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The Ultimate Cure

OK, so I promised to tell about my suspension as soon as I could put words to it, and you haven't seen anything yet. Well, the truth is, I haven't forgotten about it (and never will), but I still can't put words to it. I'll try now, though... Brett and I arrived at Shannon's house at about 1:45pm. There were about 10 people there, and I'd never met any of them in person. Gradually, I got to talking to a few, then more, and eventually made quite a few friends. The friendships are, hopefully, going to last as long as ... read more

O-Kee-Pa Suspension

Yesterday I did an O-Kee-Pa suspension at the private pulling/suspension gathering with IWasCured. I got there at around 3:30-4:00 and I just kinda sat with my friends and didn't really interact with anyone. Brett went up to do his Superman and I just sat back watching, knowing what it felt. He called me over and we just started talking about things, and I asked him if he wanted to lift me, he agreed and we figured a way for my to hold on to him. I put both my arms around his neck and he held onto me under my ... read more

Superman Suspension

Today was the best day of my life. I did my suspension! I'll say right now that there are no amount of words that could possibly explain what was going through my head, but I'll say this, after all was done and I was laying on the ground alone with time to think I knew that everything was going to be different. So... Where to begin... Jessica, Brandon, and I headed downtown at around 4:00, the whole time I was in such a good mood, like there was nothing that could stop me. Once we got into Shannon's backyard my ... read more


Where to start.. I started getting into piercings a few years ago, when i got my eyebrow pierced. after a few months the 'newness' of it wore off, and even though i loved it, i got bored. So i got my tongue pierced. It was in a pretty crappy studio that got shut down for sanitary reasons a few months after i went, but it turned out pretty good.. After that i got both nipples pierced then went for the grand daddy (at least for me), the PA. i loved all my piercings but after awhile i had to take ... read more

A Taste of the Blade

So there I was, drinking a beer... Wait, wait, sorry wrong story to tell. Before I start this story (names have been nicked to save those in this story SOME embarrassment) I need to tell you a bit about myself. Well, I'm 5'3, 110 LBS. Brown eyes and chunky short dark brown hair and fair skin... well yeah. Ok ok I look like a pixie... but that's not relevant. What IS relevant is this: I have had an obsession and adoration of anything vampiric for as long as I can remember. Plus, I am a professed masochist and submissive. (though ... read more

First suspension---summer '00

This was written over a year ago. My sentements haven't changed. My desires haven't changed. I am sitting here this morning after reflecting on the "event" of the prior evening (8/24/00). It was hot and humid in Dallas and as it turned out it was perfect weather for what I was going to do. Last night was my first suspension. I will not bore you with mechanics but suffice it to say that that portion went without a hitch. I chose to do a 'Superman' suspension and as such had 10 hooks imbedded on my body. The skill of Allen, ... read more

Hooked on Mal

After the July 1 Toronto BBQ, I knew I wanted to do an energy pull. They looked totally amazing and the energy I witnessed was incredible. I didn't know Mal wanted to do one too until after we talked when we got back. So we decided to do it together. We kept trying to set up a time with Phil and IWasCured, but weren't having much luck. (He was insanely busy with ModCon and other stuff.) We asked about setting something up for August 12. We didn't hear back right away, but we talked and IAM member Amber Strain's birthday ... read more

Suicide suspension

I had seen suspensions on TV and I have also seen my friends perform them as well. I had been intrigued since the moment that I had been exposed to suspensions. I knew that I had wanted to try it. I had read about Fakir Musafar and I was intrigued by his dedication to modern primitives. I had read about the suspensions he had done and I was determined to do one as well. It was just a matter of resources. I had months to think about it. I finally had a place and people to perform it. This was ... read more

sex scars

Well well well were to begin.. I suppose the story starts when I started seeing this girl. We had all ready talked quite a bit about alot of things and since it seemed to me that we'd started to get to know each other pretty well I thought that it was about time that I told her that I was a masochist. This is always a hard thing for me to say because I am never quite sure what kind of reaction I should expect (my experiance has taught me that the way my mind naturally works freaks some people ... read more

Alligator Clip Fun

Alligator Clip Fun This is my second BME story; my other is a story about my hand-web piercing (removed unfortunately). This is all about the fun you can have with alligator clips, the smaller ones (NOT the ones used on jumper cables), often called roach clips, to the potheads out there :-p. Anyway, I'll start by letting you know how I started playing with them. I was stuck in summer school (blech) and we were given a small amount of work that day, and i had finished early. It was a science course, so we had plenty of gadgets and ... read more

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