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The kiss of a scalpel

I was never one of those kids that cut themselves, be it out of depression, the desire to get attention, the pain, or just out of boredom. I have a lot of scars from getting cut growing up, getting into fights, falling out of trees, and the like. And I love scars..the look, feel, discoloration...the stories behind them. Always made me wish I had huge beautiful scars decorating my body. Until a few years ago, the thought of intentionally having someone mark my flesh to create a scar wasn't a thought at all. Looking back, it makes perfect sense now. ... read more

Normalcy is not Something to Trust

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Contrary to pop culture notion, I am not insane because I cut myself; but rather insane for trying vainly over and over to be happy in the same "normal" ways and expecting for it to work. I only realize this now because I have read so much about self scarification, and cutting in general. I only feel accepted and complete and comfortable with my choices because I have struggled (and continue to struggle) to find a place for myself inside a community of people ... read more

Spiritual cleansing

Hi, my name is Katie and I have a great story to share with you. It happened five years ago, when I was just 15 in my own home. I was looking through some magazines my older brother would buy (based on tattoos and piercings) and came across one that was all about scarification. I was fascinated, because as I recall, the description was: "A Tattoo Without Ink". I was always into some sort of modifications, but obviously- at the age of 15, I couldn't really do much! I kept reading though, and even realized that you could accomplish a ... read more

I gave a little bit of me

About three months ago, after much deliberation and coaxing, I decided to get some flesh removal done. Steve, my piercer, asked what I wanted and where. After a little bit of thought I decided to do five-inch long talon like triangles just under my collarbone. After Steve drew up a few stencils we finally found one that I thought was right. We decided to do dermal punch flesh removal above and below the "talons". By now I was getting kind of nervous, so while Steve was setting up I went out and had probably four or five smokes. Finally Steve ... read more

My Brush With The East India Trading Company: Or, Marking Myself a Pirate

Fanatics. They come in all shapes and forms. For some people, it's Disney memorabilia. For others, it's Krispy Kreme. For even others, it's Lord of the Rings, or Harley-Davidson motorcycles, or even religion. Everybody has something that they're passionate about, if not many things. Sometimes that passion will grab someone and affect them to the point where they feel like it's been assimilated into their being. I think many people on BME can attest to that powerful feeling of devotion and what some wrongly call "obsession" about a particular thing; I see many tattoos and scars that are tributes to ... read more

Large Leg Brand

Hi. I m Jexxica. I got into branding after initially wanting some cutting done. The first was a back piece, and now I have two installments of a piece that will eventually cover my entire leg. So there was your background. This is the story of the first leg piece. Noah took a tracing of my leg on saran wrap. He said if I came by in a couple days he have some preliminary designs drawn up for my leg brand. The objective was to cover some basic cutting I had done on myself some time ago. We wanted to ... read more

I didnt mean for it to happen, but it did.

My childhood obsession with different modifications was only furthered by my introduction to BME at the beginning of the year. Living in a respectable community I always made my fascination with scars a private thing because I never thought anyone else would find them attractive like I did. When I first opened pictures of professional scarification on BME I knew that I wanted my own. I constantly read about different methods and tried to chose the right one for me and then eventually I would go overseas to get something done. In May of 2003 I was sick in bed ... read more

My gift to my soul mate

The beginnings I've been quite intrigued by the idea of bodymods and Scarification is he one that got me the most. I've been thinking of doing one for quite a while but I never got around to it, till around one night ago. I was at my computer thinking of my boyfriend when I remembered he had branded my name into his arm. Me being the person I am decided I wanted to show I loved him as much and that it would be a perfect time to display my budding interest in scarification. I had also wanted to do ... read more

A Star Scar Marks My Achievement

My interest in body modification began when I was fifteen. I began to study rituals of tattoos, piercing, stretching, and extreme body enhancements and the history that went along with them. I had my ears pierced at an early age with a gun like most kids but it wasn't until after I turned seventeen, and moved out of my parent's house that I started getting piercings. I acquired nineteen piercings with no tattoos. I never found the right tattoo for myself but someday I will most likely end up with one that I've drawn up myself. I recently became very ... read more

a simple reminder

My brand began before I knew it. My life up until the second the hot metal sizzled into my skin had let to just that- a permanent marker and reminder of who I am at 17. Even when I change in the years to come, I am comforted by the fact that I will always be able to feel raised skin and remember what life was like. I think this holds true for everyone, even if you aren't into scarification. Everyone has a scar and a story (even if the scar was an accident,) the only difference with mine is ... read more

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