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Scarification: notes on planning, procedure and aftercare This is just some stuff that I hope to be helpful for a person considering something alike. I really hope that I would have found more precise data about this while in planning. There might be some spelling errors or mistranslations as my native language is Finnish so this might not be 100% accurate in medical terms. Cauterization means "burning" the tissue with a tool designed to burn up blood vessels and alike during an operation. In my case this was with a pen that made a high voltage, high frequency electric discharge. ... read more

neck skin removal

I first decided that wanted a scarification done around january-febuary time. Straight away I thought a female symbol on the back of my neck would look cool, however I didn't want to rush into it as I knew it would be permanent and didn't want to regret it later on. I started to think about some different designs but it always swung back to my original one so that was what I was going to get. Now I had to go about getting it priced up. I was given an estimate of about £80 with a rough doodle of the ... read more

Self-done collarbone cross

Like a lot of people on here, my first experiences with scarification were self-done, as a result of depression. I don't really consider most of them to be body modification, more like self-injury, and I don't even really like most of them, with a few notable exceptions like this one. Bear in mind, I don't recommend cutting yourself, especially not under such unsterile conditions. At the time, I didn't particularly care about my own safety, and was willing to do some pretty damn stupid things. The only one of my scars that I really consider to be a body-mod came ... read more

Self awareness

Well hello. I am Jaden, I'm 18 and live in Tennessee. Before all of you start assuming, yes there are a bunch of hicks down here but I'm not one of them. Well I will start from the only place there is, the beginning. I grew up in a nice house with my parents. When I was 5 my father slit his wrists, leaving me and my mother on our own. My mother never did take my dad taking his own life very well. She became very distant from everyone, including me. I went and lived with my Sister and ... read more

Scarred Reality

This is the story of my second scarification. I'm still not quite sure why I chose this particular design. It certainly wasn't something I thought through, but it wasn't quite the spur of the moment thing either. It was more of a compulsion, one I felt obligated somehow to carry out. Right now, I'm really glad I did. Before I go any further, I will say this this scarification was self done, and I certainly done advocate doing this procedure yourself. That being said, it was a very positive experience for me, and I wouldn't have done it any other ... read more

not your grandma's needlepoint work

Still going along the way of my body modification journey, I found myself wanting something new. Something pretty... and different. My last modification being the starting of my chestpiece, it pretty much ruined my budget. Therefore I find myself looking for a new modification, that would be pretty, and cheap. After considering many piercings, I decided I wouldn't be getting any new ones, for I just moved and I have to find a new job. With it already being no easytask with my current piercings, I figured I'd be better off not getting any other hole poked through my face ... read more

My smiley aka stupid 13 year old with a lighter

This was my first experience with scarification, in this case branding, so here it goes. It was in January 2005 and I was over at my friend Rachel's with my friend Sam. We were having fun just talking and then I noticed a scab on Rachel's hand and I asked what it was from and she replied her friend tried to give her a smiley but messed it up. Sam and I immediately started inquiring as to what a smiley was and such, and we learned that if you got the top metal part of a lighter hot enough and ... read more

It's all Over but the Crying

Okay, so this isn't my first story, or my first experience of this... A few weeks ago, I want to say, around June 28th, my best friend of five years calls and tells me she's not coming this summer. (She lives in VA, I live in WI) I asked why, and she said it was because she's failed the 8th grade...again. (She's supposed to be in the tenth grade, like me) I got pissed off, like any caring friend would be, and hung up. I didn't think that THAT would affect me. Well now, I guess I was wrong on ... read more

Edge girl for life!!!

I am very into body modification, and have already scarred myself and used to have a nostril piercing(RIP). I don't know about everyone else, but for me, body modification is addictive. The person who got me into modification in the first place is my friend Kenevin (IAM: Suffer). So, a few months after my last scarification, I was feeling the urge to get another modification. Seeing as my mother is another one of those bad conservative people we always hear about, I had to get something that would not include her consent. I spoke to my other friend, Marcus (IAM: ... read more

Burning stars into my shoulder

As I walked to go and meet my friend Precilla halfway between our houses I smelled rain and heard the thunder rolling in from the coast. The hurricane is causing us to have this kind of weather, but the smell of rain calmed me. Precilla and I were going to meet up and wait on my dad to come and pick us up to go to Beaumont to TattooMania for my brand. I was worried about being late because my artist Dustin Jones had told me to be there at two and he'd be there at two thirty. It was ... read more

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