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First superman suspension

I sit here writing this and I have to admit I feel like shit.......under my skin are what would seem thousands of air pockets, my upper body is too stiff and sore to move without releasing a groan of discomfort, my throat seems as if it is swollen, and breathing and swallowing is difficult. The saying 'being run over by a truck' seems awfully accurate right now....and yet, I don't mind.....as I did my first suspension last night. Over the last two months or so I had been organizing and preparing everything, the night drew near incredibly fast.....my reasons to ... read more

My First Pull

When we first heard about Hell City, we went to their web site and discovered that Steve Haworth and Life Suspended would be doing pulls, and wanted experienced volunteers to participate. Since CrimsonMane has suspended before, she decided to try and participate. Since I had only done rigging and piercing, I didn't know if I qualified to participate, and besides, the thought of it scared the hell out of me. When we arrived at the con, we contacted security, who put CM in touch with Steve. He sent Eric down to talk with us. He took down CM's info, and ... read more

My first suspension

My first suspension I remember as a little kid, watching a suspension on TV, not sure what it was or how old I was, but I remember that it stuck in my mind. Not because it was sickening to watch, just as something that I didn't think was possible. But I was watching it with my own eyes! I never really thought about it again until I was browsing bme on day in work (secretly of course, didn't want to start getting the sack for viewing 'disgusting' web sites!). It was here that I stumbled on the suspension FAQ and ... read more

It is Not about the Pig

Let me tell you about my day. I spent my Sunday afternoon at the very first Dallas BME BBQ. I thought I was going to be hanging out, meeting people, eating some pig, and hopefully checking out some suspensions. What my experience at the BBQ became was so much more than I could have ever expected. I think it is important to point out that I am from North Carolina and I am positive that if I had not moved to Dallas I would never have had the opportunity to go to a BME BBQ. My partner Angel IAM:fighting_camel keeps ... read more

Things that go poke in the night..

This past Sunday, August 11 2002, I was lucky enough to be involved in some temporary/play piercing. A friend, OpnHeartd, was doing a demo of this for a group of like-minded individuals in a private studio in Boston. OpnHeartd set up the piercing area really well, in my opinion. She chose a straight-back chair for the piercees to sit in, since she would be doing mostly upper body piercing. Two small tables were set up near here, containing the piercing kits she had made up for each person--a plastic baggie containing 25 gauge needles, betadine swabs, alcohol swabs, non-latex gloves ... read more

Whatever you do, DON'T TRIP!!!

Approximately 8 years ago, I was invited to attend a motivational seminar put on and subsidized by the college my boyfriend attended. This seminar included the use of a firewalk as a motivator. Something to teach you that no event in you life in insurmountable. The chant was: If you can walk on fire you can do anything! Of course I only went to try the firewalk! I even invited my father and his friend to attend, if only to bear witness to my amazing feat (if I didn't chicken out, that is)!!! And so I sat through the motivational ... read more

Things happen for a reason

I have heard the saying, "things happen for a reason" often enough. It's a good saying, one I often try to take heart. Sometimes it is tough to see the good when the bad punches you in the face. Other times the cards of fate seem to just fall in place, even through the dark days. This experience is about one such event. I found Jessica online via IAM and started a correspondence with her. It was maybe a month later that I finally did meet her. I felt instantly connected to her. With her, there was no awkwardness of ... read more

IAM shows the true meaning of "Community"

Shannon suggested this catagory for my experience. Despite the climate of hostility, suspicion and stratification that exists in today's society, we are occasionally given glimpses of our potential as a race of beings; it is from these brief glimmers of hope, seen in the "eye" of the storm, that we draw the strength to move forward. Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing the true meaning of community. The most surprising thing about my experience is that it didn't occur in my hometown, it happened online. Thanks to BME/IAM my faith in my fellow beings and our potential is, somewhat, ... read more


For the past two years, I've been trying to arrange a group suspension/ritual, and the only people I trust with that kind of event are the folks from INR.NRG. They are pros AND friends. When the Travel Channel contacted me about setting up a body ritual for them, I jumped at the chance and got the right people involved. Over time, other people with other ideas got involved in our growing little community and other ideas about conflicts between what we wanted from our ritual and what the public/the tv crew/the world wanted came to light. Still, however, we forged ... read more

Rompiendo el sistema

Siempre he sido un chico de esos llamados formales, con una forma de vestir "de niño bueno" y de ser bastante conservadora. Parecía que sólo hacía lo que tenía que hacer. Sin embargo, para mí quedaba que eso es sólo una fachada obligado por las circunstancias. Cuando pasaba junto a alguna persona perforada o tatuada me quedaba mirando y pensaba "¿seré capaz?". Hace bastante tiempo me comentaron que era un "rebelde dentro del sistema" y francamente fue algo que me gustó. Mi pareja, más rebelde de "fuera" del sistema siempre quiso realizarse un piercing y yo siempre la animé, hasta ... read more

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