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my star shaped scars

My interest in scarification started at a young age, when I was about ten I remember heating up safety pins and carving various words into my forearms. Now, a few years later I had been diagnosed with manic depression and during this time I became a self-mutilator. I was constantly experimenting with sharp objects of all sorts, but discovered that scraping myself with sharps and lancets were best, and I had easy access to them because my friend is a diabetic and is willing to give them to me. I enjoyed them, mainly because the scars that they left and ... read more

trusting the hand that cuts me

My first cutting came about in rather unusual circumstances. I didn't go to a studio or have a professional work on me. Instead, I placed a scalpel in the hand of a person whose trust factor had just dropped majorly with me. My significant other and I had been having a rather serious series of fights and problems...issues surrounding typical relationship stressors like cheating and trust issues. I wasn't sure if I could trust him again or not. The day after a big blowup, he offered to do a cutting on my back that we'd been talking about, and I ... read more

My first experience doing a cutting.

I've been a body modification practitioner for about a two years now. Before that, I was an apprentice for three different people for about a year. For this time, I'd been limited to doing mostly body piercings and the scant few surgical mods. I recently had the chance to work on a wonderful client of mine to perform her first cutting. Let me give you a bit of a background on our relationship. She and have been very close friends for well over a year. In that time, I've done her nipple piercings, MANY play piercings, and her hood splitting. ... read more

A healthy scar for my body

Scars are beautiful. Textured, almost iridescent in the light, they are wonderful to touch and see. They can be even more wonderful to have. You never know how something will scar. It's a lengthy journey between planning and finally seeing a finished product. In fact, the scar is never finished. It will always continue to change, as the body forms and absorbs scar tissue. Getting a scar can be a very intimate experience with your own body. I had seen a lot of scarification pictures, but I had never gotten a close look at a cutting until RABcon 2000, the ... read more

Goddess Circle cutting and skin removal

I like scarification. I have been drawn to it from my earliest memories of it, in National Geographic, and then later on BME. Piercing and tattoos are additions to the body, metal and ink. But scarification is simply a reaction of the body. Like an oyster making a pearl: a bit of grit, some irritation and after time you have beauty. It is an incredibly easy thing to do. The lines of the body that just beg to be enhanced, the texture of scarred flesh, even the soft zip as the skin gives way beneath the scalpel. I love it. ... read more

Burnt Offerings (Branded For Life)

In early January 2001, my wife and I were surfing the net, checking out our favourite sites, when we chanced upon something that would change our lives forever. Our piercing studio, Perforations, were asking for people to submit designs which, if viable and unusual enough, would be branded free of charge! We were both immediately interested, and given that we already knew and trusted the owner and staff at the studio, felt the opportunity to have something both impressive and fairly unique to this country. We both submitted designs to Warren and waited for a response. My first design was ... read more

"a scar's a souvenir she'll never lose, the past is never far"

I first became enamored with scars at a young age, when my monthly National Geographic would take me around the world to see the beauty etched in the skin of "tribal" non-western (and seemingly elevated, spiritually) people. I would pore over the images in awe, wondering how some people had three-dimensional skin; I marveled over the intricate raised patterns and stoic expressions on their faces. It was about ten years later that I realized that such art was okay for me to wear (in our "modern culture"), and waited until I found an artist capable of rendering the concepts I ... read more

Learning to love my brand again.

Making the decision to be branded was a long and difficult one for me. I had been considering it for almost two years, basically from the time I found out what it was. I scar extremely easily, so as I have gone through my life I have picked up various marks. Instead of hating them, I have always loved the way that scar tissue looks, and have worn them with pride. I think that is part of the reason that I started thinking about getting a brand. The other reason, and this may sound strange, was the pain involved. I ... read more

My first self-branding experience

This is the story of my first branding experience. I am in my early twenties, and I have been into tattoo's and piercing's for about 5 years. I had heard some information about branding/scarring in tattoo and piercing magazines, but never attempted to do it myself until I figured out some background on it. Branding is the searing of flesh thru a hot metal onto the skin to create permanent design/scar. Branding was done for hundreds of years by farmers to identify livestock, and now it has been a growing trend among tattoo and piercing connoisseurs. BME's faq states: " ... read more

Escaping Everything That's Every Destroyed

I look back now, and there was never a point in my life when I was ever so angry as then. Angered at the world; at everyone. Mostly, myself. I felt so alone. Things had been falling apart in that point in time of my life – so quickly. Just days prior to when it started, everything was perfect. It was so settled and comfortable. I never knew things were as good as they were until I lost it all. I never took the time to appreciate my friends, my family, or any part of my life at all. Everything ... read more

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