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Hey, nice crop circles!

Getting a scarification done was something I had stirring around in the back of my head for a long time. When I first became interested in body modification, anytime I saw something more extreme than what I have seen before I would think "Holy Crap, I could never do that to myself." Then about six months I would start considering doing those 'crazy' things. I've done a few cuttings on myself, but I'm no artist. This was my first scar done by a professional. I was at Freaks talking to Jeremy about something, I don't exactly remember what. I decided ... read more


My experiences in cutting are two fold. The first I will explain is when I suffered from something called SMS, or self mutilation syndrome. The second is an experience I will never forget. I started cutting in the 8Th grade or so. I had been in a relationship that was very rocky. My mood was going up and down for a while. And that's when it started. However, I couldn't tell you where, when or how. I just don't remember. But I used mostly razorblades. My father works as a manager at a supermarket, so there was always box cutters ... read more

Buring the glans penis.

My Personal Penis Burning Experience This experience happened nearly 40 years ago, when I was 19. Let me start off by telling you I'm a masochist, I love to masturbate while cutting, burning, or shocking my genitals. This was not a recent desire for me. I can remember letting a little boy try to cut my glans with a piece of broken glass when I was just 5 years old, which I think means this runs very deep in my nature. Things went along normally for the most of my childhood, until the hormones of puberty started working on me ... read more

To give something forever (scarification with tattoo machine)

To Give Something Forever Sara Stenger I (the conductor), and the artist that performed this story's modification attend a school of fine arts in Pennsylvania. The class was Performance Art a specialized sculpture class taught at Tyler School of Art by Lisa Bradley. The assignment was to perform a durational piece that involved; task and instruction. My work is about memory, identity, personal history, and relationships. How could I make all these things tie into a whole. I enlisted the help of Richard, a multi-talented artist that I had fallen madly in love with. I knew him well, worked with ... read more

My Star-ification

I had been thinking about scarification for a while. I had been thinking about what I wanted, because once you have it on you, there's no turning back. With a lot of thinking about it, I decided that I wanted a star because stars are my favorite shape and represent every thing I love, for a reason I don't even know. So I was talking to my friend Marcus about cutting a star into my leg, a place that isn't always visible. Marc was cool with that but when he asked my what I would be doing it with, I ... read more

Self done.

So I'm a 14 year old girl from Scotland and I am very interested in body modification. I already have 12 piercings (left ear – 4mm plug, 4 lobe (self done) and tragus. Right ear – 3mm plug and 3 lobe and I had a cartilage. Also my Belly button and lip.) and for the past year I have wanted a tattoo but my age meant that I cant get it until I'm 16. My mum has a little blue dot on her arm which she had done when she was 15 using a needle and Indian ink so that's ... read more

My burning desire

I have been interested in the body modification community for may years now. It started as a way for me to fight my fears which at the time were needles. My journey started with a tattoo, which has now led to 15 including a 1/2 sleeve, then on to body piercing. I am now the proud owner of 5 facial piercings, 11 in my ears and your standard navel piercing ( I have also experimented with genital piercings, but that is another story.) With my fear of needles conquered, I felt it was time to branch out and try something ... read more

A marked man (at last)

When I was about 14 I was given a copy of Modern Primitives and was really inspired by all the interviews, particularly the one with Fakir Musafar. From that time on I experimented with a little bodyplay, in the form of corset training and some play piercing, as well as getting my left eyebrow pierced (which didn't last long due to a collision on a dancefloor). At that time I was waiting to be old enough, and have enough money, to get a tattoo. As time wore on my experiments with bodyplay ended and I moved on to other things, ... read more

Skaryfikacja (Pierwsze ciêcia)

Ave Skaryfikacj¹ pasjonujê siê od kilkunastu lat. Caly czas poglêbiam swoj¹ wiedzê i uœwiadamiam swoj¹ niewiedzê. Trudno mi sobie przypomnieæ moje pierwsze doœwiadczenia ze sznytami na mojej skórze, nie byly to jednak ekstrawaganckie i ekstremalne ciêcia, a raczej szczeniackie zadrapania. Dopiero ze stron BME dowiedzialem siê ¿e skaryfikacja to coœ wiêcej ni¿ w powszechnym mniemaniu przejaw choroby psychicznej, no i ¿e takich osób jak ja na œwiecie jest wiêcej, fakt ten jest dla mnie bardzo buduj¹cy zwa¿ywszy na nie zaciekawe wywody otoczenia. Od 2000r. wykonuje skaryfikacje, robi¹c wycinanki u¿ywam skalpeli, praca skalpelem pozwala na wykonanie precyzyjnych i bardzo dokladnych odznaczajacych ... read more

My Pie in the Sky

Well, my first fascination with scarification was way back when I was a child, almost 10 or 11 years old. I used a sewing needle and scraped a small symbol into my upper thigh. I was fascinated with it, not necessarily the pain, though, it was more about the blood. I was amazed that my body had that much in it, and then I was only dealing with a few lines no bigger than one inch square in total area. I remember that it healed well and there's still a scar, nearly 13 years later. The decision to try it ... read more

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