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Princess Angelfish

months ago, sometime mid-summer, I came to the conclusion that I would like my meager collection of body mods (not for long!:)) to include a brand(currently I have this brand I am explaining, two 12g nipple piercings, a few 10g in my ears, and I will soon acquire either a tatt gun scarring, a brand, or a plain old tattoo of angel wings--email me to tell me which one you think I should get!).......of what, I wasn't quite sure yet........and, there were a few problems standing in the way of my little endeavor....mainly, the fact that I was freshly turned ... read more

Cutting my Belly (just the beginning)

OUND: I identify as a cutter in a non-professional, trauma driven sense of the word. From a young age I would cut myself out of extreme anger, fear or sadness. As I became more conscious of it, I found it released those emotions, instead of keeping them inside to fester. I work on a couple of crisis lines, and with abused children. During my various training groups, 'cutting' came up quite a bit, and I was forced to analyse the WHYs of my own behaviour more and more. While I didnt come to any sky-opening conclusions, I did realize (independantly ... read more

radiation (self-scarifcation via cutting)

investigating scarification for quite some time, I decided that i wanted to practice it myself. For the few years prior, I had a habit of slashing my left forearm with razor blades... so i already understood alot of how the blade felt, cut, etc. Basically, I wanted a nice, clean artistic design on the backside of my forearm, away from all the slashing scars, on untouched skin.. I drew a few ideas out on a sketch pad and then chose one; the design itself was a series of bent lines that radiated out from a central point. It looked outrageous ... read more

My own self sacrifacation/brand

off, I'd like to say that I don't encourage self-branding. It's probably much safer and much more sanitary to have a brand done professionally. So remember that! I was stupid for doing it myself because it hurt a lot and where I did it was not all the clean at all, I did it with no gloves or anything, don't make that mistake. I'm twenty-two and I've been into body modification for about nine and a half years now. I self pierced my nostril a the age of thirteen, I took out my nostril piercing and I pierced my septum ... read more

I fainted!

o I didn´t. I´ve been wanting a tat for years, actually since I was eleven. Only my environment wasn´t too supportive, and the ideas on WHAT and WHERE changed over the years. In the early days I wanted exactly the same tat as Billy Idol, on my upper left arm, because I was madly in love with him. Only it had had to be much smaller, as I am very skinny and don´t have much space on my tiny body. Later on I became the biggest Danzig fan on earth and still am, so I wanted some of the Danzig ... read more

X Marks The Spot

I've always been fascinated by the letter 'X' I don't know exactly why but I've always found an X to be a very beautiful letter. I am always thinking of ways to adorn my body with them.Though I am not obsessed. I just think the X have a big signifigance towards me and my life. And in a strange way I guess, I wanted to share that with everybody. I also loved the idea of always having my "X's" on me. But then it's each to their own right. Before I would of never of thought of scarification as a ... read more

Curious George

I will start out by saying that this experience took place almost 20years ago, before self-mutilation seems to have become all the rage. I am pleased to share my story with others of the similar ilk. I had been out with my drinking buddy one night when I noticed that he had what appeared to be cigarette burns on the back of his hand. When questioned about them, he admitted to administering the burns as some kind of 'punishment.' Being a little shocked and dumbfounded, I let it go at that, but for some strange reason it kept on nagging ... read more

These are not your typical wings!

22 year old female with no history of self-mutilation or depression. I do not like pain at all but I have several piercings. I currently have 1/2 inch earlobes, a self done cartilidge piercing,6g septum, 10g tongue,16g oral web(scrumper), 14g navel,14g hood, and a 14g triangle. I had 14g nipples and a second navel piercing but I have taken those out due to migration problems. I plan on doing my nipples again in 8g and several more navel piercings as well as others. I do not have any tattoos yet but there will be some in the future. I have ... read more

my own private *Star*

been "cutting" myself ever since i was 10, (i am 15 now) and at first it was just straight lines (and sometimes i curvy one or two) where noone could see them... but that all changed when i got fed up of hiding my cutting from the world... it just didn't make sense that i had to hide something that made me feel so good... because cutting for me has always been a way to cope with feelings that are very emotional, and that need to be expressed... and so i express them by cutting my skin. there was no ... read more

:Scars Are Beautiful::

..Where to begin...Well, This is my "scarification" story. Just another tale of pseudo teen angst gone wrong, and taken out on myself. Let me just say I am not another wannabe-jaded teenager looking for sympathy for my bullshit problems. I am a mature person, looking to share my experience with those interested. I first cut myself when I was 12. That seems so far away now, but it opened the wound, so to speak, that would lead to me cutting myself the rest of my life. I found it was a way that I could relive the pain or frustration ... read more

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