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Branding and Skin Removal: The Greatest Gift (...so far)

This isn't a disclaimer, but it is an explanation of sorts. The session and aftercare I will be describing is about my last Scarification session in February where I sat for both a branding and skin removal in the same session. Having multiple procedures done in the same session is one thing, and when they're physically beside each other on your body it creates a unique situation. I'm also not going to go into any depth of detail about hygiene procedures except to say here that Tanya is more thorough than anywhere I've ever seen. Setting the Scene. The New ... read more

using a soldering iron for b-m

I wanted to share my experiences of using a soldering iron for body modification. I have performed my own frenum removal with this method, and I have also "straightened out" a crooked nipple piercing, by cauterization with a soldering iron. The beauty of this method is that it involves no bleeding at all, and the cutting tool is intrinsically heat sterilized. This method will probably sound extremely painful to some readers, but the technique is to move the tip of the iron very quickly and lightly across the surface to be cut. After one or two "sizzles", the nerves are ... read more

My busy day.

Here begins the tale of my day of many mods. I am going to withhold the names and location of where I got my work done, since the Midwest is conservative, and the city where I got my work done has outlawed scarification, and I don't want to get anyone who helped me to get into any trouble for a good deed they did. I don't claim to be any less crazy than any of you who submit to this site (not that I'm passing judgment), and my times of turmoil have had their effect on me. At one of ... read more

The Process Is Yours

It was March 26, 2003, about 4:00 am, when I decided that I needed to do something interesting that I've never done before. Some form of body art that would push the limits of what I've done previously. I am pierced and tattooed, and many of my piercings are self-done. Yet I have never once created a scar because I wanted it there as a mark of power, spirituality, and strength. I used to cut myself and all my negative feelings would pour out through the cuts, it seemed. However, that wasn't enough to justify it in my mind as ... read more

My Self Done Branding

Well, first, let me start by saying that no one should do their brandings like I did mine. I'm not a professional, and I didn't have any actual experience save for life experience in how my own body heals to guide me through the procedure. If you don't know what you're doing, you can end up really, really doing some damage to your body (and not in a good BMEish way). So, this is my little disclaimer that you should only do this if you have proper experience, or a bit of stupidity, or a will to take a chance. ... read more

There's no going back now...

I'm not sure when or why this urge to modify my body began, but it's something inescapable and fundamental to my being. I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you that. Eight months ago, Blair changed my life forever. Not in a 'defining' sort of moment - as far back as I can remember, I've known that I wasn't destined for mediocrity or normalcy. Which suits me just fine. Eight months ago, I had both of my forearms heavily branded - very heavily, and all at once, which is something I'll get to later. A little over 3 ... read more

scarring who i am

I was first interested in scarification around six months ago when I was reading up on it on your site bme. I found it very unique how people did it and why, so I decided to try it since I felt as if something was missing in me and I could not figure out what it was. I knew that it was a risky thing to do, since there are many things that can go wrong but I felt as if I should try it, not everyone feels that way though. I took apart a razor and since the blades ... read more

My meeting with the cautery pen.

When the smell of burning flesh is coming from your own skin your mind and body tends to react very strangely or at least that is what I gather from my first branding experience. For my first branding I went to the only shop in the Elmira, Corning region of New York state that I would trust with my skin and that shop would is DIVINITY Body Piercing in Elmira Heights New York. The head piercing at DIVINITY is a guy by the name of Joe Castellaneta. Joe has been an important member of the body modification scene in the ... read more

Branding - The Greatest Gift (...so far)

Last night I was given the greatest gift I never knew that someone could give. My second branding: two bands around my arm, the first just above the crease in my elbow and the second roughly three inches about that. But i'll start this story about 4 months ago when I decided to get my first professional scar. Late last year I found myself in the awkward position of having to leave the life I had been living for the last decade and move back home. The IT bubble had burst and I was one thousands of the people who ... read more

Mind over body – The tale of my second branding

So this is the story of my second branding, and this time I "got" it at a studio. No more letting my precious friend fuck my body up with her heated metal. Yes, my first branding ever was made by a friend of mine but I do not feel any remorse about it or hold any grudge against her. It was a great experience. Even though it perhaps didn't turn out perfect. In fact, it was my one true love. Up until my horizontal hood which now hold the position as queen of my body. I have a very close ... read more

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