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Hot Metal and Teen Angst

y to keep this short as I'm sure it wont be a riveting tale. To preface: I am a "normal" kid, I'm not depressed, and I fit in well at school. I don't have a history of abuse. I am an attractive, middleclass white male. I don't get teased. I'm well accepted by my peers. I'm everything normal and i don't have any troubles (maybe that's my problem). This wasn't about mental escape; this was about the beauty and the experience. I'm new to the whole body modification scene but it really interests me. A body is god's work of ... read more

scratching can lead to scars

hing can lead to scars I guess I should start at the beginning of my fascination with cutting, and scares, and the whole deal. It was a handful of years ago,at high school, when I first got a taste of the excitement (and to a degree, self fulfilment) that came with showing off scars. Alright then, first off some vital status. I was never one of the popular kids, and I was never one of the geeks. Reason being , none of them excepted me. I had no real friends, or any friends aside from morons that would say "hi" ... read more

X marks the spot

le background information: I'm an 18 year old white female, i live in Salem mass (the witch city) I am ChaosSatanic, and very proud of it, i have another post here, its about my septum, which by the way healed wonderfully, and my parents still haven't noticed (insert evil laugh here), now I love my boyfriend, but he is SO against body modifiations its absurd, I think he would look damn sexy with an eyebrow or a labret piercing, but he says 'If God wanted you to have holes in your body, he would have put them there' but If ... read more

Fallen Angel Gets her Wings

always considered getting angel wings tattooed on my shoulder blades, but the thought just became cliché and tedious the more I thought about it... and the more gothy-goths I saw with it already done. So, one random night, sitting around with a good friend, who had done some cuttings before, I asked her to carve me a set of wings. At first she was pretty much against the idea, worried about blood loss, or not being able to duplicate the pattern I had sketched onto the back of my notebook, but I eventually persuaded her into it. I'm good like ... read more

Self-Mutilator Finds Cure

Self-Mutilator Finds Cure At A Glance Author No longer innocent Contact No longer innocent@bme.anon Artist me Well here I am. I just burned myself again. This time was different. I am twenty years old. I have self mutilated for roughly the past twelve years. It started with picking at scabs and light cuttings. It moved on to larger cutting and scraping. When I was 13 I started smoking cigarettes. One time while sneeking a smoke in the garage, I wondered how bad burning myself would be. I put out my cigarette on the top of my left thigh. Every since ... read more

Wrist Branding

last 6 years I've had a total of 10 ear piercings, a navel piercing, a nose piercing and a tongue piercing. The ears and nose I did myself, but the navel and tongue I had dnoe in a studio. I also have three tattoos and a myriad of cutting-and-burning scars, some done for self-destructive head-fuck reasons and other done for creative reasons. I really don't want to link branding to self-injury in the depression-and-mental-illness sense, because it's not a connection that's relevant to everyone. The only reason it's relevant to me, was that self-injury was how I found out that ... read more

Scarification, Is it just and art form?

Scarification, Is it just and art form? At A Glance Author anonymous Contact hardcore7779@hotmail.com The experience that I can remember to be my first with scarification occurred in my grade 8 music class. I was sitting at my desk bored out of my mind and I found an old, rusty nail that had fallen on the floor. I picked it up, examined it, caressed it, then used it. I began to stroke it up and down my forearm watching it dance amongst the hair. Then I began to press a little harder and harder and harder until the girl sitting ... read more

branding advice

branding advice At A Glance Author matt + jo Contact primaryone@hotmail.com Artist myself I will summarise first so if you just want our advice from experience you don't need to read the whole thing. - YOU WILL FLINCH. Be prepared for it to ensure a clean strike. - If you can, do it yourself. Many people will disagree but there you go. (The exception to this may be if there is someone genuinely experienced with a good track record in your area, who you trust.) - This goes hand in hand with the second point, but it is not as ... read more

Burns 4-ever

st experience with "so-called" self-mutilation began when I was the age of 13.I had been going through way too much with family among other things and decided to take away the pain with a trusted friend; cigarettes and a knife. I induced enormous,soothing pain that day which left me with 13 burns(or 4 single and 3 clusters). It gave me great emotional release for the time being and reminded me how cruel that pain can be without a method of release. I accomplished this release again when I was 15 after being abused again and this time left 9 more ... read more

a star is born

ys thought that when i went to college that i would be so happy and since i would be around so many different people that i would have no trouble finding people who would understand me. then i got here and realized that no one here is any different than anyone in high school. when i first got here i felt freakish and strange, and i still do. i have friends and everything, but no one that i'll tell any of my secrets too, you know? so everything is kind of wierd here anyway, and to further confirm my denial ... read more

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