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Self Control, or, Why I Branded Myself

I have, since I was a child, been interested in body modification, piercings, tattooing, and any other experience that would be considered not normal my Western culture. Given my upbringing as a hardcore Xtian (don't worry, I got kicked out of that long ago!), I was exposed to endless stories of people suffering for god, art, freedom, the hell of it. Who am I to deny my upbringing (ha-ha!)? I have done, as I expect many others have, things to my body to either commemorate incidents in my life or to provide a very physical (how should I describe this??) ... read more

easy little homemade brand

"June 25, 1999 I don't remember how long exactly it took to complete my brand, but I do know that it took place over two days. the first day (or evening in fact), I drew the design on with a pen. I grabbed a small safety pin and a candle and sat down in my room. I heated the pin up a bit and applied it to the blue line. the first few times I jumped a bit, mostly from reflex. after that I used my right hand to steady the left (I'm a lefty) and it was easier to ... read more

My son Elijah

My story is that of a different sort. Of course every story is different than the last, but it's for you to read, and to decide what to make of it. I have always had an interest in Body Modification. Piercing, Tattoo's, Branding, Scars, you name it, and I'm into it. I started slicing up my wrists, and cutting designs into my arms and legs, at the ripe old age of 10. I got my first tattoo (homemade of course) when I was drunk at age 13. KURT. (In memory of Kurt Cobain.) In purple marker rubbed into the cut ... read more

Branding as a hobby

When I was 11 I accidentally burned my hand with a soldering iron. My hand jumped back like a cricket but it didn't hurt that bad. This was the moment of my life that I looked back on when I had the idea to burn myself. Knowing that the pain was formidable yet brief, I decided that I would give a single strike brand a try. I've had a couple small tattoos done but I felt too damn uncomfortable while I recieved them. Besides, I was not cool with having a needle going in and out of my flesh. I ... read more

Gracing my body with blood

A Slice of Yuppie... Im 20. Scars on my arm... Scars on my Leg... Slight Scars on the very hands I use to type this ... I can remember the first time I cut myself. It wasnt that deep, but it was about 11 inches long. Top of my thigh, to the knee almost. I grabbed a razor and ran it along my leg ever so slowly. The most beautiful shade of silence ran down my leg, and I was Scared. It was so natural, to just pick up the tool and et it glide across my leg. I was ... read more

Development takes time

I have for a number of years been at war with myself not knowing which way to turn or for that matter, what to do. >From a very young age I have felt outcast by society, not in an overtly evil way, just different, on the fringe of insanity if you like. I remember being three years old, unable to sleep my mind started wandering. I kept having strange sensations, not directly thoughts but feelings and what might be described as an out of body experience, just without the floating into the air and seeing my bed below. I was ... read more

Scarred for Life

"Scarred For Life" By Parrish Coleman This is an account of an ink rubbing that I gave myself one night. Since then the ink has ran and faded out, now I have a highly visible scar on my right upper arm. For the longest time, I had wanted to be able to visually express myself to people. Being able to have piercings, tattoos and mods is probably the best way to do so. Don't think I am going around telling people to tear up their bodies for the sake of art on their own. They can go to someone who ... read more

Branding in Toronto

Over the course of the last six months, I had been contemplating cuttings, brandings and implants as future modifications to my body. I had no set time points for accomplishing such tasks except that they were valid considerations to take into account for my long term corporeal transformation. After watching the Modcon DVD, however, I came to the conclusion that I would not be comfortable with cuttings at this point in time. Implants, though I will eventually carry through with them, I feel no need to have them done anytime soon. Branding, on the other hand, seemed so titillating and ... read more

It eats my flesh away

About two weeks ago I decided that I was missing something. I had no idea exactly what I was missing, but I just knew that I was missing something. Three days ago, on the 13th of February (2001), I found out what that something was. What I was missing other people would gladly pass up, but I wanted it. I decided to burn my skin and leave a nice scar. My friend, Jon, wanted to borrow one of my Cradle of Filth CD's (Midian, one of their best albums). Of course, I gladly let him. However, I needed something in ... read more

Everyone Could Use a Good Brand

I would like to first say that I believe, atleast for myself, that the more meaning you put into a modification the happier you will be in the long run. Though aestetic quality is important it isn't everything. I decided to brand myself sorta spur of the moment. Up to that point i had been pierced and tattooed and loved the feeling of both. I wanted to try something new, get off on new endorphines. I diden't plan to do it that night but at the time I was living with my parents and as usual they were fighting. I ... read more

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