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Thanks from half a Superman

„Do I need some special equipment for the suspension?", I asked Ueli when we were walking through the forest to the point of the event lying ahead of me. "No, not really.", he answered after short considering. I simply carried other pants with me, that should be enough. Ueli was one of the initiators of the first Swiss Body Modification Meeting which I should actually share in now. After a short walk behind a small flood barrage we reached the group which was amongst others waiting for me as one of the actors at this gentle summer evening. In the ... read more

Story of a Cutter

The thing that I despise most about non-cutters is the way that they can so easily ridicule those who are cutters. Recently, I took a psychology class in which I casually listened to the teacher state, "Cutting...hmm...well, that's just something I never really understood." Her words made me want to scream and shout. I pictured myself punching her smiling face in, stating that she could never possibly understand, but I fought the urges and restrained myself. I've always known in my heart that to understand why one cuts, why one would knowingly inflict pain upon his own being, a person ... read more

Ritual Cutting Horror Story

Well, how do I even begin to start off with such a controversial subject as ritual cutting? I think I will start with this; it has been a controversial subject for many years because it is hard for many people to even begin to wonder why on earth someone would cut on them selves for whatever reason. And some of you reading this may be asking yourself that same question. The first conclusion that many come to is that people cut on themselves because they want to die. The seem to think that it is an act of suicide of ... read more

Ooops, I did it again

Happy Independence Day to me! Since the first time I saw pictures of flesh pulls I thought I wanted to try it, then when I actually got to witness people pulling I knew I had to try it. I did my first pull a little over a year ago and I was pleased with myself for doing it, but just didn't feel like it was my 'thing', it was not a bad experience but I just didn't feel like it was something I wanted to do ever again. That all changed on July 4, 2005. I got up around 10:45 ... read more

Meine erfahrungen mit der Klinge

Ich möchte hier Heute von etwas berichten, was mich nun schon länger beschäftigt und wozu ich auch gerne mal meinen persönlichen Standpunkt äussern würde. Als ich noch jünger war, ich glaube das erste Mal habe ich es mit 13 gemacht, hatte ich wie so viele Jugendliche mit allem möglichen Dingen, die das erwachsenwerden so mit sich zieht, Probleme und griff hin und wieder zu einem Messer, um mich zu zerschneiden. Mal waren es nur ein, zwei Schnitte, mal 30, 40. Das gefühl, die Klinge wie ein Stück heissen Draht durch meine Haut gleiten zu fühlen, war mir jedesmal ein Zeichen, ... read more

Fainting, flying and a natural high

June 26, 2005, 10 in the morning. The doorbell rings. It is the day of my second Truth Seekers Syndicate Event. I would be suspending, and I was totally ready for it. After my two pulls, I was convinced that I could suspend, and go crazy on my hooks too! Of course I was a little nervous, but they were healthy, happy nerves. Colin is at the door, to pick me up. Together, we drove to the train station of Venlo, where everybody would meet. Several people were already waiting there. Soon, more people showed up. When everybody had arrived ... read more

"Danke!" von einem halben Supermann

„Brauche ich für die Suspension irgendetwas Besonderes?", fragte ich Ueli, als wir durch den Wald zum Ort des vor mir liegenden Geschehens liefen. „Nein, eigentlich nicht.", antwortete er nach kurzem Überlegen. Ich hatte lediglich eine weitere kurze Hose unter dem Arm, das sollte genügen. Ueli war einer der Initiatoren des ersten Schweizer Body Modification-Meetings, an dem ich nun tatsächlich teilnehmen sollte. Hinter einem kleinen Hochwasserdamm erreichten wir nach kurzem Spaziergang die Gruppe, die bereits unter anderem auch auf mich als einen der Akteure an diesem milden Sommerabend wartete. Mitten im Wald hatten sich hier ca. 20 Leute versammelt, um gemeinsam ... read more

Crackheads, Vietnamese food, and a suicide suspension

I could start out talking about how I found people to hang me, getting myself informed and prepared, yadda yadda. I'd rather just go to the meat of the story and talk about the day it happened. There are three main characters. Me (the suspendee), Dan (the friend), and Luke (the suspender). I did a four point suicide suspension with eight gauge hooks, and here's how the story goes. Luke lives in St. Louis, that's three and a half hours away from where me and Dan live. We left town at 3:30pm, and got into St. Louis at 7. Our ... read more

Life changing event

This would be the day that would change my life as I knew it. Many think of it as taboo, some a Right of passage; others think as it just a great release of built up pressure or to get away from life. I first gained interest in this art form as a young child watching TV. The first time that I had seen it was on a Ripley's Believe It Or Not program. They had shown people covered with tattoos and body piercing, they were hanging from hook on a sort of rigging system. I was amazed at what ... read more

hooked on flesh works for me

Having dropped both of my children off we got back into the car. While driving to Tom Campbell hill I was nervous and excited. The feeling and energy kept building until we got near the hill when I asked to get out and walk, walking up the hill was tiring but I was so hyped up at that point. After I got to the park I was really hyper waiting. I went for a walk and just relaxed, the wind was cool the sun was warm; it was nice to just stand there and enjoy it. I meditated for a ... read more

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