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* one more addiction *

first of all, i'd like to say that bme is the only place where i'd been able to find others with like minds and to display my passions freely and completely. anyplace else, online or in real life, understanding is extremely hard to come by. my area is filled with simpletons who don't understand the beauty of body modification. either that, or arrogant tattoo artists or piercers who don't experiment beyond the "traditional." it looks like i'll have to travel far, far away for my liberty spikes and implants when the time comes. i discover a different dimension of art ... read more

My second 13g Play Piercing Session

I've got you to thank. My name is Elizabeth. I'm 15 years old. I live in Houston, Texas with my mother. My childhood has been full of abuse. Verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, and self abuse. I'm becoming bitter about it. I want to take away the happiness others got out of my pain. I want my happiness back. I want revenge in the worst possible way: letting them live with what they've done. I blocked the abuse out for so many years. I never thought about it. Then I started questioning my acts, my thoughts, my appearence. I'm very interested ... read more

2" Bed of nails extreme!

It all started when I decided to go to the BME BBQ last Sunday (September 2nd.) I always like these types of events. You get to hang out with friends, meet new friends, and see people that you met off the Internet. Of course it's always great to see suspensions, pulls and other like body play work. I got at the BBQ around 4:30 or so with my friend Kent. We drank a few beers and hung out with some friends. I eventually found my self getting my pictures taken naked by Phil in Shannon's basement. Eventually I progressed to ... read more

Tug-o-war loser

I wrote this experience to help inform all those interested in a pulling. I have tried to include certain aspects that I felt others were lacking when I went to find other experiences about the same. That said, let me explain a little about myself. I'm 6', about 290 lbs, so finding someone of my stature was a little challenging. I asked MoDvAyNe (Jake) to be my partner although he lacked 6" and 75 lbs. Short of Shannon, I think he was about as close as I was going to get. I am also pretty pussy when it comes to ... read more

Just another normal Sunday?

Well it was a normal Sunday afternoon and I had taken the trip to Toronto with Marty just to hang out because he had to suspend a girl with the IWasCured suspension team. I thought it really amazing that this girl was hanging and her parents had taken the trip from the States with her. You could see that this was a very important event for the girl. She bought a dress and everything for it. The skies did not look too promising and during her suspension, it started to rain. By the end of her suspension, all of us ... read more

Incredible Suicide Suspension: First Time

The act of a Human suspension has fascinated me since the very first time I heard of it's existence. From the very first time I heard of Fakir, I knew this was something that I had to do. I did not however think that I would receive my chance to do it so soon. I'm glad I was wrong. I have received all of my Body modifications up till this point from Neil of Marc's Tattooing in the Sinawa Plaza on Route 6 in Dickson City PA. I received my first Mod through Neil and trust Neil, as I do ... read more

Cured: The Spirit Within

I have always been fascinated with what some may claim are outlandish or freaky acts of self mutilation. For me they are merely a way of life. Some may say that pulling and suspending fall in this category, but not me. For me They are life changing experiences. Although I have yet to do a suspension, I have finally experienced a flesh pull. Some say that it is a demented act of rebellion. Others claim that it is self-mutilation. There are others such as myself who call it a ritual or right of passage. I have wanted to experience a ... read more

Pulling for the first time.

Whoa, where to begin. Two days before the September 2nd BME BBQ my friend Chris and I talked about how cool it would be to try pulling. So I messaged The Great Orbax, and asked him about it, he told me to message Phil, and talk to him, and that he'd also talk to him for me as well. And so it started. After Chris and I arrived at the BBQ, We hung out at the suspension rig to watch them set up. I was also looking for Phil, as he said find him at the BBQ so we could ... read more

2" extreme nail bed at the bbq

Well for starters we showed up at the bbq late and missed a few suspensions and the forehead pull, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. At the very end when everyone was asked to leave iwascured had brought down the 2" extreme nail bed, which Blair made. I saw someone do it first and was instantly interested. I asked Blair if I could try it next. To my heart's content he said yes. I had to wait for a couple more people to go before I got my turn but that's alright. The guy who went ... read more

:: veritas vincent ::

truth conquers... or so they say This is my experience. These are MY words. This is MY emotion. This is what I saw, what I retained. This is WHAT I KNOW. After having discussed with Alva for several weeks about my reasoning for wanting to suspend, on July 17th, I made the commitment to do it. I left his shop with the calm strength that comes from conviction. I went home, I shaved my head, I made a commitment to stop drinking, to begin purifying, to begin working on the foundation inside of me. I removed all of my body ... read more

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