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My first sexual cutting

For a long time now I have been struggling with the sexual aspects of my life. Being bisexual and having non-mainstream erotic fantasies, specifically blood play and cutting, have not always been major parts of my sexual character. The duration of my sexual livelihood has been consumed by fuzzy memories of meaningless vanilla intercourse followed by an overwhelming feeling that I had just been used by someone I had absolutely no connection or attraction to in the first place. This had made me bitter and apathetic towards sex and people in general. It is only within the past year that ... read more

Contracture - A boring story I feel compelled to tell.

This could never happen to anyone else because everyone always goes to the most experienced and skilled scarification artist around. And no one ever pushes an artist to do something a little more than they thought best. Just me. Actually my artist may only have about two years cutting professionally(and 8 piercing) but he is skilled. So it was the "me" part that led to this little problem I am having. And in the long run it will be just a little problem I am sure but for right now it is a bitch. When I said I wanted my ... read more

Burning Star

I've always been intrigued by branding and scarification. I loved the way scars from previous cuts and burns gave my skin character. When the light hit them just the right way it reflected off them. My fascination with scars led to experimentation in my bedroom with a soldering iron on my knuckles when I was about 14. Two days later my mum saw what I had done and I got a massive lecture for it. Luckily, they ended up fading a few months later, as I had not heated the iron enough. I don't regret them fading as I had ... read more

scarred for life..

So, I got my very first "extreme" mod a month ago. I got scarred. Now, I love all my piercings, and my one tattoo, but I have to say I love my new scar the most. My best guy friend, David, has been doing tattoos and piercings since he was 15 and at 30, he has a hell of a lot experience. He was the one that did all my piercings, and my tattoo. I had been talking about it for a while and I finally decided to go through with it. I did some research and browsed some pictures, ... read more

My First Skin Removal

I got my first scarification a week or two ago and since then I have been considering getting some skin removal done. I got my original scarification re-cut today to make the cuts deeper and leave a better scar. It hurt more than the first time because the cuts were deeper. After that was done my friend asked me if I wanted to try skin removal coz she knew I was already considering it. I wasn't sure, so I decided to get a tiny bit of skin removed under my sock where nobody would see the scar or anything. It ... read more

The Bloody One in the Red Rose Garden

About two or three months ago I went to get a surface piercing. The place I originally tried go to was closed, so I ended up somewhere else. The piercer I got that day had some scarification pictures in his book and that got me thinking. And thinking. I waited a few weeks to make sure I was'nt going crazy(again)or anything. I used to cut myself but have not in atleast eight years. I have alot of scars from that that I have to deal with all the time. Anyway its been a fast track since then with this being ... read more

"Yeah, it's gonna bleed."

About a month ago I was downtown getting a surface piercing. At the time I was looking thru the piercers book. At the back he had some cutting scarification pictures. This has always been a primary interest of mine but in the past I have recieved a lot of bad attitude about it. I was curious but I was about to get this piercing and that was my focus just then. I didnt even mention it to him. About a week later I stopped back in to talk to him about it. He showed me some scars he had done ... read more

Psh, scarification doesn't hurt.

I've wanted to get a scarification piece for a while now, but could never really decide on a pattern or design that really did anything for me. I've had some ideas in the past, pursued them a little but, but never really followed through. If I'm going to get anything permanent on my body, then I want to be absolutely in love with it, and i wasn't absolutely in love with any of my previous ideas. But in mid march, I saw a posting in one of the IAM forums I belong to, the Jew Crew forum. This post was ... read more

It's a mod! - Getting the scars that were missing after surgery.

On the 7th of April '07 I got three "scratches" cut and peeled on my lower belly, which are supposed to look like wildly exaggerated claw marks. The story of this rather simple scarification goes back to January '06 – or actually much, much further. As long as I can remember, even when I myself was a kid, I never wanted children. I remember looking at my mother when I was around 8 and wondering how my life would be different from hers because I wouldn't have kids. Of course no one listens to an eight year old who says ... read more

Cut Chest

This was the third cutting I have had done in the last month. After this I think I am going to take a little time to heal up. I did not plan this one much in advance like the other two. Five weeks ago I had a spider web done on my right calf. That one spiraled from scarification into bloodletting. One week ago I had the left done and despite hurting like a bitch it was pretty mild. It is smaller than the one on the right by like a quarter inch around. That is why I ended up ... read more

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