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hooked for my b-day

The Poem: Birthday It's all moments when you're swinging all in what your toes can touch and where they can send you next and yet I am uncommonly aware of you sitting there watching me and the sun is singing against my skin and the water is cool and quick as I push off and spin around and around as fast as I can trees and sun and dogs flashing by like blinking like blinking but always with the knowledge of your presence right there perched on that rock with the sun in your eyes and with the wind in ... read more

My first, but definitly not my last suspension.

I have been a professional body piercer off and on for about 6 years. I served a one-year apprenticeship with Sami Swadley who, at the time, worked at Body Graphics in Bonsall California. After my apprenticeship, I moved back to Colorado Springs and basically just stopped pursuing a career in body art. That lasted for about 3 years and I started getting that itch that we all know and love...I needed to get some work done. I didn't really trust any other piercers around here, so I started to tame the animal known as self-piercing. I have done a good ... read more


I tend to think of myself as a "normal" person on the surface. I attend a highly respected university, I'm involved in countless community service organizations, I have friends, and I make the Dean's list every semester. I'm not saying these things because I want to brag; actually it is for the exact opposite reason. I merely want to be understood. Ritual cutting has evolved over the years into a coping mechanism that allows me to function daily and yet it is so much more. It is my dirty little secret. It is my addiction. It is my love. It ... read more

curiosity cuts

I've been cutting for about three years. I started when I was twelve and had just begun 7th grade. My grandfather had died over the summer and my grandmother was starting to get rid of some of his things. For some reason she thought I would like his razor. I had never seen a razor like it before. It had one double edged blade that you put in the top and then sort of twist to lock in. She also offered me his pack of unused razor blades. I'd seen pictures of people who cut themselves and was amazed that ... read more

Testing my body's limits.

The events in this experience happened nearly 14 years ago and, as such, aren't exceptionally clear in my mind, I'm not sure if they warrant being called as play piercing in the usual definition but it is the closest representation to what happened. I was young and naive at the time and did not know anything about proper sterilization techniques or the spread of pathogens and thus I do not suggest that anyone do what I did, I am simply writing this so as to document the events. I am an only child and growing up in the countryside with ... read more

Succumbing to one's self.

I have to tell a story. But first, I'm not looking for sympathy, I just want to share my story so that I stop getting the comments and remarks. I want to open to you the world of self injury and self mutilation. I myself am a cutter, and have been off and on for the past 5 years. If you saw me on the street you wouldn't think I am, I wear a plastic smile, well at least I did. Currently I am recovering, but I'll talk about that later. I'd read a lot about self injury as a ... read more

Pulling out my hair

One day, while I was waiting for my appointment with the tattoo artist, I was talking to the really pretty blonde woman whose appointment was before mine. She had her act together: she was in recovery, she had a Harley, she was thin and beautiful, she had the money for a sleeve, and she had a fantastic job that didn't care about her tattoos. The artist took a break, so the woman and I went out into the sunshine to smoke. Somehow, we got onto the topic of pulling out hair. She knew exactly what I was talking about - ... read more

Why I cut

I guess I started to cut when I was in high school. I found it as a way to release my anger inside and to make the pain inside go away and come out in blood on my wrists, arms and legs. I first started with a ink pen type of thing, it was used to dip into india ink and draw with. It was very sharp and cut well. I was only 15 and unable to get a real knife at the time. When I was old enough I bought a pocket knife and sharpened it every day just ... read more

My first play-piercing

My modifications number particularly few; a lip, and an eyebrow, nothing spectacular, ultimately (and outwardly) fairly ordinary. My first real play-piercing experience was much the same - outwardly ordinary. Inwardly, it was a little different. My interest in play-piercing had been piqued recently, mostly thanks to photos of a session my girlfriend and her best friend had done together a while ago. Something about it all got the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. It was a cold night in Scotland, fast-approaching winter. My girlfriend was out at a gig, so I was alone and at ... read more

Human Flight

Human Flight A good place to begin this account is probably when I checked a comment forum on my IAM page (about a month before the event) and saw that Warner (Another IAM-er had asked if I would be attending the Richmond Suspension Social. The first thought to flash across my mind was, " Suspension I have wanted to do that for so long Is he serious?" Of course this was followed by the normal thought process of " Who exactly is this guy, Why didn't I hear about this sooner, How will I get there, What If I can't ... read more

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