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When im pissed off...Anarchy and Arms

Well I'm not really sure where to start. I guess the beginning would be good. It was in October I think, maybe September, I'm not good with dates.... So, I had had a bad day at school, like always (stupid teachers).. and I was looking for a way of just letting go, short of drugs and suicide (I was short on money you see..) so I went to my room... (big surprise, huh?) and tried to sleep, because I like to sleep. Sleep is good. Well that didn't work so I sat there and looked around my room. I thought ... read more

Never trust your lover with your breasts

My date with scarification: The few details that still remain perched somewhere in my subconscious have been related to me many times; each in a different format (u get the abridged version, lol). Especially the part about the massive level of "stupidity" it must have taken for me to do or allow this to be done to me. I still find it kind of awkward but interesting to tell my current lovers about my 'beauty marks.' Unlike key chains and old photos, my scars are the one souvenir I can never really lose. I cant justify or rationalize; I may ... read more

scarification by cigar

Scarification with and cigar The process of my scarification started one evening at a party. I was at a party and my girlfriend had pissed off with a friend of mine! That was nice, any way I was feeling a bit depressed and sorry for myself so I thought I'd do some thing to get some attention, so I grab a cigar that my friend was smoking (it's a party you do strange things at parties) and stubbed it out on my left arm (I'm right handed). It was strange because it didn't hurt in the slightest witch I was ... read more

This is chemical burn

Ever since watching 'Fight Club' I have wanted to re-enact the chemical burning scene with my very own 'Tyler Durden'. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, the movie itself had a very profound effect on me. I can't remember the last time I saw such a significant film. The second reason was that, as a sexually submissive female, I am always interested in exploring my pain threshold and trying new experiences. The third reason is simply a love of all forms of body art (I am heavily tattooed and pierced). The first thing I did was to have a ... read more

A Scar I Didn't Make: My Lifeline

This is a very interesting take on scarification that I have been meaning to post but have just now gotten around to writing up. I was born on February 17, 1982 at Columbian Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. However, I was due on May 5th, meaning I was almost 3 months premature. I weighed 2 pounds and 9 ounces and was very small. A few days into my life, I started to get sick with a type of colitis known as NEC, which is apparently somewhat common for "premies." My parents didn't even send out birth announcements because they ... read more

Blood Fetish

Well, I have this one friend who I used to think as pretty strange. I had her over one night and she was first telling me about her suspension. (I wont go into that, because it was rather boring.) Anyway she wanted to try and do her own tattoo with cutting and inking. I told her that I would also like to do that, it sounded really cool. We did not have any of the materials needed to do it that night, so we planned to get together next weekend. So she comes over with a shitload of stuff. (rubbing ... read more

Self Cutting and Branding

When I first decided I wanted to do some scarification again I looked at my body and decided which part was ready for some action. It turned out to be just above my ankle and it looked like it was going to get a star design on it. So I got out my razor and cleaned up all the hair and then washed up the area. I then went and got out the marker and drew it on, got out the knife and cleaned everything up. The first cut was the sweetest feeling, just knowing what a beautiful piece of ... read more


My brands had been in the works for some time. As with any of my mods, I researched carefully on this and other websites, and consulted with others in the industry/community. I had originally hoped to have been branded by Keith Alexander in New York. As it turned out, though, Keith has accepted other work, and would be unavailable to work on me for an indefinite time. I still hope to be his client someday. It was through Keith that I got the referral to Megg Mass at Infinite. I first heard about Infinite in Philly through rec.arts.bodyart. Many RABbits ... read more

Self Control, or, Why I Branded Myself

I have, since I was a child, been interested in body modification, piercings, tattooing, and any other experience that would be considered not normal my Western culture. Given my upbringing as a hardcore Xtian (don't worry, I got kicked out of that long ago!), I was exposed to endless stories of people suffering for god, art, freedom, the hell of it. Who am I to deny my upbringing (ha-ha!)? I have done, as I expect many others have, things to my body to either commemorate incidents in my life or to provide a very physical (how should I describe this??) ... read more

easy little homemade brand

"June 25, 1999 I don't remember how long exactly it took to complete my brand, but I do know that it took place over two days. the first day (or evening in fact), I drew the design on with a pen. I grabbed a small safety pin and a candle and sat down in my room. I heated the pin up a bit and applied it to the blue line. the first few times I jumped a bit, mostly from reflex. after that I used my right hand to steady the left (I'm a lefty) and it was easier to ... read more

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