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I Like Sharp Pointy Things

Well about 4 days ago I decided I was going to add a new cutting. It was really, really bad timing because, as it happened, it was a very, very hot day in Melbourne, not the best conditions ay? The reason I'd decided to do the cutting then was because my Mum had just said I couldn't go out and I wanted to release some tension, another good reason not to do it. I always keep some blades etc. around the house should I ever come up with a good idea for a cutting and I'd been planning this one ... read more

Slicing my Ribs open

I started getting into body mods a couple years ago, but because both my parents are traditional portuguese parents, I was unable to truly start getting into it until I was 18. Since that fateful day, I have acquired 5 tattoos, 12 piercings, a branding, and two cuttings (one of which I got today). By the way this all happened in the span of 6 months, of course it doesn't help that I have BME as my home page, it just keeps giving me more and more ideas, last of which was scarification! I started thinking about getting a cutting ... read more

sketching with blades

First of all, a note on hygiene: I will not tell you how to keep yourself safe. I'm not qualified to do so, and frankly I'm all for careless people removing themselves from the gene pool. I don't use body modification as (i think) many people do. My cuttings are neither wide nor deep, and heal almost invariably without scarring. I keep photographs, but I do not remain "modded" from any experience for more than about a month. This is the story of my last cutting, now almost completely gone after only about two weeks. I've been an artist for ... read more

My second attempt goes to plan....kind of

Okay, I'm not going to bother with any introductions as I'm sure a few of you know me by now. I have been into body modification ever since I had my ears gunned a twelve years of age. Dad said no to a second pair, I did them myself, got into other areas (some self pierced, some not) and at age eighteen got into the tattoos I have. Fifty six and counting! However, my scarifications range back from age fourteen when I tried to tattoo myself (the usual way. Biro + compass = colourless scar) and after the whaling I ... read more

Blutvergiftung durch Branding

Am 10.12.05 bin ich 12 stunden nach Berlin gefahren, um mir dort ein Professionelles Branding machen lassen. Endlich angekommen habe wir uns erst mal auf der Convention umgesehen und haben uns anschließend mit dem Artist getroffen. Wir gingen zusammen ins studio und er hat uns( Mir und meiner freundin) Jeweils einen stern auf die Wade gebrannt mit einem Kauter. Die ersten paar Wochen verliefen ganz gut. Wir haben es so gepflegt wie es uns gesagt wurde. Doch nach einiger Zeit sah ich, dass sich unter der Kruste eiter gebildet hatte und darauf hin ging ich zur apotheke um mir eine ... read more

Reclaiming my sanity

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth1 Everybody has a complex and unique story to tell, and behind that story lay many intricate webs that give us a deeper insight into the why, the what, and the who involved. The paths that lead us to where we are today can not be transcribed shorthand. Twenty three years seems like such a long time to me. After all, that's my entire ... read more

My Fun Scarification Experience

Roughly four months ago I attempted to do a scarification on my left calf. I don't remember where I got the idea and, even after some very thorough research on BME, was still too ignorant and lazy to go to a studio for advice. Remember; always do your research. After reading roughly 30 articles on the subject over a few weeks I decided it was time to have a go. I decided that I definately wanted to be as safe as one can be whilst cutting yourself in the bathroom which is fair enough. The reason I wanted to do ... read more

Im a star!

I love stars and had been debating where to get something star related for some time. As much as I want to get ink, I am reluctant to because of the permanency. I tend to change my mind a lot and don't want to get ink then regret it down the track. I honestly can't see myself being into stars and the likes when I'm fifty. I guess I'm just one of those annoying people who think about the future too much. Then I realised I could get a cutting. My rationalisation for getting a cutting was that whilst it's ... read more

From Addiction to Art

I had a rather horrid childhood filled with abuse and turned to self-injury at a rather young age to keep myself sane and to prevent getting in further trouble (cutting kept my mouth shut when I was upset and my mother from being angered and abusing me further). Because of my problems at home and my visible means of acting out on them, I never had many friends and had to find other ways to stifle myself while at school and in public. To do this, I discovered art. I had no real talent, but trained myself to draw figures ... read more

Scars over scars

When I was younger, I went through some bad times, and, as some teenagers do, I picked up a razor. I also tended to pick up knives, glue guns and cigarettes when a razor wasn't available, but I gravitated towards the razor when I was really down. There was something about the speed and depth of a cut that razors made that was just what I needed when I was spiraling out of control. For people who have never cut, it is impossible to understand. There was a calm that would overtake me as soon as I could see the ... read more

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