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Gargoyle Wings

On July 16th I went to Austin to have my wings cut into my back. I chose this particular medium because I wanted wings but its common to see people with tattooed wings and I thought that scarification would be a good alternate to make my wings a little bit different than everyone else's. I used BME Zine to research scarification and found that many people write experiences on this website but most of then are home scarifications and I didn't feel that I would be able to relate to there experiences because I would only have this done in ... read more

Devotion to Linkin Park

Warning: What I did below is unsafe, and dangerous. If you want to have a scarification done, I strongly suggest either a. using nice clean tools or b. getting it done by a professional. Please do not copy my exact movements. The way that I handled this was stupid and I could of really hurt myself. I was lucky, you may not be. As I type this, I look down at my newly carved Linkin Park symbol which is visible on my pale foot. Before I go into detail on how I did my carving, I think I should tell ... read more

"Yeah Sure A Soldering Iron is exactly the same as a Cauterising Tool

Let me start by saying that this tale occurred nearly five years ago when I very first started piercing and new very little in comparison to what I do today. I had wanted three stars branded on my leg for a number of years and had been to the only place in the state at the time and had a look at the quality of work and was not impressed at all. Having done successful strike brandings on others and myself I was sure I could do a better job if only I had the correct tools. I precede to ... read more

Wanted them. Got them.

A little bit of history might be helpful here. Since I was about eighteen, I'd wanted to receive a brand. I always had a bit of a problem with burns, though. I suppose it's something subconscious, like when I was two and pulled a pitcher of boiling tea over on my right arm and lost a bit of flesh. My whole forearm was scarred up pretty badly until I was about five or six when it started to fade. A little bit of it is still visible, but most of it is covered by tattoos. I think the first brand ... read more

Understanding in a Car Crash

You probably didn't know (in fact, I'm sure you didn't) but I've been a cutter for the last three years or so. I never really thought that I was "bad". I'd seen friends with line after line of self-inflicted cuts up their arms; I'd read that angsty teenage poetry about sliding a razor across your wrist and watching the crimson blood splash on the bathroom floor. Neither of those were me, but still, I cut. It started right before my senior year of high school. Towards the end of the semester, a girl in our class was killed in a ... read more

The story of my broken heart...

First, let me say that I have extensive experience with cutting, having been a person who has participated in scarification for many years. This is not an experience you should attempt to replicate, because I could have paid very dearly for this experience. This is the story of my broken heart.... When I was a much younger, more naive girl I began cutting, at first looking for some release, and then for the beauty of the scars. I was perhaps fourteen when this particular saga began and seventeen when it ended. The first incarnation of the six-inch long heart scar ... read more

Secret Scar

I was 20 when I did my first, and only, so far, scarification. At that time I didn't even know what I was doing, much less that it had a name or that other people did it. I was just doing it cause it felt right. I felt I needed to make a permanent mark to myself to show how far I had come, to show myself I had survived. The pain from the knife was nothing compared to the pain behind the symbol I was carving. In a way, the knife felt good against my skin, it felt almost ... read more


I have been cutting for about 4 months. All of which resulted from the constant 'fat' jokes, 'perfectness' referalls, and prolonged issues with school. I tried piercing as a way to rid myself of such negative feelings. But, my school made me take them out. That is when a friend of mine told me about her cutting. I decided that there is nothing the school can do about this.. they will never know. My arms would be too obvious. I chose my right leg. It has scars that show that I got rid of some of the pain, but it ... read more

Taking Further Steps

After reading Shannon Larratt's fantastic article entitled Shooting the Messenger: Why it's important to let young people cut, I took a step back into myself and looked into why I did it myself. Three bars, meaning Mind, Body, and Soul-- these meant a lot to me at the time. It was there where I felt this foundation was solid, and the only thing I could do was go forward. I couldn't jump, so I suppose, scalpel in the hand of someone I still think fondly of even now-- I had to crawl. "It was the most intense thing in my ... read more

sisterhood by fire

After months of trying to coordinate a time that worked for all of us, we finally had a date set. There were four of us: our crew of badass ladies, and we were all going separate ways after years of being together and living communally. We needed something to mark the occasion, a ritual for us all to commemorate the good, the bad and the everything in between we had all lived through together in the past five years. We decided to have a strike branding ritual. We showed up at Passage and Blair had booked us enough time to ... read more

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