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Thigh Corset Piercings

It's been a few weeks since I've play pierced and I have a head full of cute ideas for pictures so after watching a friend get his nipples pierced tonight I was really excited to get home and put some needles in myself. I was in a sort of cutesy mood so I decided to pierce mini corsets on the front of my thighs and lace them up with ribbons. Normally when I play pierce it's just for the sensation and release instead of something nice looking that's worth take a picture of. Because these piercings were supposed to be ... read more

The Time Has Come

They say the third time is a charm and I guess these mysterious "they" might be right now and then. My first time totally misfired and I still remember anger and depression I felt after having seen how my dreams were torn apart. I do admit I got too excited about it and shared my joy with a few people, so when things took the wrong turn I thought that maybe something was wrong because of me! You know, something about me causing things changing into disasters. When the second chance appeared in the horizon I did not tell anyone. ... read more

first time suspending

A couple of months ago I saw a picture of a suspension and was kind of curious about it, so I checked on suspension.org to see if there was a group close to me. And to my surprise there was, and I started seriously thinking about suspending. I'd done some play piercing with small needles, pierced myself and done some S&M type stuff, so although I like pain and seem to have a pretty high tolerance for it suspending was more extreme than anything I'd done before. I figured I couldn't imagine how it would feel in advance, though, so ... read more

Not quite what I'd hoped for

I was sitting around at my computer not doing much when I started to get the urge to do a play piercing. I have done several play piercings in the past. My favorite one was a corset on my calf. I had been looking at chest corset play piercings recently and was consumed by the thought of doing my own. I talked about it with one of my friends and decided I would go ahead and do it. I had eaten recently and wasn't tired so I thought I was in pretty good shape. I got my materials together in ... read more


I have always had a fascination with hurting myself. I was always the kid who picked at scabs, bit my nails until they bled, punched myself, I was bulimic at one point, a drug addict at another – I basically did everything in my power to destroy myself. The first time I cut myself, I used scissors and I was 12. I don't know why I chose to do it, but I was fascinated with the pain. I had been diagnosed with depression when I was 8 years old and the idea to cut myself just came to me one ... read more

Wow, that burns

For a while now, I have wanted a scar done, one right there on my face. It seemed, and still seems now, to be the most lovely design I could think of. A simple cut, following the outer curve of my left eye, but not so close that extensive keloiding would block my vision. Extending down from the bottom of it, in the center, a straight line across the better part of my cheek, with a slight curve to it. Another line extending from the corner of my eye, and one further cut, from the top center, going up my ... read more

Paying a little pain for a flight

It was log ago, very log ago that I saw my first suspension on TV, when there was an excellent documentation about India and it's culture – and about the culture of standing pain by the simple force of will. Now, the aim of these fakirs is to by mentally free, to go to trance without any drugs and last but not least to do things, which seem to be impossible. Hanging on threads (not hooks in that case) pulled thorough the skin, we would call it superman or coma and both were shown. I forgot this documentation then, despite ... read more

Play, Fun, 30 needles, My first play piercing

I had spoken to Tanya about doing some play piercing with her at some point and we decided on Tuesday 27th June (today).I arrived at Metal Guru at 11am, hung out and had a giggle but my nervous were playing war with me today. I wasn't scared, I was terrified. I love getting pierced and trying new things but this was different, my reasons were personal, no-one other than who was there ever needed to no I'd done it. I actually did it mainly for the experience, another part for a sense of release and another part for escape. Sitting ... read more

Sensitive youth

Self injury from a minor's point of view. Initially, I'd like to ask you to read this with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart. I'm fully aware of the stereotypes brought upon teenagers through self injury and I'd just like to show my side of the story, if you will allow me to. Skip back to summer 2003. I was in Ibiza in the blistering heat and sitting in the pool where a girl, similar age to me was shyly smiling at me. My mother noticed, my step dad noticed and so they managed to persuade me ... read more

Pulls, Spears & Suspensions

Although we have one performance under our belt, our next performance was to be dramatically different. Our first performance was at a private party and we did everything from the piercing to the removal of hooks on stage. All up we were on stage for three hours. For our second performance, our Hellfire club debut, we were required to have all hooks in and perform for the duration of fifteen minutes. This time around they didn't want to see the piercing or the removal of hooks, just the actual pulling and suspension. We all got to the shop around ten ... read more

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