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you will find me a sage...

I went to Factor Five to get my nipples pierced. That went wonderfully. While i was there i talked to Melinda about random things. She mentioned taking classes with Fakir for branding. (He did the stars on her leg.) As I was leaving she said that they would be doing free brandings to introduce it to people on such and such date. I went. It was at a music store for the CD release party for Tool. I wasnt sure how I felt about getting branded. To be perfectly honest, I didnt want to. I hate scars and I couldnt ... read more

Now it is part of my physical self...

This is my story about a little brand I did myself. First I will give you a little background. I have been fascinated with piercings and tattoos for almost all my life. Also I like to cut and burn myself. I am not sure of the reason, it is fun to do I guess. I only did random cuts and burns, and hid them so that people wouldn't think I am crazy. I was looking around this site and stumbled on the pictures of scarification. For some reason I had never thought of what I was doing as an art ... read more

My first branding experience

For years I have been fascinated with all forms of body decoration. I love watching documentaries about body modification, looking through tattoo magazines and talking to people about their personal experiences. Two years ago I finally decided to get my own work done. I got one tattoo on my back, which I have planned to add on to later, but I wanted something more. I couldn't decide on another ink picture; it took me 21 years to design the one I have! I wanted to do something different for my second attempt, so I started thinking about branding. My ex-boyfriend ... read more

The Good Girl Gets Set Apart

Good girls have a bad rap. Everybody thinks that we're boring and not cool to hang out with. Well, those people don't know me! However, when people look at me they're not seeing that I went partying last weekend and wrapped my "friend's" car in Saran Wrap. They see a girl that's 5'6, blondish brown hair cut no special way, nothing notable feature-wise, and someone who looks like she'd help your dear old grandmother cross the street. When I realized that, I freaked out. I told my friend Stephanie that I wanted to express my personality through my appearance, but ... read more


Self-mutilation: It is known probably as cutting to most people. But to myself and to fellow cutters, our slang was known as SI. I started cutting myself when I was 12. It was brought into my mind by a girl who had abused me a few years back. She had forced my friends and I to bring her a steak knife and then watch her give herself a "tattoo". She sliced her arm up. It was a negative thought in my mind, yet when I was struggling one night, I wanted to try it as well. I started off with ... read more

Devil Cat Scars

I have always been fascinated by body modification since I was ten. Piercings, tattooing, and especially scarification. I had my ears gunned when I was eleven, which is pretty ironic. My mother is against all body mods except ear piercing, and is frantic about cleanliness, health, etc. So what does she do when I ask to have my ears pierced? She takes me to a hair salon we have never been to before and she has my ears gunned by a stranger. Typical of her. My mother is a real ignorant bitch. Obviously, my parents would never support any other ... read more

More additions to a beautifully scarred body - back cutting

Hello yet again, I am writing to add to my never ending list of body modifications... my background information goes as this: cutting on my left ankle, two brands on my left upper arm, eyebrow piercing and twelve various holes in my ears. I thought I was finished with my body modifications, but anyone who has a few knows that you are never truly FINISHED, because there is always that ONE more to do. I had done my ankle, which came out beautifully, and I said I was done, done with the beauty, the pain and the time. Finished. And ... read more

First Scarification....

Last summer, I had one of the best experiences of my life. I had gone to stay at a friends house for a few days, and we decided to go check out a party nearby. We only knew a few people going, but we didn't mind. We're not big on socializing anyway; it was just something to do. As soon as we got there, we realized that this party was completely different from all of the drunk-infested ones we had gone to before. Apparently, one of the guys there, Eric, was a professional tattoo artist (I still don't know this ... read more

gaining self control

a while ago, i'd say, maybe nine months? not sure, it was sometime in the first semester of the school year...i felt again that all-too-familiar craving for a new scarification. yeah, i know; a mod simply for the sake of a mod. it sounds a bit icky, even to me. but aside from that. this particular endeavor was partially inspired by another's idea. however, i don't consider mine plagiarism, since it's such a simple concept. for this go round, i settled upon a simple five point star. i really had no idea what size, or where; usually my only requirements ... read more

fantastic stars

First of all, I am not crazy. Nor are any of these people out there doing the same thing that I am (or far worse than me for that matter). And any one who does not try a "body mod" is crazy themselves. I have not been into this type of expression for long but I can say this much.... I first really found out about body modification when I went on my annual trip to Mexico. I go every year with my one friend and about 13 guys on an organized trip for a school that my friends' dad ... read more

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