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I've been unsure for a while whether to submit this experience. It was a positive experience for me, but I don't want to- explicitly or implicitly- condone other people performing self-scarification. Other people's may not turn out as well as mine did, and this can be really dangerous. At the same time, however, I believe in each individual's right to adorn hir body however s/he sees fit. So I'm sort of torn, I guess. Mostly I want to say that if you're going to do this, be safe— plan ahead of time, be sober, use clean tools and a clean ... read more

My Scars

When I was twelve, I was exposed to the ideals of self-mutilation. A classmate had started cutting her arm, and openly showed her wounds to us. Most people were disgusted; disassociated themselves and seemingly forgot about the incident. But I could not. In contradistinction to what most would believe; I was not drawn to the idea of cutting as a release, but rather the concept of cutting and the eventual scarring as an art form. For almost a year, the idea lay dormant. I knew it was there, tucked away in my subconscious, but I was determined to forget about ... read more

West Nile Virus and a Huge Brand

I've started this whole process of collecting places as work on my body. I had been living in New Mexico for nearly seven months, and had already decided that I would get the zia (for those that don't know, it's that red sun symbol on our state flag, and is representative of the four seasons, four cardinal directions, etc.), but I didn't know where or how. I was thinking about some kind of tattoo for awhile, but decided that a brand would look better. I'd seen some other folks with zia tattoos/scars, but they were all little and simple. I ... read more

Star No Star ( DIY )

This all started a few months ago. I began to have the urge to pierce myself. I felt like I wanted to do something myself, to see if I could, if I was strong enough. I wanted it to be a sort of bonding experience with my body. I told myself I would not do it without the proper materials though. I decided to wait until I had the money to buy them. I tried not to think about it and went on my way. As I was getting ready one morning I noticed a scar on the back of ... read more

Maple Leaf

Looking down at the floor from my basement couch, only one thing was running through my head; How much this was going to hurt. My addrenalin was pumping through my veins as my brain, knowing what was coming, was begging my mouth to say 'Stop'. But I had gone too far to back down now. What first started as an idea to identify myself as a patriot with a tattoo had evolved into a branding. Something I perfered over tattooing. One, because it was orginal, and two, because I had allways hated ink on my skin. The branding involved numerous ... read more

Adrenaline Cuts

Adrenaline Cuts: It all started awhile back. My girlfriend and I were fighting a lot. I was getting along with people at school, I found that I couldn't stand being just another kid who wears the same clothes, plays the same sports and goes to the same parties. The search to find myself was a depressing one. I worried a lot of people along the way, people not understanding what I was going through constantly thought I would do something stupid or something I would regret. Finally the search was over, I found body mods. I had, had my one ... read more

What did you do that for?

A few years ago, I submitted an article under an alias name, all it really told about and explained was basically how dumb I was. I wanted a second chance to explain that, "No I am really not that stupid." I wanted to be different and I wanted to have a scarification done on myself. My mother is tattooed herself, but she is squeamish about anything to do with her children. She is hypocritical and looks down on what she sees as "self-mutilation". I do love my mother but we are very different and clash often. I have a scar ... read more

Scarification - "The fact that I have a natural fear of sharp objects"

Introduction In the past I have seen scarification not only as a way to decorate our bodies, but also a way to bleed and feel intensive pain. This was a sensation I did not have the urge to experience myself. But we live, grow and change, so after some thinking I decided to ask a friend of mine who happens to be a scarification artist (not a professional or so but I had seen a couple of scars he had done and I thought they looked really nice). After talking to my friend whose name, by the way, is Stomberg ... read more

My self done strike brand

I've always thought of branding as the step beyond tattooing. Few people I know have actually attempted this procedure, but I'm not really like anybody I know. For about a year and a half I have been considering getting branded, but have wrestled with the choice of what design to use. I wanted to design and construct the brand myself, so choosing an easy construction was important. After a long time I decided that I would mark myself eternally with a symbol of my love for music. The design I finally chose was an infinity symbol from mathematics, with a ... read more

Our link between hearts...a teardrop.

This is the story of my scarification...my teardrop. First of all I'd like to say that while I know some people may resent me for doing this as a part of a relationship (and a young one at that), it does have a much more spiritual meaning, and I'm never going to regret it (I'll explain later). I had been going out with my girlfriend (who's name I won't mention here) for about two months, and it was awesome, everything seemed to be going perfectly until I did something. Something I'm not very proud of, and I won't go into ... read more

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