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Scarification: bellystar

Body modification is a way to reclaim your body. But as I'm only 17 (I have many plans for my 18th in September!), I am very limited as to what I can get, no tattoos for me yet. Well, I've been cutting on myself for about 5 years and I wanted to do something related to body modification. I figured I could merge the two together and come up with some that I liked and had some kind of personal signifigance to me. I also have a strange obsession with stars (yeah I know they're really popular right now, but ... read more

anti-american scarificatoin

I vaugly remember the date, somewhere around the fifteenth of january. but i had just finished reading "dumbing us down : the hidden cirriculum of compulsory schooling" , and listening to Anti-flag's then latest release : A new kind of army. I have long held and animosity towards american values, economic traditions and the general channels that the common citizen is forced to go though, consequently crushing their will and diminishing their spirit. Modifying my body has long been a way of , at least in my own mind, defying the powers that be, and taking back control. Government programs ... read more

The Ankh and The Eye

On the 26th of April this year I got branded. As this is the most extreme body mod I have had to date (tame by BME standards, I know!), as well as one of the most intense experiences of my life, I thought I'd share my experiences with BME readers with the hope that someone out there might find it interesting / useful. I hope to have an IAM page soon so I can bore the pants off anyone who might want to read what I have to say about all things body mod...and if no one does, well at ... read more

this makes me feel so trite...

i entered the house late the other night through the main door leading into our living room. it had been a relatively good night. spent it hanging out with my friend carrie and watching rented movies. the second i crossed the threshold into the framework labeled home (john k samson anyone?), i was presented with reasons to regret my returning...my younger sister, bitching her brains out at me about something...not that she has much to spare...reminders of what's terrible about the world...things missing, lack of control and direction...it's amazing that these are the things i see when i look around ... read more

So Fresh........It's still stinging!

Okay so here goes: After spending an hour or so looking at the new branding and scarification pictures, and a lifetime or loving pain :) , I decided it was time to do my first small scale branding. I gathered all that was needed, A candle, my object in which to brand with, and some incense. I sat down on my bed, and lit the incense, (Dragon's Blood, of course.) and started to meditate to collect my thoughts to get the most out of the experience. I then lit the midnight blue pillar candle, and chose my design: a pentagram ... read more

the good of cutting

Every time I try to explain my how I like to express my inner beauty I get shot down ­what's wrong with you- don't do that- your stupid- what the fuck is going through your mind. I recently became infatuated with the art of Scarification and this infatuation grew into a full fledge passion and love. I decided to tell about my history with art and body modification with my first piercing and then my introduction to the world of Scarification from the yearsof my problems with cutting out of hurt and pain to the art behind it that Ifell ... read more

The Story About My First Cutting Experiences

Hey guys and girls..I am back yet AGAIN. This will be my third submission to BME. My first one was my tongue piercing, my second one was my lip piercing, and now my cutting experience. To start off, I love piercings and I want lots of them... but my mom is stopping me.. she can be a bitch sometimes. So I thought about tattoos, nope she won't let me until I'm 18. Then, I was on here one day looking at the scarification part. Wow, some of the art was just awesome. Well, on my friend's (I'll call him D) ... read more

you will find me a sage...

I went to Factor Five to get my nipples pierced. That went wonderfully. While i was there i talked to Melinda about random things. She mentioned taking classes with Fakir for branding. (He did the stars on her leg.) As I was leaving she said that they would be doing free brandings to introduce it to people on such and such date. I went. It was at a music store for the CD release party for Tool. I wasnt sure how I felt about getting branded. To be perfectly honest, I didnt want to. I hate scars and I couldnt ... read more

Dealing with the pain

For the rest of my life, I will remember my first cutting experience. But before I get to that, let me tell you a bit about myself... I got my first tattoo when I was 14 years old and have gotten 5 since, they are extremely addictive. I was never really into piercing, but I had my nose pierced for about a week, and I have my belly button pierced ...I moved out when I was 16 years old, I'm now 20. I'll start from the beginning...I had met this guy who came to be a very close friend of ... read more

my name is exning. it explains itself

I guess I'll say some things about me. My names Exning. I live in a stupid town called Imperial. um...im female....and..the reason im writing this is just to tell my experience on scarification. the first time i actually purposely cut myself was out of anger. i found out this different way to deal with my problems.i was (still) depressed and tried killing myself numorous times. i cut my wrist many times. there's many scars on my ankles. and there's a nice, almost all the way faded, star below my belly button. i love the way scars look and the way ... read more

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