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scarification to date

I forget how I first discovered scarification. possibly though the knife play and medical areas of BDSM, possibly the time I saw a girl with a fall arm scar, or possibly though interest in tattooing and looking at links for 'weird tattoos'. At first I thought the idea weird, but gradually grew to like it, much like anything good. in my young teenage years I had self harmed, I also collected (and still do) bladed instruments, from straight razors, to knifes, swords and scalpels, and felt very comfortable with a sharp tool in my hand. I’ve also conducted some minor ... read more

My First Scarification

Since I was young I have always been interested in body modification, always wanting to go bigger and further than what is considered normal and pushing my body beyond what I think I can handle. I was 18 years old at the time when I decided I wanted to go beyond the numeral surface cuttings that I have had, I wanted a permanent planned scar. Knowing that this would probably be even more permanent than a tattoo I took my time deciding what exactly I wanted and where. I chose a three sided yin-yang, a sign of my BDS&M lifestyle, ... read more

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