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Bernzomatic and The Dremel Diamond point Experience

At the age of "53", and the occasional tattoo's throughout my lifetime, the idea of a permanent scar instead of the ordinary tattoo is what brought me to having my first experience in "Scarification via the Strike methodology". BME was the first web-site that brought the idea to life actually. The more I viewed the screen-shots and read through the personal testimonies, the more anxious I became to pursue the initial procedure of scarification by branding with the strike method. Long story short; Propane is not only cheap but a very excellent way to achieve a quick red-hot application that ... read more

Addiction goes on

I sat down in my room and felt the overwhelming feeling of cutting. I couldn't help it, yet I couldn't pin point why. I cleaned a work station, pull out a scalpel #11, a few gauzes, and I was ready to move on. Please don't do this at home, it can be very dangerous, and can turn out badly. I'm not the smartest person around, and you should be aware that I'm taking many risks by doing such a thing to myself. Also like wolfbane says: "Before you make that first cut remember: You will enjoy this. You will find ... read more

X Marks The Spot

She left me. After 2 years and 9 months, she left me. Sure, we'd had our down times. We'd had our fights, we'd said things to each other we'd both regretted, but we'd had some great times, too. During spring break of my final collegiate year, we went on a road trip from here to the middle of Kansas, just driving and seeing everything first-hand. Museums, zoos, restaurants, the birthplace of Mark Twain, etc. We had some great hotel-room sex, too. For almost 3 years, we shared each other, our dreams, goals, our lives. But of all the things I ... read more

Carving Out A Heaven

[[ Disclaimer. Despite all my research and the information I have gathered on risks, the importance of sterile equipment and the simple body shock factors that can happen, but don't necessarily do, I was unable to do the following scarification in a sterile environment. In no way do I endorse doing so, and have never and will never encourage anyone else to do the same. ]] My newest scar was first proposed on the sixth of January, 2006, just before 5:30pm. The proposal came almost as an attack, my best friend messaging me over MSN with "We shewd make matching ... read more


Branding can be done professionally, more often than not it isn't. This is a case as such. I do not recommend this to anyone, but am merely relaying my own actions. Being interested in body mods since a very young age, and still even now being too young to walk into a shop and have a request filled without the many signings of parental permission papers, I felt discouraged. My mum wasn't very approving of my strange desires to pierce and tattoo my flesh, but did allow for an eyebrow ring and small back tattoo. She of course, thought it ... read more

What Made Me A True Pirate

On December 29, 2005, Meg aka Ubergeekgawdess and I went down to Greenville, North Carolina to visit with Rob aka Rainshine and Steve aka Micro-wave Steve and I had started planning on the brand he would do for me and not long before I came down he drew up a design for me. Which I immediately loved. It was a skull and crossbones with hearts for eyes and a little crack on the top of head. After Steve sent me the design I showed it to one of my friends, and she asked if the crack was the Harry Potter ... read more

Star carving

At the age of thirteen I became very interested in piercings and tattoos but my parents didn't like the idea of body piercings and tattoos at such a young age. They told me to wait until I was eighteen to make up my mind about any tattoos and piercings. They allowed me to pierce my ears multiple times and told me that tattoos would have to wait until I was at least 18 years old. I was very eager to get a tattoo and decided that the next best thing would be scarification. I didn't really know exactly what scarification ... read more

A cut above the rest...the Linkin Park Experience

As some of you may no, or if you don't know, the band Linkin Park are a huge part of my life. Why you ask? Let me tell you. I have been battling depression now for early 2 years, during that period of my life I stumbled across the music of Linkin Park and was instantly hooked. Was it because of there looks? No. Was it because not many people were aware of them? No. They affected me in a way that nothing else had. When I was feeling down I'd listen to there albums, and found it comforting and ... read more

Escaping Inner Pain

Have you ever felt the need to just get away from it all? Sure, life might not be too awful horrible, but sometimes you feel like all hell is just on the other side of the brink and waiting for you to take a tumble over the edge. Well, I'm a clumsy girl and I trip easy. I'm living in a pop trash movie...there are days when I just feel like crying my head off and hiding in the basement, and other days I feel just fine. I'm obese already, and I have to take steriods for my Ulcerative Colitis. ... read more

Three Cuts 21 to Go

Well I got my first tattoo when I was 16 courtesy of my grandma who passed away a week before I got it. Fittingly it was an angel on my back and I put her years alive in remembrance. After that I got a couple more tattoos (5 to be exact) but never really got that feeling that I was changing or modifying my body, more like drawing on it. I stretched my earlobes to a ridiculous size and realized I didn't like it so I got them back down to about a 4. Then I came up upon BMEzine.com ... read more

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