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Tale of a hook virgin - my facial pulling

I wrote this experience back in '04, but for some reason never submitted it. Upon re-reading it I see parts I'd totally rewrite today; it's terribly long, dry and detailed. However I hope it will be of interest to some, especially people who are just getting into this stuff. Bio, mods I'm 25 years old, and first entered the world of body piercing about ten years ago. Due to a negative healing experience, though, my interest waned and was only renewed about two years ago, sparked by an encounter with a modified girl who later became my girlfriend, and mother ... read more


SILENCE? Il y a de cela quelques années, ma vie a basculé. J'ai découvert en moi quelque chose d'étrange que je n'aurais jamais pu imaginer vivre avec, et ce pour la vie... Je devais avoir environ 16 ans, je commençais a m'intéresser de plus en plus a la musique. J'avais toujours eu une sorte de fascination mais la passion est venue a l'adolescence. Mes parents m'avaient achetés une guitare pour noël. Je les avais harcelés des mois durant pour l'instrument en question. Je commençais a m'améliorer et j'en jouait de plus en plus. Mais un soir je suis aller me ... read more

Scars Tell A Story

My memories are written all over my skin. I am a human book, whose tattered and worn pages read of pain, and beauty, of loss, and of love. Turn these pages with me if you wish, and hear the story that scars can tell. My lover's skin holds a treasure trove of memories as well. Our scars hold a lifetime's worth of words that can be read in just a glance. They tell the story of our life. We created a story together...a joint effort of sorts. In the beginning, before we had ever touched, When I learned of my ... read more

A journey of self-discovery

So I've been doing some thinking on my suspension and really what it means to me. I've wanted to start writing things down but haven't really felt like I've given it enough thought. Anyways I'm feeling like its (my suspension) has really unlocked something in my own mind that I've sort of known was always there. It's now the 20th almost 21st of November and I did my suspension on the 27th of October. I'm still at a point where I type and look up at the screen only to erase what I just typed thinking that there should be ... read more

Happy Birthday...

June 8th 2007, on the eve of my 22nd birthday, I was about to do the most incredible thing in my life... Suspension. At a few occasion I tried to get suspended, but I never made it for several reasons. But this time I was ready and I knew it. I had done a pulling from my elbows a few weeks before. Pierced both arms, and did everything on my own. I knew that I wouldn't be able to submit myself to the needle if I couldn't have the control over it... after it I was ready to go. The ... read more

First Time Suspension Experience (4-Point Vertical Back Suspension)

I became interested in doing a suspension for similar reasons I'm interested in things like long-distance running, fasting, and meditation. When I looked for an artist, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be suspending for the first time as part of a show or anything like that. I wanted it to be a private experience with a trustworthy artist. I spoke to a reputable and widely respected piercer I came to know and asked her if she could refer me to someone in my area who was experienced with suspending. She gave me a name and I ... read more

There I was

I first heard of suspension when I met Jeff last august, at first I understood the concept but had no visual to attach to the actual act. Though I was intrigued my curiosity left me wearier then interested. I had gone to NY a few times and was lucky enough to get to sit in on a couple of different suspension styles. Every step was explained to me as I watched. My interest grew. By December the opportunity arose for me to get to experience the act for myself at a New Years Eve gathering. I was hesitant at first ... read more

Scared Tittless

I was at my boyfriends house this weekend and he decided that it would be a good idea to drive 18G needles into my tits. At first I was scared as all hell, as everyone is for their first I am sure. I had only seen one picture of what play piercing looked like, It scared me and grossed me out. I didn't like the looks of it at all. My hands started to sweat. I was clammy and scared. I wasn't to sure about the thought of 20 needles piercing my boob's. Hell I only have a few piercings, ... read more

It doesn't always go as expected (when hooks are in your knees)

At the beginning of the month, I got an IM from solja. He wanted to know who would be interested in attending a suspension, either to watch or to suspend. I immediately fired back a response. He just had to name a day and a time and I would be there, hopefully with hooks in my legs. So why a knee suspension? I guess it's one of those things you can't explain. I was just drawn to it and had wanted to do one ever since my toes touched down after my suicide suspension eight months ago. More messages were ... read more

The Second Vertical Back Suspension

The Second Vertical Back Suspension Op 5 juli 2007 was het dan alweer zo ver. Voorafgaande van een nalatig georganiseerde (en laat ons zeggen een heel geïmproviseerde) tweede suspension party. Alles was zowat hetzelfde als bij de eerste hanging. Het zaaltje, de piercer, de vrienden, een heuse flashback dus. We hadden afgesproken om 19u00 daar te zijn, na een file getrotseerd te hebben kwamen wij, ik, mijn vriend en een bevriend koppel, om 19u07 aan, een kleine tien minuten te laat. Toen ik het zaaltje binnenstapte kwam de enthousiaste Sven me al direct tegemoet, een knuffel, een kus en we ... read more

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