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Play Piercing Story

Play piercing is a strange thing. Before you try it, it's a matter of apprehension, and even revulsion - but for those who try it, and try it with an open mind, it soon becomes something of an obsession. I can safely say I fall into the latter category now. Vicky and I ordered two packs of needles from BMEShop.com - 20g and 27g. Originally we were going to go for larger gauges, but given the virginity we had still to loose, it was deemed better to try something small, and buy bigger if we liked it, rather than jumping ... read more

Picture Perfect Knee Suspension

It all started years ago when I saw my first suspension on TV, then seeing Marty hang at my first BME barbeque and becoming fascinated with it. I'd spent some time studying the art and reading different people's experiences. I finally got up the nerve and had the opportunity to do a pull at a private barbeque at Shannon's house. I pulled against Clive for my first time where he ripped me around the backyard for a while, it was all right. A few months later I ended up being part of a fundraiser for cancer at the Mindbomb in ... read more


**DISCLAIMER** I wrote this with a few things and references that have nothing to do with modification. So all know, I am a story Teller in a way, and feel that sometimes, things need to be added to relate to some things, ideas, places, and time. That is just the way I think. ** How did it start? How did I come to the decision to become has my mother and father put it after I had done it "Another piece of Meat on a hook in a freezer?" I will be honest; it was not an easy decision. It ... read more

Piercing Ritual in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Well this happened a while ago but since I have become so involved fighting city hall (notice they don't even deserve capital letters) and their refusal to make our industry safer this has been my first chance to write about a great experience I had at Metamorphasis here in Winnipeg, so finally here we go! It was a saturday afternoon and we had been planning this piercing ritual for weeks and finally the day had come, my friend Travis had come early in the afternoon to help setup and me and Diane were already at work preparing. Now to understand ... read more

Six Point Vertical Suspension

It was a normal Thursday at work when I got a call. It was my friend Mary, who I was very surprised to hear from. She told me that Body Piercing Unlimited was throwing a going away party for two of their tattoo artists and that they were going to do some suspensions. Jennica, the piercer, made an offer to Mary, she declined, and then said "I know who would be interested." Flash back to a week before. Mary comes into my work and I told her this summer my best friend and I were going to do a pulling ... read more

My First Play Piercing

- Disclaimer - Don't do this at home and don't play pierce by yourself. If you are going to do play piercing you should do it with someone who's an experienced play piercer and be prepared to clean up and dispose of what could potentially be a lot of blood. Play piercing should only be done in a properly sterilized environment. Once again, exchanging bodily fluids can be hazardous to your health. - - Initially I hadn't given any thought to writing about play piercing until a friend on IAM IM'ed me a question about it because she was interested ... read more

I scream you scream...we all scream for piercing.

This morning started at seven o'clock. I usually go to sleep around sunrise so to say that a morning started only one hour after my usual bedtime lets you read into just how tired I must be at 4:01 am as I type this experience, the day was stressful and tiring to say the very least. I awoke to the clatter of my mind. My medication was having an adverse affect in my sick and malnourished body, so the effect was exceptional. As the day progressed my Paranoia grew and my Anxiety peaked and fell. The day wound on like ... read more

Beautiful artwork on my back.

I'm not sure how to begin writing something that has so much meaning to me. None of the words I write can even begin to express my feelings...but this is my attempt. Here's how it all started. I met Adam, the piercer at Ritual Body Arts sometime in early February of 2003, and automatically felt a connection with him. We got along really well, and have a lot of things in common. After awhile of talking with him I'd asked him about play piercing, and he was quite surprised to find out that I was into it. So my friend ... read more

Corset: Tie the laces and open the mind...

I can try and narrate, but I'm not sure how well I'll do. I didn't decide to do it out of meditative desires. I saw a picture of someone who'd done it and I thought it was beautiful. I'd been feeling disconnected from my physical nature, and this was causing a lot of frustration and related problems. I'd been thinking about the corset when I tripped (mushrooms), and it was then that the decision solidified itself. The way I saw it then, it was going to be a process of "making holes so that the wings could come out". It ... read more

My First Flesh Hook Pull

I have been interested in ritual bodily mortification since I first saw George Catlin's paintings of the Mandan Indians engaging in their O kee pa Ceremony. I was eight years old at the time. I am now thirty-seven. In the interim, I have explored various avenues of body modification and ritual. But up to now, I have never taken the plunge and been suspended by my own flesh. Last year was the year I decided to take that plunge. Frankly, my impetuous was fueled by wanting to experience flesh hook suspension before my body became to old to do so. ... read more

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