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Peeling Off Some Flesh

Along with a minor majority of my peers I've had a past of self injury and being mentally skewed. After years of seeing my scars from my little emo moments and regretting how little meaning they really had, I decided to give myself scars that actually did have meaning. I really got into the whole process of discovering what technique lead to what result, and how I could turn that into a planned and meaningful design. The main area that I hacked on when I was younger was my chest. I'm extremely flat and I was ashamed of it for ... read more

X marks the spot; yet another cutting experience

Soooo... another intrusion in my world, the world of body mods, of changes, of rectifying the flaws of the human body. So I've chosen this time, to tell you all about my second cutting experience. As you may know already, I've given myself a heart-shaped scar a few months ago. I decided I wanted another one, so yet again I gathered all the tools needed; eyeliner to draw the design, Polysporin, paper towels, cotton swabs, a glass of water, and this time I was smart enough to use a brand new scalpel. I was sitting there one afternoon, wondering what ... read more

Taken by the hand.

I have to start with a bow to Zachary; he's my role model. He took me by the hand and guided me through this experience. The design was an original I came up with. The location, my forehead like the Dhukhu (?) Tribe. Iv was based on their V shaped patterns, but where theirs is more of o radiating pattern, mine is more ornamental with a large V and four smaller ones coming up the center, with two medium sized V's on the side. As soon as I sent him a sketch of my concept he was psyched. This was ... read more

Much-hated tattoo meets much-loved scarification

I got my first tattoo when I was 20. My twin sister was moving to Hungary and had suggested that we get tattoos before she left. The tattoos came from a book called Violet and Clare. Maudlin as it sounds, the entire time we were growing up and were obsessed with the book; Kim was always Clare and I was always Violet. In the beginning of the book, Clare is a white moth and Violet is a purple butterfly. Kim's plan was for each of us to get each other's moth/butterfly. Having never really wanted a tattoo, I was a ... read more

DIY burns

I had been interested in body modification since I was 10 and because I was and still am underage I cannot get anything done professionally so I would play about with different things like razor blades and matches and I know it's not very clever to do it yourself but I did not want to wait, I could babble on like this for ages but I will just get on and type the story of my burns. So, I was sitting up in my room with the usual blade, lighter and matches ect. and I had come up with this ... read more

My first scarification

I would like to start off by saying that I am not new to razors on my skin, as I was a cutter since I was 11 years old. I don't recommend using my methods to anyone who doesn't know their body and what it can handle. I'm sort of new when it comes to body mods, donning only two 1/2 inch gage earrings, which will grow larger in the future. For anyone that is reading this who haven't had any body mods done yet, I will let you know now that they are like potato chips... you can't have ... read more

Little cuts, re-cuts, and my choice

I've got a couple of mods already, so I'm not very new to the body modification community. But, most of the mods I've gotten are ones my mother couldn't know about. She's one of those parents who are very against "mutilating your body" (her words, not mine). I have two scarifications, one done by me, and one done by my friend. I also used to have my nostril pierced. The scarifications are the only ones my mom doesn't know about. My second scarification, that was done by my friend (IAM: Captainmarcus), is an X on my upper thigh. Because I'm ... read more

Bad idea, with good results

As a bit of a disclaimer, what I did was not intelligent. It wasn't even that sanitary. Anything involving a foreign substance and open wounds should be well thought out. I didn't think this out, and the consequences could have been far worse than a short, mild infection. I had always been fascinated with the various aspects of permanent body modification. I'd done some fooling around, having my nipples pierced for a time, a part of my ear, some scarring, but generally in a short term sexual play setting, which is never to be recommended. There was however, still an ... read more

A Promise Written in My Anatomy's History

Since this is my first body modification experience as well as "review" (if you don't count the two holes in my lobes my mother forced my 5 year old tomboy self to get, which I recounted the horror of many times to strangers.....the piercing guns got stuck in my ears since they did both at the same time!)I would like to take a little time describing the history of how I came to make my decision, instead of ramming straight into the raw content matter of the actual process and result. Although I have been filled with a great sense ... read more

Skin Removal - How Sweet It Is

Warning: This is a thorough account of the scarring process, i.e. it's LONG but worth the read if you're interested in this kind of mod! I challenge the thought of blood being anything but strikingly beautiful. I believe most people in the BME community would agree there's something mystical and exciting about the liquid that allows us to live; that rich, dark, crimson red that cannot be substituted in any other form. Whenever I am feeling a little less than inspired, a simple stroke of an exacto knife across my thigh suddenly produces a swift wave of enlightenment. I have ... read more

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