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Duele?? claro pero fue lo maximo!!

...no tengo idea aun de cómo comenzar a relatar esta experiencia, sigo aun con la adrenalina a mil y por eso considero que es mejor escribirla lo mas pronto posible, aun con todas las sensaciones al rojo vivo literalmente. Desde que conocí BME quede impresionada por la cantidad de modificaciones que se hacen algunas personas, en aquel entonces yo solo quería un par de piercings, tal vez un tatuaje, pero solo eso, y así fue como un año y medio (5 piercings y 3 tatuajes despues) de estar en contacto en un medio que no cualquier mortal entiende fui pensando ... read more

Dragon of pain

Do not try this at home. I did this because I think I can handle most problems that may occur, and I also plan on doing scarification professionally. Please read this for the information, and don't replicate it at home. I had just had my septum punch on that afternoon and Andre, my piercer, showed some interest and fascination toward the scarifications I previously made. He also told me that it could get very popular since it's different but still looks good. My self confidence was boosted, and I felt I should put more time to perfect my technique. I ... read more

No-Regret-Attached Scars and the Stabbed Heart

As a note and warning: if you want scarification, you should always do it professionally. Or at least use proper sterilized equipment! And make sure it what you want and that you know the risks and consequences. I've said fuck it to all of those important details, but I've been lucky enough to not get infected and have my scars turn out nicely. But everyone has different skin, so you might not get away with such dangerous stupidity. So please do not repeat any of the actions in this experience. She looked at her arm. Pathetic. She hated her arm, ... read more

How I learned to love my belly.

I woke up yesterday with no idea what I was about to endure. I went to work like every other day and had a great time there. I laughed with my coworkers like every other Tuesday afternoon. I began to get a bit nervous around noon for my 5:00 appointment with Tania. By 2:30pm when I was finally off from work I was incredibly nervous, well, nervous for me. I don't usually get nervous until I am up there on the table and then it isn't even a big thing. I left work, went to the bank, shaved my pubes, ... read more

The neverending story of me (and my skin removal)

When Wayde announced that he and Emily were coming to Perth and wanted people to do work on, I thought I should take advantage of a visiting artist and get something done. Since Wayde has done some really cool skin removals, like James, Emili, and Toddy, I decided I should finally get one done too. I spent a while thinking about which body part would be best. I couldn't think of many places on my body that I didn't already have plans for, and that would be 'hide-able', as I still live with parents who would make a big deal ... read more

Some People Wear Their Heart On Their Sleeve...

This story, like many other stories on this website, is about a girl that loves a boy. But, my experience doesn't start there. It starts when I was twelve, I guess things were difficult for me, I was going through alot of mental hardships. To make a long story short, I started cutting when I was twelve, I had severe depression and suicidal tendencies. All this didn't stop until Chris and I were together. I had met Chris, earlier in 2005. I met him at a serious turning point in my life. Before I met him, I was on the ... read more

Modification a la slasher film

They've become as common place as tattoos, except the designs are carved deep into your flesh with a blade. Scarification completely surpass tattoos in the hard core arena. It's modification a la slasher film. That was embedded into my consciousness with one session. Obvious to all observant, getting ink done has become accepted by the general public as a legit fashion statement. Anyone from collage kids to their parents can get one without static. Meanwhile cutting oneself still has the bad stigma of mental problems. Perhaps part of the allure to skin sculpture is the misconception people have. A kind ... read more

Cutting the fear away

Since I ended high school, a lot of things have changed in my life. A lot of things were changed because I meet someone, or learned something, but nothing has done such and impact has BME did. To mark that point in my life, I wanted to have a BME modification of some kind. I finally set my mind on the BME hockey logo when it was declared illegal in the USA, and it had to move. I realized that BME could somehow end up some day. I had previously called Efix at D-markation about my septum dermal punch. I ... read more

Burned, cut, rubbed

Sean wanted to try out some new branding techniques, so I lent him the back of my left calf. My friend was with me for a weekend and she reluctantly went with me. She thought it would be disgusting, horribly painful: kind of like branding an animal. (She's an activist.) It was pretty cold out and walking to the bank sucked, and we made a stop at the book store. The design I chose was flash, and Sean stenciled it. It was simple horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to create a nice looking tribal-like piece. After my adventure to the ... read more

Scarring a swastika on my penis

Before I begin, I am a white male, 50 years old and happily partnered. Well, I have been thinking for a long time about cutting a swastika somewhere on myself. On his website, Manwoman says the swastika was a power and fertility symbol used by many cultures before the Nazis got hold of it in the '30s and basically destroyed forever its sanctity and meaning in western culture. One of Manwoman's projects is to get the swastika back into circulation again. I agree with him on this and so I decided the best way I could do this is to ... read more

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