scarification.... I started self scarification when I was about 16. I was depressed and bored. I decided to show my grief on my body. I started with small scratches and I hid the cuts under my watch band and the loads of silver bracelets on my arms. Soon I got very comfortable with the idea of cutting my self. I started to cut a little deeper and bigger, all over my body....arms, legs, and especially my wrists. In the beginning the cuts where my secret. But now I find the scares very beautiful especially ... read more

My cutting

ng to have a cutting done was one of the more sporadic decisions of my life. I heard through the grapevine that an artist with an impeccable reputation was coming into town, I immediatley made an appointment. I had met Raelynn before because she did a piece on a friend of mine quite a while back. I loved the unusual features of a cutting and I knew that I wanted something unusual as well. I was also studying traditional African religions in college at the time, so having this cutting done had more than asthetic meaning for me. It was ... read more

Erotic Branding

Erotic Branding At A Glance Author Tracy Contact [email protected] Artist Lori Studio Lori's bedroom Here's my branding story! I'm twenty-two now, but at the time of this story I was seventeen. I happened across this sight and thought I would tell my experience to the BME world. Strong athletic girls turn me on and during my high school years experienced my first bisexual relationship with a much older bisexual women. It started as an erotic sexual awakening for me but over time became much more intense! She introduced me to the bd/sm lifestyle. The pleasure / pain sessions with her ... read more

worth every moment

I moved away from home (three years now) I have really wanted to get something wild done, like a piercing, or tattoo. So I got my belly button pierced, and my labret on the same day. Since then I have also gotten three tattoos, one of a Chinese fire sign on my shoulder, a tribal dragon armband, and a lower back tribal design. Last year, I decided that I wanted something more than a tattoo, something that would look really different. My friend Jackson, who has been into piercing and tattoos for as long as I have known him, told ... read more

Another good reason to get a professional...

pon a time, a young man by the name of Kenny de Frank decided that he couldn't wait any longer to be a tattoo artist, so, at fifteen years old, he made for himself a tattoo gun with a ball-point pen, a needle, remote control car motor, a series of rubber bands, and India ink. I was slightly impressed as he did all of this without having seen any plans for a gun. Next, he came up with a few great designs, and wanted to actually ink them. The problem with this was rather simple: Kenny was living in a ... read more

I am not TOO much of a sadistic freak!

Return to scarification read more

Virgin Skin

16 at the time and totally wild. Ever since I turned 13 I had been into tattoos and piercings. My mother totally didn't like the fact that I wanted a tattoo. It was all I could do to get her to let me have my ears pierced when I was 12. When I turned 16 I was determined to have my skin permanently marked some how, I didn't care how. I found out about scarification through a friend who was apprenticing at a tattoo parlor, so I became very interested in it. That's when I realized that was for me. ... read more

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