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the story of a girl.

I am now on the brink of 23. I have been dealing with self injury alone for about a decade or so. One might think that's odd. In over 10 years not one person has found out. Maybe that's because I am too ashamed to allow someone in. Maybe it is because I am just that good of a secret keeper. For me this is similar to the post secret project. Letting my secret free and still remaining anon. I grew up in a somewhat normal home I guess you could say. My dad was a blue collar worker and ... read more

From first piercing to play piercing.

Hello BME-ers, Let me first introduce myself: I'm an 19 year old boy, I seem to be quite a lot like the kind of guy parents want their daughters to have as a boyfriend, but I only have one kind of"rebel" side. Since I was small, I am obsessed with piercings. I love to watch peoples pictures (ill post some soon) and read the experiences, I also love to talk to people who have piercings and talk about all the ins and outs. That's how I came to this blog and because I want to contribute to this great website, ... read more


A week ago I got to experience my second suspension. And that experience was perfection. Many asks me how it feels, why I put myself through it, if it hurts terribly and all other possible thoughts that might pop up watching a man hanging from hooks in flesh. Many are even "uuhh, that's he who hangs from hooks - he must be a weirdo." Fine. I can buy that. It's a strange fucking activity. a) It hurts. b) It costs money. c) It takes up precious time. d) It's considered weird and you put yourself in a position where you ... read more

The best thing I've ever done

I guess it started a couple of months ago when I finally contacted constant elevation. Originally it was going to be a quiet thing with a couple of friends there with me, but that didn't work out and im so happy because of it. After finding out about the event i wasn't sure whether or not I was comfortable with suspending for the first time along with others I didn't know, but now looking back it was the best decision I have ever made. The day before I was going through stages of euphoria and being scared but determined to ... read more

My Self Injury History

Hey everyone. This is going to tell my story with cutting. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, which was a lot. Just to let you know, I am fifteen and just started cutting a few months ago. I am also going to tell you now that I live a good life, have good grades, a terrific family and all of that what not. Being honest I find cutting as just a way to break my facade of the good girl, and also as a way to kill the boredom of my less-than-exciting life. ... read more

2pt 6ga lower back suspension fun!

I saw a lower back suspension on Modblog a long time ago. I thought about it for a while, forgot about it, and then searched through Modblog again to find it, which I did. I sent the pictures to Tye and he okay'd it for my next suspension and we set a date. On that date, I met up with Tye, a bit early since I had to be in Burlington for an appointment, which of course, I was early for. He was scrubbing tubes and we talked for a bit. Another girl, whom I had met before, was suspending ... read more

Piercing through the pain

As of right now the only other piercing I want but cannot have is a lip piercing I believe it is called a labret piercing. Can't have it because of work but whatever no rush, just feel a little oppressed because I can't express myself and look the way i want to. It should be no one else's business, except for my girlfriend Mackra, what I do with my body no one should be able to determine how others can or cannot look like. SO I wanted a lip piercing but I also had the desire to get pierced so ... read more

Another Play Piercing

I'm a 25 year old male, with a professional enough career that visible piercings and tattoos don't really help much with finding a job, and enough layoffs possible that I don't want to stack the deck any more against myself. I was entered into body mods against my will by parents with a routine Genital Mutilation at 2 days old. Because of that, I've been working on Foreskin Restoration since I was about 18. About a year ago, I had 3 stainless steel staples put in my scalp, only kept them for about 2 weeks. Once had a smashed fingernail ... read more

Playing in the bedroom

My continuous expedition for something fresh and exciting with my modifications was recently triggered and satisfied by play piercing. I never really had an interest in play piercing. The only thing that I really could think of a time that I could potentially "use" them for would be a temporary corset piercing of some sorts. But I never really saw myself as being interested in blood play in a perfectly bleached-white bathtub, or make hearts and other miscellaneous designs with the hubbed needles, but something recently sparked my interest. I recently have put my modifications on hold, partially due to ... read more

Wings of steel (or - when routine goes adventure)

Some may ask "what is so special about doing your 6th and 7th body suspensions that warrants another experience for BME?" Furthermore, I did this in the superman position again, my preferred way of "flying" and a suspension I've done and described three times already. It had almost started to become routine. A well loved-routine for sure, but would it be worth another experience? Definitely yes – particularly since these ones were different - routine became an adventure again. I was even more nervous than before the very first suspension I did - and I think that's telling A LOT. ... read more

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