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Cut my heart out, please!

They don't call it "heartbreak" for nothing. It wasn't really about the boy...I've fallen "in love" with too many too often. What hurt was the realization that I am fallible...that I could believe the incredible hype that my hormones were selling and fall for something that was doomed from the beginning. Could I ever trust myself again? If I fell in love, would I forever wonder and wait for the axe to drop? My heart really hurt. Sometimes a sharp pain like a knife, sometimes a dull pressure like someone was stepping on my chest, squeezing out all my breath. ... read more

Scar Obsession

Ever since I bought the game called Final Fantasy VIII, I've been obsessed with scars. The main character in the game has a scar on his face. His name is Squall. Then there's a character from an anime. His name is Gene Starwind. He has a lot of scars. I have a word that desribes anyone with a scar. I call it "groovy". I tell people that I want to be groovier than Gene, and they usually look at me like I'm crazy. The Japanese word for scar is soukon. I call myself a soukon otome, which is Japanese for ... read more

My little sunshine

I guess it all started back in high school. In an attempt to stay awake during my various classes, I would doodle little designs on my notebook. Keep in mind, I'm not an artist, so most of these drawings were pretty simple. One design that kept showing up over and over was a small sun consisting of a circle with 8 cresent shaped rays around it. It was my senior year and I had a few piercings and was very interested in body modifications. Somehow, I got the idea to have my little design branded on the inside of my ... read more

my hate

if your reading this and you dont have any Scarification get of ur pc and get cutting now kid!! i was 14 when i did my 1st Scarification i dont know why i did it. i was in bed 1 night doin art home work so i had a penicl in my hand when i started rubbing my skin away with it i did a H then a A, T, E it was bleeding when i had done but i loved it. the next day at school all my class were like " why did u do it jess bla ... read more

I Finally Got Cut

I was visiting San Diego for the weekend and found myself, more than a bit tipsy from the effects of alcohol, at Superfly Tattoo on Broadway. The guy I was with, idiot, said "Hey, Let's go get tattoos." (Translation: "Surely you'll sleep with me if I get a tattoo because then I'll be cool.") I went in with him and helped him pick out a stupid little flash tattoo *snicker* (hey! he was a jerk!) having no intention myself of getting any work done there because I have a good tattoo artist at home who I trust and all my ... read more

Scarification by fire

I read a lot of articles in BME about scarification and I have read a ot about cutting and branding. However, I never came across an article about burning with direct flame. I would like to share my experience with all the members. My experience is rather unique as I am very fond of FIRE. I am not really into branding, but more on BURNING, ie applying flame to my skin. My favourite place is my buttocks since I think that is the least painful of all other places, and easy to conceal. That is actually the main reason since ... read more

Body Modification at 14/Scarification experience

First I will tell you about myself. I am just a 14-year-old girl. Living in a "suburb-like town" in my upstairs apartment with my mom and her boyfriend. I love body modification, everything from piercing, to tattoos, to stretching, and mainly to scarification. It all began with my first ear piercing at a year or two old, because my mom thought it was "cute". Those turned out lopsided, but that's beside the point. Then at eleven years old, I got my first cartilage; it healed well. At twelve I decided I wanted more and got my second and third ear ... read more

Itty Bitty Facial Scarification

For a very long time I have wanted to have a scar on my chin, right from the bottom of my lip to just above the dimply raised part. It's not that much distance, actually, but since it's on my face I figure size isn't as important as satisfaction. Actually, I'd imagine that goes for any mod, but a facial mod is of course more "extreme" since it's more noticable and people can descriminate against it much easier. At any rate, I was very happy to obtain a scalpel, some latex gloves, a disposable camera (I should scan those pictures ... read more

thigh star

since i was about 16, in, oh, 10th grade or so, i've been experimenting with cutting myself. usually it was because i felt pretty bad and i had heard that cutting would help things by releasing endorphins and such. also, i was simply fascinated by the idea. i never had any good razors on hand, so i would usually just use a pocketknife. it made shallow cuts and only left light scars, which was good because i didn't want people to see them. i remember when i had first started doing it, i made the mistake of cutting on my ... read more

Scarification: My favorite form of bady art

Scarification: I started out doing scarification on myself doing stylized Runes on my arm and my stomach and my calves. It took some experimenting to find a depth that wasn't too deep or too shallow. I found that a 1/8-inch is the best depth and began marking the scalpel to help guide it until I became comfortable with the cutting. The Second problem I came across is that I have fair skin and don't scar heavily due to the small amount of keloids. To make up for that I researched scarification practices and found that ash is a good way ... read more

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